Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort: The Complete Guide

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Want to stay on property at Disney World, but you’re working on a budget? The All-Star suite of resorts is a great way to get that resort experience while saving money. The All-Star resorts – Sports, Music, and Movies – have fun theming and a unique atmosphere perfect for families. Their location is also ideal for those looking to head to the Animal Kingdom or Blizzard Beach, as well as other local Orlando attractions.

As the name suggests, the sections of Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort celebrate classic Disney films and their characters. From the Disney figures on the lawns to the film theming throughout the resort, your kiddos will love the atmosphere! All-Star Movies is also perfect for school trips and retreats, as the block layout of the resort lends itself to keeping track of your whole party.

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A Look inside Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

When you arrive at Disney’s All-Star Movies, the bright, bold lettering already gets you excited for what the rest of the resort holds.

The main building, Cinema Hall, has the look of a movie theater lobby, along with a miniature theater for kids as they wait through check-in. As you move through Cinema Hall, you’ll find Donald’s Double Feature (gift shop) as well as World Premiere Food Court. Pick up a snack from the food court before exploring the merchandise.

Right out the back of Cinema Hall is the Fantasia Pool, one of the two themed pools for the resort. This block of rooms is also the Fantasia section, and is closest to the majority of the amenities. All of the themed sections have two T-shaped buildings, facing each other with a courtyard section in the middle. These courtyards have the same movie theme as the space, giving you and your family the feeling of being in the Disney films.

Want the full tour? Check out this video!

History of Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Built in 1999, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort was the last of the All-Star suite Disney World property.

These resorts were part of a move in the 1990s to provide budget options with that Disney-level of quality, particularly for young families. Hugely successful, especially with the construction of Disney’s Animal Kingdom right down the road, the All-Star complex started a completely new category of resort – Value Resorts.

Animal kingdom tree
Photo by Grace Hoyos

After the success of the All-Star resorts, this opened the door for more value level resorts such Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s Art of Animation. While many people seem to pass over All-Star Sports, its significance remains in starting the value resort model. These resorts also have a family-friendly focus that is perfect for your littles, from the décor to the open spaces outside for play.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Amenities

As a value resort, Disney’s All-Star Movies doesn’t have the same level of amenities as the deluxe, or even moderate level, resort have to offer. However, All-Star Movies has plenty to keep your family comfortable and having fun. The Disney quality remains at this resort, as do the benefits of staying on property. It’s the best way to get the wallet-friendly hotel and the Disney-level experience all in one vacation.

Rooms at All-Star Movies

There’s only one type of room at Disney’s All-Star Movies – the standard hotel-style room.

These rooms have two double beds and a split bathroom, with the sink outside the bathroom and the toilet and shower-tub in the bathroom. The TV sits inside armoire, which also has drawers for storage. In addition to the drawers, a mini-fridge is in the bottom of the armoire if you have any cold items you would like to store. A small, two-person table completes the room, although there are a few places to hang items throughout the space.

Even though there’s only one room layout, there are two categories of rooms – standard and preferred. As we’ve seen before, the preferred rooms aren’t any different in terms of size or layout. What makes a room preferred is the location within the resort. Preferred rooms are typically in the Fantasia section of All-Star Movies, which is the closest to Cinema Hall. Paying a little bit extra to get a preferred room puts you closer to the food and Disney bus transportation, as well as the main pool.

The décor shows classic Disney characters in some of their best-known roles, as well as some other movie-themed elements. Again, you get what you pay for in this instance. The rooms are simple, but still comfortable, and ideal for small families looking to spend a lot of time out of the room.


There are two pools at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort – Fantasia Pool and Duck Pond Pool

The Fantasia Pool is located in the Fantasia section of the resort. The two buildings of the Fanasia section face in towards the pool, giving guests on those sides of the buildings a great view of the pool area. Those guests also have immediate access to the pool, perfect if you have little swimmers in your group.

Fantasia Pool is an expansive pool space, with Sorcerer Mickey looking down on you from above. Enjoy the cascading fountains as Mickey uses his magic to control the water, perfectly framed by a curtain representing the screen. For those that have littles, a baby pool is right near the main pool, perfect for wading and splashing. You can also find lounge chairs near the baby pool if you want to make that your “home base.”

