40+ Charming Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Best Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Ideas

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Beauty and the Beast tattoos are popular Disney tattoos. You will likely also enjoy other Disney Princess tattoos, such as Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan and Pocahontas tattoo ideas.

Among the Disney classics, Beauty and the Beast serves as the perfect inspiration for a tattoo as the themes within the film can appeal to anyone.

  • A story of a strong female overcoming the limits of her world and achieving her dreams.
  • A young man finds redemption from his past.
  • Two people learn that love is stronger than the power of any enemy.

Going beyond just the perfect tattoo for a Disney lover, a Beauty and the Beast tattoo has a greater personal significance for someone who chooses one of these designs.

We’ve gathered our favorite Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas to share with you, and hopefully will inspire your next tattoo.

From gorgeous artwork based on stained glass to more simplistic representations of the characters, these tattoos based on the tale as old as time will fit exactly what you’re looking for in a tattoo design.

So relax, pull up a chair, as we proudly present your next tattoo.

Looking for ideas of a great Beauty and the Beast tattoo? Here are the best Beauty and the Beast tattoo designs of the year! Get inspired by these tattoo stencils.

The Best Beauty & the Beast Tattoo Ideas

#1 – Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

This tattoo is both striking and beautiful with its bold colors and stained glass look.

To a Beauty and the Beast lover, this particular rose would be instantly recognizable, and is a classic tattoo design.

A tattoo like this could be placed anywhere on the body and could be done in different sizes depending on the statement you are trying to make.

#2 – Belle and Beast Couple’s tattoo

Source: Instagram @susixla

Either of these simple looks could work on their own, but together they make a romantic couple’s tattoo. The elegance of the beauty is a feminine contrast to the more ferocious design of the beast. With the placement on the same wrist, it is clear of the meaning of the tattoos for both people.

#3 – Beauty and the Beast Flower Tattoo

Source: Instagram @carolpfutattoo

An iconic Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo, the encapsulated enchanted rose is a clean and sophisticated tattoo. Using the red only for the petals on the rose allows for minimal color use but still makes a statement. This simple design makes for a stylish forearm tattoo, or easily placed on the calf as seen in the photo.

#4 – Black and White Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Sleeve

Source: Instagram @davidtatts85

For someone wanting to include iconic Beauty and the Beast characters into their tattoo, this idea for a sleeve is the perfect fit. Ringing the Beast and Belle in the roses points back to the symbol of roses in the story while also adding beauty to the tattoo. The inclusion of the Beast also takes the sleeve beyond an ordinary Belle tattoo.

#5 – Lumiere Tattoo Full Color

Source: Instagram @crystalhandtattoo17

True lovers of the original cartoon film will love this Lumiere tattoo. Done in the traditional colors of the character, this tattoo is the perfect replica for someone who wants to pay tribute to the classic character. The shading in this particular tattoo gives life and depth to our favorite animated candelabra.

#6 – Sketchbook Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sarah_allen_tattoo

Done in a sketchbook style, this Belle tattoo is perfect for any fan of the village girl turned princess. This tattoo shows Belle in a more natural way, adding to the charm of the tattoo, while still including the well-known symbol of the rose. The addition of the Tale as Old as Time quote offsets the tattoo, particularly when done in a different color.

#7 – Chip Hidden Mickey Tattoo

Source: Instagram @melodytatts

Adorable in all ways, Chip makes a whimsical and childlike choice for a small tattoo that could be placed anywhere. The reference to the scene where he blows bubbles at Belle and the bright colors add to the fun of this design. One of our favorite parts of this is the hidden Mickey in the bubbles…did you spot it?

#8 – Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoosby_rana

Again using a more sketchbook style, this Belle tattoo is a gorgeous black and white design with a pop of color from the exotic flowers. Adding the beloved characters of Mrs. Potts and Chip adds another fun element to the design. You can also note that the flowers used are not the typical roses, but rather flowers that this person already has in a different tattoo. This makes the look much more personal and goes beyond the typical Beauty and the Beast flower tattoo.

#9 – Beauty and the Beast Stencil Tattoo: Enchanted Mirror

Source: Instagram @crossthelinetattoo

For those looking to use a tattoo stencil for a more clean and symmetrical look, this is the perfect design. Using the stained glass style makes the tattoo unique and fits with the stencil style. There is a cool contrast emphasized between the goodness of Belle and the harshness of the Beast. Given the shape and size of the design, this would be perfect for a calf or sleeve.

