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How to Get Two Free Audiobooks for Disney Cruise

How to Get Two FREE Audiobooks for Your Disney Cruise

A Good Audiobook Can Really Improve Your Vacation!
I love listening to audiobooks.
I listen to them when I workout, when I'm driving, and especially when I'm on Disney Cruise vacation.

I've found a freebie that you'll love:
1 free month of Audible and two free audiobooks to keep!

So…Picture This…

You’re basking in the sun.
A soft, cool breeze in your hair.
A beautiful ocean before you.
A yummy drink in your hand.

And you’re listening to an amazing audiobook…on a Disney Cruise, baby!

Sounds great, right?

Well, it gets even better, because the audiobook is free!

Read on…

Audiobook on Disney Cruise

How to Get Two Free Audiobooks

Audible is an amazing audiobook service from Amazon.com.

Today, I want to show you how to:

a) get a free month from Audible (normally $14.95 per month)
b) get two free audiobooks (to keep) with this freebie
c) pick some incredible books for your vacation!

How to get two free audiobooks

What’s Included In the Free Month

  • Two Free Audiobooks

    Two free audiobooks included with your free trial

  • Choose from 150,000 Titles

    Over 150,000+ best sellers, new releases sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more

  • Get One Book Each Month After Free Trial

    After 30 days, get 1 book each month, $14.95/month

  • Cancel at Anytime

    Easy to cancel at anytime

  • Keep Books Even If You Cancel

    Keep your books even if you cancel (one review did say to be sure to cancel one day before subscription renews, if you want to go this route)

How It Works

Step 1: Create Free Audible Account

Just sign up for the 30-day trial, select the books you want, and begin your download.

If you have an Amazon.com username/password, the signup process takes just a few seconds because Audible is part of Amazon.com.

Create Your Free Audible Account

Create free audible account

Step 2: Download the App

You’ll need the Audible app to download and play your audiobooks.


For iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Download Now


For Android phones & tablets

Download Now


For Windows phones & tablets

Download Now

Step 3: Cancel Anytime

If you decide to keep Audible after your first free month, it’s $14.95 per month.

You’re allowed to cancel your account at any time and they make it easy to do so. Keep your books even if you cancel (one review did say to be sure to cancel one day before subscription renews, if you want to go this route)

4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Free Month

  • Play your books at 2x speed

    Takes a little getting used to at first, but once you adjust, you can get through a book in twice the time

  • Download before you leave

    This isn’t something you want to mess with while you’re traveling. You just want it ready to go.

  • The first book you pick should be for you...

    The Audible offer provides you with two free books during your free first month. For your first book, select something that will capture YOUR attention. I have some suggestions below.

  • ...and the second book should be for your family car trip

    Pick something family-friendly that you can all listen to during your car ride to the port terminal.

Create a free Audible account

My 12 Cruise-Worthy Book Recommendations

For me, the perfect vacation audiobook is one that keeps you interested all the way through and allows you to lose yourself in the story.

So, here are 12 books that I have enjoyed and that I think are awesome to listen to on your Disney Cruise vacation.


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Free Audiobooks! For your Disney Cruise