30+ Deadpool Tattoos with Attitude

Deadpool tattoo designs

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The Marvel character that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, on purpose, is none other than Deadpool. When you think of Deadpool you think of the bright red suit that is reminiscent of Spiderman. You think of the thick black eye patches that surround the brightest white eyes. Most importantly you think of the sarcastic and witty comments. Deadpool is the character that was released to the cinematic world in the X-Men series. Since the development of his own movies, his character has grown in popularity.

Deadpool is a character that is built of 99% sarcasm. If you have watched the movies, you will almost feel the sarcastic comments coming out of the tattoos you will see in this list.

While there are a lot of different ways that Deadpool can be portrayed, and artistically developed, you will see a lot of common themes. The bright colors of Deadpool’s suit, and the darkness that you will see in a lot of different tattoos all represent his up and down character’s feelings. If you don’t believe me…watch the movies and then tell me!

Without further adieu…here are a great collection of Deadpool tattoos.

The Best Deadpool Tattoo Ideas

Baby Deadpool ready to fight

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @tattooist_yeono

Most “baby” tattoos you’ll see in this post will be of a happier or nicer looking Deadpool. This baby Deadpool has anger in his eyes, ready to fight. The color of this tattoo is so bright and shiny that it really pops. You can see the light shining off of Deadpool’s forehead and nose, which I’ve always been impressed with.

Demonic Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @eymi.tattoo

While Deadpool is certainly not a precious saint, this is a demonic depiction of the character. The white and black body, with the troubling red eyes make this a scary little character. Designed with that idea in mind, this tattoo has a grim theme to it, with the thought blurb focusing on a skull, and killing. It surely is an intimidating piece, proving size doesn’t matter!

Small Deadpool calf tattoo

Source: Instagram @bizaahmet

Deadpool has been represented by many looks, and the small basic one is very common. This miniature tattoo features no details too big, and is basic in design. The swords are plain and the face is basic as well, but that’s the great thing about Deadpool, no matter how detailed you get the point across!

Deadpool’s Art

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @robrichtattoo

Black and white is a tough attempt for Deadpool, especially creating a scene. This one works. The detail is so vivid that it might be better in this form than color. Pointing to a picture that he draws in the movies, with a blurb under him adds to the comedy of the character. The detail of everything is so outstanding. Look closely on the nose. You can see the stitched in fabric. It’s one of the more detailed tattoos of Deadpool we’ll see.

Small Deadpool logo

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @foxing_ravenly

Deadpool is represented here by a tattoo that is very closely resembling a sport’s team logo. Deadpools swords are emblematic, in the same way that Thor has his hammer. The simple face of Deadpool in a black and white way, with the swords crossing is something that would look like the crest of a sport’s team. Deadpool without red is hard to imagine, but this tattoo makes it possible. The simplicity of this tattoo makes it recognizable and therefore leads to a great unique Deadpool tattoo design.

Deadpool on the My Little Pony Unicorn

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @chevioo_arriero

In a bright colorful small ankle tattoo, Deadpool is riding a My Little Pony unicorn. Honestly, I can’t believe that I would have ever written that sentence, but here we are. Little Deadpool, with his squinting eyes, riding the unicorn (we all know what it means), is a bright, colorful and cool tattoo.

Wolverine slaying Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @joe_scop

The Deadpool and Wolverine story has now evolved. Yes, we saw Deadpool fighting Wolverine in X-Men Origins, where we first met him. The development of that relationship between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has been fun to watch. It looks like Wolverine gets the best of Deadpool in this tattoo. The look of both characters in this tattoo has a feeling that it is more linked to the comics than the movies. The detail and color of this tattoo is so bright and vivid that it draws you to different points every time you look. The yellow and red really complement each other in this piece.


Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @aa1608tattoo

I don’t necessarily know if those letters did this justice. For those that have seen the movie, you know exactly what the noise made is, and what it means. Usually used in high pressure situations or when stuff goes really wrong, Deadpool would do this. Or when people made fun of him. In this tattoo specifically you can see the iPad in the background and it is almost identical. The artist did a great job rendering the picture and the color to the specs. Even accounting for shading and location, this tattoo is a great replica!

Blood and arrows logo

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @mariepoppinstattoo

Anyone looking for a Marvel logo for their video game team? This might be it! This is a very simple tattoo, which features a very generic Deadpool face with un-detailed arrows crossing through and blood circling. The blood is an interesting touch since Deadpool can’t bleed. Then again, it could mean the blood is always flowing and never leaving!? Who knows, I certainly wont!