#10 – Storybook Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

Source: Instagram @kristyq_tattoos

Different from some other Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas, this simple stack of books is a subtle reference to the story. What makes it stand out as a Beauty and the Beast tattoo is the simple addition of the chipped cup. The deep colors and greenery add to the overall appeal of the tattoo.

#11 – Princess Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoo_beto

Representing Belle in her ball gown gives this tattoo elegance and a classic princess look. The shading and contouring of the design add sophistication and detail that round out the piece. While this person has placed the tattoo on their arm, this would be a perfect side piece as well.

#12 – Broken Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @stefani.libra

Using broken glass in this way shows the struggle and almost desperation of the Beast in the story. Not only is the rose emphasized through the color, but the delicate lines of the rest of the tattoo further accent the sharp contrast of the rose. The design would also be perfect for anyone looking for a Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo as it is small with limited color.

# 13 – Beauty and the Beast Ballroom Scene

Source: Instagram @kirsty636

A reference to the classic ballroom scene, this is a Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea as timeless as the film itself. The look is made unique by the splashes of color added to the background. The design could work as part of a larger piece, as it is here, or as a stand-alone tattoo.

#14 – Beauty and the Beast Rose and Books

Source: Instagram @desydelpopolo

Bold, opaque colors work well in this Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo, giving it a painted quality that reflects the original animation of the film. A small design, this tattoo could be placed on the wrist, shoulder, ankle, or upper back.

#15 – Pink Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ffion.elizabeth.tattoos

The delicate nature of this rose makes it the perfect tattoo for a smaller area of the body like the wrist, ankle, or even the forearm. The colors and the design, as well as the small petal dropped off the rose, are a subtle but clear reference to Beauty and the Beast. Adding the glow lines hint at the magic the rose.

#16 – Singing Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @saracervelli

Featuring the suave candelabra, this bright Lumiere tattoo is a fun addition to any Beauty and the Beast tattoo collection.

The particular design pictured would also work well as a temporary tattoo with the solid and striking colors. Showing Lumiere singing also makes the tattoo more interesting rather than just a simple picture of the character.

#17 – Cogsworth and Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @goldfinchtattoo

A dynamic duo of the film, this rendering of Cogsworth and Lumiere show their personalities in action.

The addition of Lumiere’s reflection in the glass front of the clock gives a special layer of detail and a unique feature of the tattoo. This would make a fun tattoo, or part of a set as this person has done.

#18 – Charming Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @misspoppytattoo

It’s always nice to see a softer side of the Beast, and this design does just that. A sweet moment between Belle and the Beast is the perfect nod to the romance of the film.

Going with a simple black and white design allows you to appreciate the facial expressions of both Belle and the Beast.

#19 – Disney Beauty and the Beast 2017 Sleeve

Source: Instagram @leavendetta

This sleeve shows a more updated and realistic look by going with the ballroom scene from the 2017 live action film. The details in this tattoo are stunning and intricate which allows for the romance felt in the moment to shine through. It almost feels more like a painted portrait than a tattoo, which is also a nod to Maurice’s paintings in the film.

#20 – Painted Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Source: Instagram @amos_tats

The classic image of the rose under its protected glass is stunning in this design. The colors and the style make the whole piece seemed to be painted on rather than inked, which speaks to the craftsmanship of the tattoo artist. A slightly larger design, this tattoo would best fit on the thigh (as pictured) or on the back.

#21 – Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Stencil: Stained Glass

Source: Instagram @savannahosborne09

For the stained glass designs, it is the perfect opportunity to use a tattoo stencil if that is your preference. In this case, we see Belle and the transformed prince (fun fact: his name is actually Adam) dancing together in the stained glass style. The jewel-tone colors evoke the classic look of the film and make one feel like they are watching the final scenes.

#22 – A Tale as Old as Time, Beauty and the Beast

Source: Instagram @goldenwatchtattoo

Many point to the ballroom scene in the film as the turning point for the couple of companionship to love. In this case, that is made evident by the facial expressions of both Belle and the Beast. The subtle addition of colors in Belle’s gown and the Beast’s features give a bit of flair, while the true white worked into the artwork pulls the whole piece together into a stunning design.

