Here I am at one of my favorite places: Castaway Cay

Here I am at one of my favorite places: Castaway Cay

Hi!My name is Alisha. Let’s start with what I believe:

I believe that Disney offers the ultimate family vacation experience and maximizing every possible moment makes it even more magical.

Picture the Magic was created to help you, my fellow Disney-phile, make the most of your Disney cruise vacation.

Unlocking Disney’s Many Secrets

The Disney experience is so vast that there are many ways to spend your time (and money), and there are almost never-ending lists of secrets and tips and tricks about Disney Cruises, Disney Parks, and Disney vacations in general.

I love to plan vacations. And Disney trips are my favorite to plan for. A quick look at some recent Disney trips:

  • Several Disney Cruises with family & friends. Hands-down the best vacation experiences of my life
  • Various trips to Disneyland at Anaheim (we live in Arizona, so it’s a quick trip)
  • Multiple trips to Disney Parks in Orlando with my family
  • Disneyland with large group of adult friends – yes the park is a blast with no kids!
  • Disneyland Paris – just my husband and I.

I Will Share With You What I’ve Learned

In my planning, I’ve read what experts like Tour Guide Mike & MouseSavers had to teach. I’ve scoured the online trip reports and ideas of fellow Disney travelers on Pinterest, Facebook or Reddit. Add in my own new ideas and inspiration, and I was inspired to share with everyone. Why? Because unlocking Disney’s vacation “secrets” makes your trip more magical!

We love pirate night!

We love pirate night!

The Hidden Underground Culture of Disney Cruises You Might Not Know About

My focus right now is to tell the world about the Fish Extender phenomenon that happens on every Disney Cruise sailing. Please start with The Ultimate Guide to Disney Cruise Fish Extenders — created to give a full explanation of Fish Extenders.

My Goal: Help 100 Readers with their Fish Extenders

I set a goal for myself to help 100 people participate in a Fish Extender group on their next Disney cruise. If I have loved participating in Fish Extenders so much, I know others will too. I hope I can help you in one (or all) of these ways:

  1. Just convincing you to participate.
  2. Give you ideas for Fish Extender gifts.
  3. Provide you with free downloadable gift tags to make that part easy for you.

Are you one of “My 100”? If so, will you email me and let me know! I love hearing about your Disney adventures and it makes me so happy to know I was able to help in a small way.