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The Marvel Universe has brought us many different characters that we have fallen in love with. At the forefront of this character group is always Captain America, the man of the people. When you think of the superhero collection and their symbols, Thor and his hammer and Captain America and his shield always come to mind. The small little boy, Steve Rogers, who had the fight of the biggest man. The red, white, and blue with the strength and morals always makes you root for the “Cap.”

Captain America’s relationships throughout the MCU movies is what makes him special. There are a few different people that he truly is connected to, and one of them is his best friend Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. The second is Iron Man. They have a very confusing relationship because Cap sees the potential in him, even if Tony doesn’t see it in himself. He refuses to see the bad in people.

Captain America’s uniform and colors makes him stand out in the movies. That some color definition will make him stand out in some of these incredible tattoos. You will see a combination of color, vivid description and a combination of other characters with him. Here is a collection of very special Captain America tattoos.

Captain America Tattoos & Inspiration

Captain America is worthy

Captain America with Thor's hammer tattoo
Source: Instagram @barber_dts

Spoiler Alert: The Captain is worthy! It’s been a full year since Endgame was released, so hopefully this doesn’t ruin it for anyone. This is one of the most memorable moments in MCU’s Phase 3. In Avenger’s: Age of Ultron Thor looks at Captain America while he tries to pick up Thor’s hammer and is visibly nervous. It turns out that Captain America is worthy when he picks up Thor’s hammer during the epic battle. This is a beautifully descriptive depiction of that memorable moment.

Cap’s Shield & Quote

Captain America shield and text tattoo
Source: Instagram @franci.travels

Yes, unfortunately (I know…I know), Captain America is not real. But that doesn’t mean you can’t believe in his him and what he represents, which is exactly what this woman is getting you to think. No, his shield isn’t real, but it stands for something with a meaning that is definitely real!

A Memoriam to the Leaders

Iron Man holding Captain America's shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @stickypop

Both Captain America and Iron Man lived powerful lives that were meaningful. Unfortunately they both passed at the end of Endgame, whether in battle, or peaceful. This is a great tattoo in dedication to the fallen heroes. The color and detail stands out, just like they did.

In Memory of Cap and Iron Man

Captain America black and white tattoo
Source: Instagram @drosttattoo

This is another memoriam piece, in the form of a half sleeve forearm tattoo, with Captain America on the inside and Iron Man on the outside. While the two constantly fought, they were the heart and sole of the Avengers and did whatever they could to win. This is a great respect piece to great characters.

Inner Bicep Captain Symbols

Captain America Avenger logo tattoo
Source: Instagram @cruisediva16

Whatever it takes is a motto that Captain America lived by. These very blotchy and loosely color symbols are so detailed that the message is clearly supported. Whether it was with the shield, with the Avengers or with the hammer, Captain America did whatever it took.

The Shield is in your bones

Captain America's shield in ribcage tattoo
Source: Instagram @jaime_rodriguez_tattoos

In this person’s ribs is Cap’s shield. The shield will always be part of this person, as it will be always within his core. The most notable difference about this shield is the fact there is no longer a star, but a picture of the state of Texas. This is a large tattoo, which I guess proves…everything IS bigger in Texas.

Black & White Captain America

Captain America action tattoo
Source: Instagram @bohemiantattooclub

This is one of the more detailed black and white Captain America tattoos that you will see. The strict details of every aspect of Captain America make this tattoo stand out, giving it that real “wow” factor.

In Loving Memory

Captain America shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @zebratattooz

This tattoo has a very serious meaning for this person, and is in respect to a fallen loved one. Captain America’s shield is proudly displayed on this person’s bicep with a fallen soldier’s name underneath. This is a great tattoo with respect to someone who will be forever missed.

Baby Captain America

cartoon Captain America tattoo
Source: Instagram @nmgtattoo

This tattoo has a depiction of baby Captain America fighting off something with his shield. The detail is much more cartoonish than the movie (obviously). And the bright blue of the suit, with the red shoes and gloves makes it really pop!