There are some tables spread throughout the pool also, but there are definitely more lounge chairs than tables. If you want a table, I suggest going down to the pool early or trying to hit it later in the afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00, when people are starting to leave. Most of the chairs are out in the open, so sunscreen is a must!

Take a look at the Fantasia Pool in this video:

When your hear the name Duck Pond Pool, you might be thinking of Donald. However, in this instance, we’re talking the Mighty Ducks, giving this pool a hockey rink theme. Another large pool space, this simple rectangle pool has the lines of the hockey rink on the bottom. This pool is on the far side of the resort, designed to meet the needs of those located in the Mighty Ducks and 101 Dalmatians sections. Unlike some other resorts, this is not a leisure or quiet pool. You don’t want to necessarily expect less pool traffic or a quieter experience at this swimming spot.


For those planning to have their own vehicle, there’s plenty of parking at All-Star Movies. Each building has access to close parking, with the exception of buildings five and six, which are internal to the resort. If you’re looking for a building with parking on all sides, make a request for building two in the Mighty Ducks section or buildings six and seven in the Love Bug.

As a value resort, the overnight parking fee is $15 per night. All-Star Music does not have a valet parking option.

As always, you can come visit the resort for fun, provided the resort doesn’t have an event that would make it overly busy.

Sports and Recreation at Disney’s All-Star Movies

As a value resort, All-Star Movies doesn’t necessarily have all the same sports options as some of the higher tier stays. However, there is still plenty to do!

Jogging Trails

Those who love a good walk or run will enjoy this jogging trail through the entire All-Star resort areas. The trail is approximately one and a half miles long, going from the end of All-Star Sports all the way to the end of All-Star Movies. While the trail isn’t a circuit, you have the benefit of being at the beginning end of the trail. This makes your total run or walk about three miles. This is also a great activity in the evening, taking you around the entirety of the resort while giving you the chance to take some great pictures along the way.


Between the Fantasia and Toy Story sections, a playground complex is the perfect way for your younger kiddos to get out some energy. Especially if you’re taking a break from the parks, you don’t want to just sit in your room during the vacation. Let your little ones swing, slide, run around, and just be kids!

Reel Fun Arcade

While some of the deluxe resorts are getting rid of their arcades, the All-Star resorts have kept theirs. Next to the food court in Cinema Hall is Reel Fun Arcade, with all of your typical arcade entertainment. This is a great stop on a rainy day, as you can have fun playing the games together without being stuck in your room.

Movie under the Stars

Like many of the Disney resorts, All-Star Music offers an outdoor movie night on select evenings. This is a great way to wrap up your day, especially if you’re not in a park or don’t have to get up early the next morning. Bring your own snacks, a blanket or chairs, and of course your whole family! The movies are always Disney favorites and kid-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about the content. One of the benefits of the family atmosphere!

The outdoor movies at All-Star Movies is The Reel Spot, right outside of World Premiere Food Court in Cinema Hall.

Disney’s All-Star Music Transportation Options

As far as transportation goes, the options at All-Star Music are limited. However, that’s what makes All-Star Music a great place for drivers, as you have plenty of parking and quick access to the rest of Walt Disney World.

If you’re looking to take Disney transportation, you’re going to be using the Disney bus system. The bus stop is right out front of Cinema Hall, and that’s the only place to catch a bus. If you’re on the other side of the resort, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk over to Cinema Hall to get your bus. Once you’re on a Disney bus, you can get over to another resort or park to use another type of Disney transportation.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort Location

Disney’s All-Star resorts, including All-Star Music, are right off Osceola Parkway at the lower end of the resort. While you can see the resorts from 192, you can’t actually get to the resorts from that road.

To get onto Osceola Parkway, get off Florida 400 (I-4) at the W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (530) Disney World exit, and then turn right onto World Drive. At the next light, you’ll turn left onto Osceola Parkway, and almost immediately left again into the All-Star resort complex. All three All-Star resorts have the same main road connecting them, with their own small entrances for each individual resort. Make sure you select the correct one!

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort Address

1901 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-8412 (link to map)

Contact Information

If you need to contact the resort directly, call (407) 934-7639. However, if you have any questions about bookings, tickets, or packages, you should call (407) 939-5277 to speak with a Disney World representative. All dining reservations go through Disney’s online booking service.

Feel like you’ve jumped through the film screen with your stay at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort!

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