#23 – Disney Mash-up

Source: Instagram @lovemyjr2007

This tattoo is perfect for any true Disney lover, as it takes different components and works them into one cohesive piece. While this tattoo uses the iconic Mickey ear shape and everyone’s favorite tinker fairy, you could use any of your favorite characters.

Consider this an example for how you to take any of your Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas and work them in with other characters that you love. The more Disney the merrier!

#24 – Beauty and the Beast Henna Tattoo

Source: Instagram @zombie.survivor

While it is not quite the traditional henna tattoo, this design mimics the contours and even patterns seen in henna-style tattoos. Henna also uses one color such as black or brown, also shown here. The stained glass look lends itself nicely to henna with its bold lines and tendency towards symmetry.

#25 – Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip Sleeve

Source: Instagram @all.about.tattoo

For fans of the quirky castle staff, this sleeve design is a perfect fit. The bright colors and shading bring out the best in the beloved characters. The style is spot on in its replication of the trio.

#26 – Enchanted Rose Couple’s Tattoo

Source: Instagram @jblat.tattoos

Whether it is to affirm your own love for one another or simply as fans of the film, the simple enchanted rose is ideal for a matching tattoo. The black and white design is not overly feminine or romantic, so it could be used for friends or siblings as well as significant others. While these individuals chose to put the tattoo on their forearms, the size would lend itself to almost any body placement.

#27 – The Beast: Just Let Them Come

Source: Instagram @harryjamestattoo

A gorgeously done, larger piece, this tattoo shows the Beast at one of his more vulnerable moments in the film. The artist’s use of shading, colors, and the sketchbook style give the tattoo depth. Particular emphasis to the Beast’s eyes help to convey the emotion he is feeling in his despair over Belle’s departure from the castle.

#28 – Simple Beast and Belle tattoo

Source: Instagram @besalytattoo

For someone looking for a more minimalist Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea, this is perfect. Clean lines and minor shading emphasize the most important aspects of the tattoo and is not overly “cartoony.” Ideal for someone looking for a movie reference without going overboard.

#29 – Truly an Enchanted Rose

Source: Instagram @chriswardentattoosart

Using the stained glass look, this simple Beauty and the Beast rose tattoo is the perfect shoulder or back piece. The blue in the ring complements the traditional rose colors, but could also be replaced with whatever colors you would like. Even a rainbow of stained glass would work well in a versatile design like this.

#30 – Be Our Guest Cogsworth and Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @homeboysink3600

This particular design shows the best side of Cogsworth and Lumiere, happily enjoying each other’s company. The use of the white highlights and dramatic shading gives the tattoo the look of a painting, elevating the classic animation to a new level. This artwork could be used as an independent tattoo or as part of a larger piece.

#31 – Chip the Teacup

Source: Instagram @popinkmarseille

One of the most beloved characters in the film, Chip is represented in a painted style using bright colors. These colors emphasis the lively nature of Chip and add whimsy to the tattoo. This design can be adjusted to different sizes, which makes it flexible in its placement.

#32 – Beauty and the Beast Full Sleeve

Source: Instagram @stonehearttattoo

For those looking for a more detailed Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo, this sleeve is the perfect fit. All of the best components of the film are seen: the stained glass with the rose, the ballroom scene, and the castle characters. Using the sunset tones adds to the romance of the scene and compliments the colors of the characters themselves.

#33 – Mrs. Potts and Chip Tagger Style

Source: Instagram @modernaddictiontattoos

A spin on the classic animation, this depiction of Mrs. Potts and Chip gets added flair with a spray-painted “tagger” look. The signature at the bottom in the Walt Disney font completes the tag theme. The colors and shading round out the characters, finishing the fun and funky design.

#34 – Extreme Beast Tag

Source: Instagram @littleshelltattoos

Speaking of spray paint, this bold sleeve is a throw back to the classic street tag style. While it isn’t a direct Beauty and the Beast reference, the design is a more unique Beauty and the Beast tattoo idea, particularly for fans of the Beast. The colors and the style capture the essence of the character in a more modern way.