Cartoon Captain America

comic book Captain America tattoo
Source: Instagram @simon_thelittle

This tattoo has colors of Captain America that you wouldn’t normally see, featuring the purple and yellow with his blue suit. The colors almost remind you of Wolverine from X-Men.

A whole collection

Captain America and other superheroes tattoo
Source: Instagram @anitawilsontattooist

Well this tattoo is clearly in respect to this person not just liking the Marvel super heroes, but all of them. Batman, Superman, Deadpool, Hulk, Wolverine, and Iron Man along with Captain America obviously. While they are all competing brands, they make for one great tattoo!

Captain America calf tattoo

Captain America calf tattoo
Source: Instagram @bulletinkzce

The inside of this person’s calf is now home to a large tattoo of Captain America and his shield. On the left side you can clearly see Hulk’s hand too, which means this is filling out a Marvel themed leg!

Cap’s Black & White Face

Captain America face tattoo
Source: Instagram @paulhanford_s18tattoos

This portrait of Captain America is a black and white masterpiece on this man’s inner bicep. It truly stands out and is very well done. The shading and coloring is absolutely exquisite!

Captain’s Shield with Blue Flower

Captain America's shield and flower tattoo
Source: Instagram @pavluss_tattoo

So quick Google search shows that a blue flower was the symbol for inspiration and romance. This is extremely fitting since Captain America, throughout all of the years he fought never forgot about Peggy. He sacrificed himself as Captain America for her love. This tattoo is a respect to that decision.

The real/Lego Collab

Captain America LEGO tattoo
Source: Instagram @portiagreenertattoo

Captain America, both as a human and as a lego. Many of the lego versions of the characters are never combined with their real self. This is a wonderfully colored and detailed piece that brought the two together.

Cap’s Broken Shield

Captain America broken shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @mattjacksontattoos

Cap’s shield broke in Endgame, and has been broken throughout his entire career. But he continued to fight on. This is a great tattoo to show that while your shield can break, you must fight on. A great tattoo with a great meaning!

Captain throwing his shield

Captain America throwing shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @redtattoostudioada

In this colorful tattoo, Captain America is throwing his shield which is a very common pose for the hero. The back hand clenched ready to punch and the front hand throwing the shield is Cap’s trademark.

The unmasked hero

Captain America bowed head tattoo
Source: Instagram @gazzalb1980

Many of Captain America’s tattoos (for good reason) are with his helmet on, but this is different. This is a respect to him as a soldier, showing his face with his eyes closed, as if in mourning. There are a few different times throughout the movies when I can recall this. Either way, the sketch like marks of this tattoo makes it truly an original piece.

Captain America’s Portrait

Captain America black and white head tattoo
Source: Instagram @thedoctorstattoostudio

Many of Captain America’s up close portraits of his face are done based on the cartoon version. This is clearly a face of Chris Evan’s character which follows such vivid detail. Everything, down to the deafening stare of Cap is top notch.

Blotchy colored shield

Captain America's shield splash of color tattoo
Source: Instagram @klarastacova

Here is another example of Captain America’s shield, this time black and white with a few blotchy examples of color. The color is not throughout and used as just marks throughout the larger black and white shield.

Full body Captain America

Captain America standing tattoo
Source: Instagram @pottytattoo

This tattoo features Captain America, full body, which not many of the other tattoos have. The bright colors of the suit, with the shield on his back is a powerful look, especially when you can’t see his eyes. You just know he is staring at someone with that big strong stare.

Back of the hand Captain’s Shield

Captain America's shield on hand tattoo
Source: Instagram @skullduggerytattoos

Another simple tattoo of Captain America’s shield is this time on the back of this person’s hand. It is simple, with a bit of color, and to the point.

In Honor of the Mask

Captain America's helmet and flowers tattoo
Source: Instagram @starrtattoosupplies

Captain America still lives, but Steve Rogers is no more. The First Avenger turned in his suit so that he could live a life with the woman he loved, and the suit will now exchange hands. While we don’t know what this new Captain America suit will be, or look like, we know it won’t be the original, which is laid to rest in this memoriam of Steve Rogers, Captain America.

