Yes, You CAN Plan a Disney Vacation Right Now. Here’s How…

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Walt Disney World plans to open again on July 11.
Disneyland is right around the corner.
Aulani could be soon as well.

Here’s the logical question:

Does it make sense to plan a Disney Cruise, a stay at Aulani Resort or a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World in today’s uncertain travel environment?

I say YESif you use this one guiding principle:

Use FLEXIBILITY to Your Advantage

If you are flexible and level-headed about your travel expectations, you can get some great deals on Disney Vacations. Yes, even in uncertain times.

Disneyland's California Adventure

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How to Plan a Disneyland Vacation Right Now

Disneyland Tickets: Buy Without Risk

When purchased through Get Away Today, Disneyland tickets are good through end of 2021. 

So, even if Disneyland stays closed longer than expected, you’ll have quite a bit of time to use these tickets.

A full cash refund is also available for a cancellation fee (Get Away Today is the only agency offering this option).

What if Disneyland Ticket Prices Drop?

No problem. Get Away Today will adjust the ticket to the lower price for you.

Disneyland Hotel + Ticket Packages: Book with Flexibility

If you want to stay at Disneyland property hotel (yes, do it!), my favorite way to book and maintain vacation flexibility is through Get Away Today. 

Here’s why:


If you have to move a trip for any reason, Get Away Today is offering free reschedules on all Disneyland packages right now during this crazy unique time. 

New dates? No problem.
Want to change hotel properties? You can do that.


It’s definitely an uncertain time. If you want the absolute power to just walk away from a vacation package (hotel + tickets), you can pay a one time fee of $75 for Get Away Today’s “Peace of Mind” Plan

You can make any changes you want. You can walk away completely. Full refund.

Peace of mind. Piece of cake.


Are you being more conservative with your cash right now? Me too.

Get Away Today has a Layaway Plan that you can use on anything (tickets by themselves, hotels, or combo packages).

How it works: 

  • You put $175 down at time of booking. This down payment includes non-refundable $99 Layaway Plan fee
  • Don’t pay for your vacation until 7 days before 

How to Plan a Disney World Vacation Right Now

Disney World Park Tickets: Lots of Flexibility

Disney World park tickets never lose their value.

If you need to reschedule your trip for any reason, you can apply the amount you spent on your tickets to a new ticket. 

Disney World Hotel + Ticket Packages: Get a Full Refund If Needed

The best thing to do if you’re looking for a Disney World vacation package is to work with an agent. 

They are constantly watching all the specials. And, if you book a package with Get Away Today, you can get their Concierge service, where they make your dining reservations and FastPass for you).

Ultimate Flexibility: Fully Refundable

Get Away Today is offering a Walt Disney World Payment Plan on a vacation package (hotel + tickets) that is fully refundable! 

And it has these features:

  • Put $200 down
  • Make payments whenever you want
  • Must pay it off 30 days before vacation starts
  • Price monitor for any new deals that might be released
  • Concierge Service: assist with dining and FastPass reservations

How to Plan a Disney Cruise Right Now

Disney Cruise Line: No Risk to Reserve

We have no idea when Disney Cruise Line will be sailing again, but you CAN book the cruise of your dreams without any risk.

You can always change your mind for ANY reason and receive a full refund of your initial deposit, following the guidance here.

In short, there’s no risk to book! 

Fill out this form to talk with my favorite travel agents at Get Away Today. 

5 Tips for Booking Disney Vacations Right Now

1) Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

Don’t allow fear or uncertainty of the future stop you from looking forward. 

While it is true that we don’t know exactly what the future holds, I choose to give myself permission to dream. 

And what could be more exciting to look forward to than a Disney vacation when this is all over! 

2) Schedule the trip you want to take, when you want to take it

So, here’s what I suggest:

Look ahead, use some common sense, and then outline the Disney vacation you’d like to take on the schedule that works best for you (based on current knowledge).

Then, if everything comes together as you hoped, you could save a lot of money and be way ahead of the people who have put all plans on hold until they know something more concrete. 

Plan for the best. But also…

3) Don’t Be Surprised if Schedules Shift

While it is great to be a dreamer, it also is prudent to be realistic about the unknown nature of our current situation.

Disney Parks might have to stay closed longer than we hope. If that happens, tickets, hotels and flights will likely have to be rearranged. 

4) Don’t Book Anything that Requires a Guarantee

This probably goes without saying… 

But if you are required to lock up cash for your vacation plans in such a way that doesn’t give you the flexibility to get out of your travel plans, don’t do it. 

An example of this would be to pre-pay a hotel room.

Most travel options being offered right now have a great deal of flexibility with choices of a) full cash refunds or b) credit toward future use. 

5) Check back regularly for cost drops on hotels and flights

Before the current travel restrictions were put in place, we had booked hotels and flights to a variety of destinations for various future trips. 

As conditions changed, so did pricing. Simply by checking our existing reservations, we have seen significant price drops. 

While we are no longer sure that those trips will happen (see tip #3), we have been able to re-book our airfare and lodging at significantly lower prices. Now, if these trips DO happen, we are saving a lot of money.

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