#35 – Minimalist Belle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @imogenalexandratattoo

A small and simple design, the minimalist nature of this tattoo accents the grace and beauty of Belle. Using just the white to accent the image gives depth without over complicating the look. This tattoo is versatile in both its size and placement, whether it is on the forearm (as pictured), calf, or back. A smaller version would be easy to place on the ankle or wrist.

#36 – Belle and the Beast Happily Ever After

Source: Instagram @j.o.nieminen

It is easy to feel the love between Belle and the Beast in this sweet design. While it is a reference to the ballroom scene, this tattoo almost feels like it could be after the curse has lifted (if it weren’t for the still Beastly appearance). The connection between the two characters is seen in their tender facial expressions, making it the perfect look for a true romantic.

#37 – Stained Glass Mickey Ear Beauty and the Beast Tattoo

Source: Instagram @kylershinntattoos

Another design for those wishing to make multiple Disney references, this tattoo brings together the class Mickey ear silhouette and beloved aspects of Beauty and the Beast.

The design is eye-catching with the color pallet, and has little details that would make someone want to stop and examine it more closely. This also makes the perfect Beauty and the Beast temporary tattoo idea with the solid, bright colors.

#38 – Belle and Chip Storybook Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ilovedisneyplus

If you’re looking for a Belle tattoo that’s a little outside the norm, this would be a perfect design. It shows Belle in a more natural setting, with her beloved books and looking peaceful. Chip staring adoringly at Belle is a sweet addition, but the tattoo could easily be done without him. In keeping with the storybook theme, the colors and art style are reminiscent of book illustrations.

#39 – Stained Glass Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo: Black and White

Source: Instagram @kari_rainbow

Instead of going with the more colorful stained glass look, this black and white rose design looks almost silver with the use of shading and highlights. While this same piece could be done in color, the noir style of this tattoo gives it an elegance and an edge. Perfectly sized for the forearm, this tattoo would also be ideal for the shoulder.

#40 – Beauty and the Beast Musical Poster

Source: Instagram @gypsyrosetattoocompany

This tattoo design takes its inspiration from the poster for the musical based on the film. The simple outline of the Beast contrasting with the rose is the perfect design for someone looking for a minimal tattoo. It is also a good nod to the musical for Broadway lovers.

#41 – Beauty and the Beast Flower Tattoo: Calla Lilies

Source: Instagram @ben__noir

The calla lilies are the emphasis in this design, moving away from the typical Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo. This shows that a person could take a simple line drawing from the film and accent it with any decorations of their choosing. In this instance, the flowers are the focus and the characters the background, but it still comes together in a cohesive way.

#42 – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, She Loves Me

Source: Instagram @joaolimatattoo

No one could doubt that the Beast is thinking about Belle in this sweetly romantic piece. Again the shading and highlighting serve to give the tattoo an illustrated look rather than just inked. The expression of the Beast is tender and endearing, perfect for lovers of the softer side of the prince. The tattoo is perfectly placed on the forearm, but would also work on the shoulder or calf.

#43 – Be Our Guest Lumiere Tattoo

Source: Instagram @clodin_93

This tattoo is a still of one of the best musical numbers in the film, the fun and upbeat Be Our Guest.

Complete with his match “cane” and snuff “top hat,” Lumiere is the perfect castle entertainer and musical host. The splashes of color reflect the whimsy of the scene that is the tattoo’s inspiration.

#44 – Gaston Tattoo: Don’t I Deserve the Best?

Source: Instagram @gaialaracchia

For fans of the film’s cocky and self-absorbed villain, this tattoo gives reference to different aspects of Gaston from the film. His face is set in a brash, “you know you want me” grin. A bit of tattoo-ception shows Gaston love of Belle and meat, and the eggs in front connect back to Gaston’s daily breakfast of five dozen eggs. Perfect for someone wanting to get creative with a tattoo design.

Disney tattoos are a fun and unique way of expression, and the use of particular film references can help to show your message to a wider audience. Beauty and the Beast offers a range of tattoo inspirations, from the more fun and lighthearted to others with tones that are more serious. Even for the more mature Disney lover, this film opens the door to designs that show a more sophisticated look. Our hope is that among these Disney Beauty and the Beast tattoo ideas you have found something that fits your personal style and taste.

Which tattoo is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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