Captain America’s Broken Shield

Captain America broken shield and flowers tattoo
Source: Instagram @_gersongrimm_

Something that was a stable of the Avengers was Captain America’s shield. The foreshadowing of Endgame showed that the shield was broken, but a true hero emerged. What it also showed was that his shield breaking, showed that he would eventually break down. He became old and Steve Rogers is no more. This memorial tattoo of the First Avenger is a great detailed and respectful one.

Forearm Shield “In Your Blood”

Captain America's shield underneath skin tattoo
Source: Instagram @mindyxiii

Fighting with the power of Captain America inside is represented here. Under the skin and flowing through this person’s blood is Cap. A common tattoo style to make it known that this is constantly flowing through your veins.

Friends till the end

Captain America and Iron Man diamond tattoo
Source: Instagram @p.ink.september

Captain America and Iron Man surely had their issues. This is a depiction of them coming together for the common purpose and battling till the end. Yes, they had their issues but this black and white diamond tattoo pays respect to their great respect for each other.

The double-wield

Captain America holding Thor's hammer tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattoosbypjstl

Captain America’s stance and glare is so powerful. Here is a bicep tattoo showing him carrying both his broken shield and Thor’s hammer. The little bit of blurriness in the tattoo makes this more elusive and stand out more.

Captain America Half Sleeve

Captain America lightning tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattoo_artist_krischan

This is a large tattoo, completely filling this man’s arm, outside and inside. His shield, combined with his powers now as the God of Thunder, along with his family, the Avengers. This large, bright and vivid tattoo is definitely going to make someone double take when walking by!

A Blurry Detailed Captain America

Captain America half face tattoo
Source: Instagram @omarzimio

There is so much detail within the blurriness of this tattoo. The detail put into messing with the sleek look of the shield, working in unison with Captain America’s suit is impressive. The bright red and blue colors make this unique tattoo stand out.

Top of the Foot Shield

Captain America foot tattoo
Source: Instagram @adrienn.kern

This must’ve been one of the most painful tattoos we’ve seen so far. The top of the foot is such a soft spot for tattoos and can really hurt. That being said, fighting through the pain leaves us a bright, vibrant and pretty big tattoo for the top of a foot. This one will be hard to miss!

“Whatever it takes”

Captain America "whatever it takes" tattoo
Source: Instagram @lejendartgallery

“Whatever it takes” is a great slogan for Captain America. He is ready to do whatever he can to win, while following his moral compass. This is a simple tattoo, with the shield and the quote. Sometimes simple is all you need for a strong message.

Lego Captain America

Captain America holding Thor's hammer LEGO tattoo
Source: Instagram @starrtattoosupplies

The theme continues. This time, Captain America is represented in Lego form, with bright colors, featuring Thor’s hammer and his own shield.

Captain America across the chest

Captain America "keep calm and rock on" tattoo
Source: Instagram @nerdyinktattoostudio

This Captain America has a very personal twist to it. The large bold shield on this man’s chest, with blotchy color has the words “keep calm and rock on” written across it. That personal touch makes this a bright, and fairly decent sized unique tattoo.

The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattooharbourtom

Many people believed (because of the comics) that Bucky, the Winter Soldier, would become the new Captain America. Marvel took a big turn and changed that, so that Falcon is now the new Captain America. Bucky’s arm here is shown to be the new shield, with the Cap’s patented star on the shoulder, and the lighting bolts running through it.

The Love/Hate Relationship

Captain America fighting Iron Man tattoo
Source: Instagram @mandalatattoostudio

Iron Man and Captain America always had a very love hate relationship. This tattoo is a bright colored and vivid description of a fight scene between the two from Civil War. They fought and argued, and then learned to work together for a higher purpose. A beautiful tattoo in respect to a great relationship.