Deadpool and Venom fight scene

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @chrislopeztattoo

Venom is a character that won’t be tied to Deadpool much moving forward, and this tattoo is very descriptive of the comics. In the movies Deadpool shoots through himself various times to defeat enemies, and this is reminiscent of that. The tattoo is clearly very comic book themed, as Deadpool looks nothing like that in the movies. Between the color and anger of Deadpool in this tattoo, and the unfinished body of Venom, we can expect a great half sleeve tattoo moving forward.

Deadpool with his My Little Pony

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @nastile.tattoo

One of the aspects of Deadpool’s movies that I have found funniest, is his connection to My Little Pony. My Little Pony and Crocs are the two that come straight to the forefront of various “un-cool” things that Deadpool tried to make cool through the movie. While there’s no understanding of why he loves it so much, he certainly does. The hugging of the pony is a clear comedic approach to Deadpool tattoo designs. You won’t see this in a Hulk tattoo design, that’s for certain.

Venom & Deadpool Collab

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @bonna.martey

Venom and Deadpool were connected through the comics, not necessarily the movies. Here is a smaller tattoo that commemorates that bond. Half of the face is Deadpool’s mask and the other is Venom’s face. In an attempt to maintain symmetry, the artist had Venom’s tongue and Deadpool’s swords matching in the back, like on Deadpool’s suit. It is a smaller tattoo, but doesn’t take away from the creativity and design.

Deadpool and his weapons

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @artwork.kempten

We all know that Deadpool loves his weapons, like Iron Man loves his tech. Guns, swords, knives, and a great tattoo. This is a bright and iconic tattoo of Deadpool, since it covers essentially everything about Deadpool. The confusion face, the gun in his left hand and the knife in his right hand are all typical Deadpool.

Confused Baby Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @camillawolf_tattoo

The one eye closed was a theme of throughout the Deadpool movies, whenever he was confused. Through his sarcastic and witty humor, the facial expressions of Deadpool helped to add comedic value to his character. The legs are substantially differently sized than the body on this tattoo, so it puts all of the focus on the body and the face.

Deadpool shin tattoo

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @crownink.tattoo

First off, having tattoos myself, I can’t imagine how much this hurt. Ouch. Secondly, the detail of this tattoo is amazing. Everything about Deadpool’s face, to the weapons he’s holding are all done extremely well. What I really like about this tattoo is the face it is cut off as it is about to wrap around the leg. You can see the cut off on the leg which doesn’t wrap around the ankle. I think this makes the tattoo stand out more, and look better when looking straight at it.

Baby Version of Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @bonnibel17

A theme that was very popular in other posts, the “baby” version has made its way back, this time through Deadpool. Jumping forward ready to strike, in this childish form has a unique design to it. All of the weapons and aspects of his suit are there, but having Deadpool be displayed as a younger Deadpool is a cool and unique twist.

Unique Deadpool take

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @neo_schooltattoos

This is a very different depiction of Deadpool than we are used to seeing. The green in the background and the fading color of the suit are different than usual. Most pictures and tattoos that depict Deadpool are BRIGHT. I do like the change of pace though. This seems like a combination of the Deadpool we saw in X-Men and his own movies. I like the take.

Deadpool loves his drawings

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @01800hotline

We all know that Deadpool loves his drawings with basic crayons. The first scene of the first movie features Deadpool hanging on the overpass of the highway drawing, while listening to his boombox. Here is the result of that. The serious face with the ridiculously crude drawing is ironic and funny, which is what Deadpool is all about!

Samurai Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jeanpaulmarat

In this very unique tattoo, Deadpool is represented by a samurai Deadpool. Since he isn’t a samurai in any of the movies, this has to be an original piece. The detail and the design of this entire piece is very, very thorough. The color and the design of each unique piece to “Samurai Deadpool” is extremely well detailed and colored.

Back of the hand Deadpool tattoo

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @radtattstudio

We have seen another tattoo resembling this picture, but I can promise we haven’t seen anything in this location. Back of the hand tattoos are always tough, because of location and wear and tear on the piece. The setting is Deadpool holding his gun and knife, with the swords in the background. The bright red from his suit clashes with the color in the back to make him really stand out.

Deadpool’s Heart

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @katarsistattoo

Whenever tensions rise in the movie, Deadpool crushes them with a sarcastic and witty “thing”. Here is an example of his making a heart symbol. I’m admittedly not sure what is going on underneath Deadpool, but this is a beautifully designed half-sleeve with vivid detail. The detail of Deadpool’s suit and the bright color make this tattoo stand out.

