The Elf on the Shelf Disney Vacation Christmas Surprise

Surprising your kids with Disney vacation for Christmas?

Have your Elf on the Shelf help you surprise them!

Every day, your Elf can leave “clues” that culminate in a big Christmas morning reveal!

In this article, you’ll find…
  • How It Works
  • Ideas for Elf Poses
  • Elf Intro Message
  • Elf Goodbye Message

Have Elf on a Shelf Help with the Surprise

Does your family receive a visit from an Elf on the Shelf each Christmas season?

Are you surprising your family this Christmas with a dream vacation to Disneyland, Disney World, or maybe even a Disney Cruise?

Involve your Elf in the fun of surprising your kids with your upcoming trip from the very first day he/she arrives.

The ideas included below work perfect for the following Disney vacations:

  • Disney Cruise
  • Walt Disney World
  • Disneyland

Wondering what is Elf on the Shelf? Read all about Elf on the Shelf here. Or if you haven’t bought one yet, get it here.

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How to Have Your Elf Leave Clues

Follow these steps to plan an easy Elf on the Shelf surprise:

  • Introductory Message

    Elf starts with an introductory message explaining the game (suggested message is below).

  • Every Day, New Hint from Elf

    Each night thru Christmas Eve, put the Elf in a new pose or position that doubles as a HINT or a CLUE about where you’re going on vacation, what you’ll do, or how you’ll get there. Full list of pose ideas is below.

  • Change the Clue Difficulty

    Make the clues more difficult and obscure in the beginning and get progressively easier to decipher as you get closer to Christmas.

  • Last Day, Leave Goodbye Message from Elf

    On the last day (usually Christmas Eve), when your Elf is ready to head back to the North Pole, leave a much more obvious clue and a final message with a goodbye (suggested message is here).

  • On Christmas, Combine with My Scavenger Hunt

    I have created a free printable Disney-themed scavenger hunt that is perfect for extending the magic on Christmas Day to reveal the big surprise of your trip. Check it out.

Suggested Introduction Message

Here is a message you can leave out with your Elf on the first day.

From Your Elf on First Day

Hello again – I’m back from the North Pole!

I hope you are being good because this Christmas is going to be a doozy!

I have learned that Santa and your parents joined together this year to get you an EXTRA SPECIAL gift.

Can you figure out what the gift will be? Watch me every day as I will be leaving CLUES for you.

Good luck, be good, and remember…I’m watching you!

Suggested Goodbye Message

Here is a message your Elf can leave your family on the last day (probably Christmas Eve).

From Your Elf on Last Day

Dear Family,

Did you figure out the big surprise from Santa and your parents? I hope there were a few clues that got you thinking.

You’ll find out tomorrow…and you’re going to be so excited!

Spending this month with you has been so much fun. I have to go back to the North Pole to help Santa now, but I can’t wait to come back to visit you next year.

Merry Christmas!

30 Suggested Elf Poses (and Hints)

Below is a list over 30 Elf on the Shelf poses/positions that would work well as “hints” for your Christmas surprise.

I have broken them into two sections:

These ideas are for your inspiration and ideas. Modify them, add your own, and put them in whatever order works best for you.

And I bet you have awesome ideas too! Let me know your ideas and I’ll get them posted here.

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