The Easiest No-Sew Fish Extender Idea for 2018

If you’re looking for a fast but fun idea to that doesn’t require sewing, we’ve found it for you.
Follow our easy steps below and you’ll have a creative, attractive no-sew Fish Extender.
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Step 1: Buy This Wall Hanging Organizer

We were introduced to this Delta Children 4 Pocket Hanging Wall Organizer by the good people in the “FISH EXTENDER DISNEY CRUISE LINE” Facebook group. There are photo galleries in that group of how various FE participants have decorated or modified it to suit Fish Extender use.

Many have found it at Walmart. Or, if you prefer, it’s reasonably priced on Amazon as well. (Their fast shipping can be appealing too.)

Buy on Amazon

Step 2: Replace the Hooks with Ribbon

You’re going to need to find some ribbon that you can tie your organizer to the metal fish outside your stateroom.

Naturally, you’ll want your ribbon to match your decoration style (see next step). Maybe you’ve got some ribbon at home you can use for this no-sew Fish Extender.

If you want to get some Disney-themed ribbon, here are some options to consider:

Disney Themed Ribbon

Step 3: Decorate!

And now the fun begins. Just because this is a no-sew Fish Extender, there’s no reason to stifle your inner Disney child … let your creativity shine!

With this particular pocket organizer, you can keep it simple or go crazy. It’s up to you. We’ve seen people paint their Fish Extenders a completely different color using Krylon pain. Other choose to decorate with stickers, Disney Pins. Fabric and stencil art can also work wonders as well.

Whatever you choose to do, our advice is simply this: Enjoy the process.

This image is from Kristy shares details of how she decorated both her Fish Extender and her stateroom door.

Read Kristy’s story here

Inspiration! Decoration Gallery on Pinterest

To inspire your decoration efforts, we’ve assembled some of our favorite examples of Disney Cruisers that converted the Delta Four Pocket Organizer into beautiful no-sew Fish Extenders.

Their creativity is pretty incredible! Seriously, click through a few and find some ideas that work for you.