40 Best Ant-man Fan Art

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Ant-Man fan art is some of the most popular Marvel fan art! You might also like Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel fan art.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of our favorite examples of Ant-Man fan art!

If you’re a true Ant-Man fan who loves to draw or simply appreciates good art, then this round-up of Ant-Man fan art is going to inspire your creativity.

We scoured the internet to find shareable fan art and we’ve curated some truly incredible pieces of art here.

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And we hope this will inspire you to create your own works of art. Digital, hand-drawn, whatever your medium, your artwork can be a great expression of your affinity for Ant-Man.

Our Favorite Ant-Man Fan Art

Ant-Man has become a favorite amongst Marvel fans and it’s no wonder why. It’s not hard to see why fans are as passionate about Scott Lang as they are.

Below are some of our favorite fan art pieces featuring Ant-Man, hope you enjoy our curated collection!

Ant Man Fan Art

Ant Man was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby in 1962, and made his debut in “Tales to Astonish” #27. The character was originally Hank Pym, a scientist who created a serum that allowed him to shrink down to the size of an ant.

Ant-Man smashing Thanos

In addition to shrinking, Ant Man also has the ability to communicate with and control ants, thanks to a device called the “Ant-Comm.”

Ant Man in watercolor

Ant Man has also gone by the names “Goliath,” “Yellowjacket,” and “The Wasp” at different points in the comics.

Ant-man or Giant-man?

Ant Man was one of the founding members of The Avengers, and his ability to shrink down and infiltrate small spaces made him a valuable member of the team.

Science! Ant-Man! Cool!

Scott Lang, who is played by Paul Rudd in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took on the mantle of Ant Man in the comics after Hank Pym retired.

Dr Pym

Lang originally stole the Ant Man suit in order to save his daughter from a life-threatening illness, but eventually became a hero in his own right.

Ant-Man Cover Design

In the comics, Ant Man has also had a romantic relationship with Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp.

Antman Icon

The character of Ant Man was originally intended to be a one-off, but his popularity led to his return in subsequent issues of “Tales to Astonish.”

War-face Wednesday

Ant Man’s suit is made out of a material called “Pym Particles,” which allows him to shrink down without losing mass or strength.

Marvel Ant- Man Poster

While Ant Man is most closely associated with Hank Pym and Scott Lang, there have been several other characters who have taken on the mantle of Ant Man in the comics, including Eric O’Grady and Chris McCarthy.

Ant-Man Ghost Art

In the comics, Hank Pym was also responsible for creating Ultron, the villainous robot who is one of The Avengers‘ greatest foes.

Ant-man:with ink and pencil

In addition to appearing in comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant Man has also appeared in animated series like “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” and “Avengers Assemble.”

Marvel cards – Ant Man

Ant Man has been a member of several different superhero teams in the comics, including The Avengers, The Defenders, and The Fantastic Four.

Antman’s Ant

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant Man plays a key role in the events of “Captain America: Civil War,” as he sides with Captain America’s faction and helps them escape from the government.

Ant-Man – Textless Poster

Ant Man’s ability to shrink and grow at will has also made him a valuable member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics.

Ant-Man [Iron Man 3]

The original Ant Man suit was designed to resemble an ant, with antennae and large compound eyes.

Sketch of Ant-Man

The Ant-Man suit is powered by a miniaturized nuclear battery.

Wasp and Ant-Man

Ant-Man once turned his nemesis, Egghead, into an egg.

Ant Man Drawing

Scott Lang’s Ant-Man helmet was originally created by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ant Man Commission Art

In the comics, Hank Pym has also taken on other superhero identities, including Yellowjacket and Goliath.


In “Ant-Man and The Wasp” film, the character of Janet Van Dyne was played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Inktober Gigantic

Ant-Man’s daughter, Cassie Lang, becomes the superhero Stature and joins the Young Avengers in the comics.

Ant-Man Sign Art

Ant-Man’s shrinking ability has not only made him a powerful superhero, but it has also led to some interesting team-ups and adventures in the comics. For example, he once teamed up with the Hulk, who had also been shrunk down to ant-size, and they had to navigate the dangers of a backyard together.

ONE Ant-Man

Ant-Man’s unique abilities have also been put to use in unconventional ways, such as in the comics where he was able to use his shrinking ability to enter a computer and battle a computer virus.

Mugshot Monday: Ant-Man

BigWow Ant-Man

Ant-man Fan Art

Ant-man Icon

Ant Man old school style!

A watercolor sketch of Antman

A – is for Ant-Man

Ant-Man [The First Avenger]

Ant-Man Panel Art

Ant-Man feat. Vision

Ant-Man (Marvel Fan Art)

Ant Man (DC Universe)

Ant Man call to arms

Good morning heroes

Antman Redesign

Pick on someone your own size


When looking for Ant-Man fan art, it can be hard to find the best quality artwork.

But never fear! We’ve curated a collection of Ant-Man fan art that we think you’ll love.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below!

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