Cap’s Shield and a Tiger

tiger and Captain America's shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @mello.ink

While the tiger is a nice accent to this tattoo, I’m not completely sure what it has to do with Captain America. The shield on the other hand is very obviously connected. The leaking color is a new theme throughout Marvel tattoos that I really like. Simple but creates a bit more than just a basic design.

The American Way

Captain America "truth, justice, & the american way" tattoo
Source: Instagram @captain_skalita

Captain America was very clearly a representation of the good that America could do in the world. He stood for truth, justice and the American way. He was willing to do whatever to fight for those themes. This bright colorful tattoo on the back of this person’s hand is a dedication to those beliefs.

Captain America & The Flag

Captain America with American flag tattoo
Source: Instagram @linoadrenalino

Captain America very clearly was designed to fight for the United States of America. In his first movie, he fought for America. He continued to fight for America but his presence was also needed to fight everything and everyone that wanted Earth. Pretty serious competition needs a pretty serious person.

Lightning running through the Shield

Captain America red lightning shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @keithmandalatatt2

Since Captain is now respected as an immortal like Thor, having thunder running through his shield makes it one of the most powerful objects in the world. This is a black and white bold tattoo on this person’s elbow representing that power.

Cap’s Bicep Shield

Captain America shiny shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @bigstevetattoos

A simple, yet powerful tattoo is Captain America’s shield. There are so many different ways to describe it and have it done in a tattoo. This individual chose the simplest form of the basic shield with the bright and metallic star in the middle.

Forever Young

Captain America "forever young" tattoo
Source: Instagram @mindful_ink_studio

One of Captain America’s powers following surgery was that he maintained the same age, so he lived a much different life than he wanted to. This bright piece is a respect for his sacrifice by joining the military to help fight evil, and sacrificing a normal life.

Original Captain America Depiction

Captain America deflecting bullet tattoo
Source: Instagram @maryblake

Many people focus on Captain America in the Avengers and what he did to help win the battle against Thanos. This is a depiction of him fighting in his first movie, The First Avenger. It depicts him fighting in the trenches in World War 2, blocking bullets. This is a great black and white scene bringing the Captain back to his roots.

Captain’s Razor Blade Shield

Captain America spiked shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @tribal_tattoo_studio

This is a unique take on Captain America’s shield. There aren’t may different examples of having razor blades on the outside of Captain America’s shield. The red and blue color makes them stand out. That is certainly one shield I wouldn’t want to be hit by!

Cartoon Captain

Captain America lightning hammer tattoo
Source: Instagram @maxipain.tattoo

This tattoo is much more “cartoon” designed and that is not an insult at all. This is such a bright and vivid piece that clearly describes the strength and power of Captain America. His red, white and blue stands out with the power of lighting running through the hammer that is now his.

“I can do this all day”

Captain America "I can do this all day" tattoo
Source: Instagram @luckybellatattoos

In one of the funniest scenes, this quote shows Cap’s humor, when fighting himself! At the center of everything Captain America, is his shield. Here is a large bicep tattoo in memory of his bright and powerful shield.

Basic Shield inner wrist

small Captain America shield tattoo
Source: Instagram @tattoooie_ph

This is a simple tattoo of Cap’s shield, with the color clearly falling outside the lines. This is a great simple dedication to one of the greatest Marvel heroes!

Thor/Captain America connection

Captain America and Thor shield with lightning tattoo
Source: Instagram @back2basicstattooandbarber

Captain America is now worthy, and this displays that. Captain’s colors are on the right side of this armor and Thor’s are on the right. The red and blue contrast works great for this tattoo, especially in the thunder bolts!

Captain America’s Tattoo Memoriam

Captain America is a character that will forever live on in the hearts of many, and the tattoos here. Steve Rogers may not be anymore, but his legacy now lives on. This is a collection of wonderful tattoos telling his story. From his relationship with Iron Man, to his claiming Thor’s hammer, everything about the Captain is represented here.

This is group of Captain America tattoos is a great respect to the character that will forever be remembered.

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