Comic-like Deadpool in Action

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @danielticknertattoo

There is a clear difference between Deadpool’s look in the comics and in the movies. This is very clearly a comic-like look for Deadpool. When the face is plain other than the eyes, theres a big chance it’s based more on comics. This is a bright colored tattoo that really stands out, and makes a great piece!

Deadpool and his one-liners

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @bluelotus_tattoo

One-liners are synonymous with Deadpool. This tattoo features another one of Deadpool’s famous one-liners, surrounding his face. This tattoo is very detailed and obviously only features a pointing finger and Deadpool’s face. The background is interesting, and makes his face pop more.

Deadpool Face

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @the_brown_lazer

Between the comics, X-Men, and the actual movies, Deadpool has taken many looks. Everyone is entitled to their own perspective of Deadpool, and this is one of the more interesting ones. I know Deadpool’s belt buckle is a circular emblem of himself, but different than this. Then again, it might look weird if it was just his normal face with nothing else, so thank you for not doing that! The color and the specific look must have an inside meaning to this person, which makes it a unique tattoo!

“Feel the Love”

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @bakerstreet.tattoo

Deadpool has recently been connected to the My Little Pony, from the comics to his fascination with Yukio in Deadpool 2. It is one of the little things throughout the new movies that add to the comedy around him. This tattoo specifically has Deadpool’s hands in the shape of a heart, with the words “Feel the Love” written underneath. The bright colors of the pony and Deadpool’s expressions add to the hilarity of this tattoo.

Crouching Deadpool

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @p.laz.tattoo

You have to look for more than 5 seconds at this tattoo to get the whole thing. If you look quick you get confused. The effort on detail can make this hard to see the differences, and you’ll need to notice the little clues to make it stand out. The color is bright and the different parts that are used to make it seem “shining” are all over the place. I think what throws me off is the yellow outline of the hands, legs and arm, which aren’t prevalent in any comic or movie. I love the idea, and I think this is a great tattoo!

Groot and Deadpool collab

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @shorti_tattoo

Deadpool as Groot, or Groot as Deadpool? That is the question. Either way this is an interesting tattoo collaboration, since the two never meet. It definitely is an interesting take, trying to combine the two characters. You can see the obvious combination of Deadpool’s suit, with the bright red colors and the swords on his back. It is a truly unique tattoo.

Deadpool and Spiderman

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @rodrigoztattoo

Spiderman or Deadpool? Well this individual’s arm is clearly dedicated to the heroes in the red suits! You can also see in the background the scene ready to go of other Marvel characters. This forearm tattoo of Deadpool focuses more on the collection than on the individual tattoo. The detail is much less than the rest of the pieces we’ve seen, but this is the “long game” not just the individual. It’s a piece of a large collection.

Deadpool addition

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @gypsyrosetattoocoakron

As you can see, this person is working on filling out his entire arm. With the tattoo above, and the Black Panther tattoo below, Deadpool is slotted in right above Black Panther’s head. The details in Deadpool’s mask are very real, as it blends in very well with the Black Panther tattoo below it.

Deadpool Combo Tattoo

Deadpool Tattoos
Source: Instagram @copperstatetattoo

Deadpool was introduced to Hollywood in the X-Men movies, and had a very definitive look. He had no red and black suit, but he had a very pale face and body, with a sewn shut mouth. This tattoo is a clear hybrid of both, which has the face of the original character, built around the current one. The bland and undefined features of the face, and very subtle colors make this clearly for the original Deadpool fans.

Knife through Deadpool’s head

Source: Instagram @ramone_vanwilder

I wouldn’t consider the Deadpool movies “kid friendly” and here’s another example why. Deadpool was somewhat of a gruesome movie, and tattoos like this are a direct reference to that. Part of Deadpool’s power is that he can’t die, he will always re-heal. The knife almost makes Deadpool look like he’s wearing a top hat. The color near the bottom of Deadpool’s face is darker, which fits right in with this darker themed tattoo.

Conclusion: Deadpool’s Art

Deadpool is one of the most interesting characters, because he doesn’t necessarily fit into the Marvel Universe, and he “sort of” belongs with the X-Men. With that unsure fit of Deadpool, comes the creative ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. The same goes for individuals looking to get a Deadpool tattoo. They can do whatever they want, wherever they want!

If you look at these Deadpool tattoos you see so many different interesting and unique takes on what they think Deadpool is. There is the comedy aspect, holding My Little Pony, there is the drawing scenes, and there is the comic book Deadpool displayed in all of the tattoos. They are all unique in their own way and show their love for Deadpool!

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