8 Things That Help Me with the “New Normal”

Well, THAT was a March to remember.

In all this stay-at-home-ing that we’ve been doing, we’ve certainly enjoyed a lot more time to:

  • Bake, cook, and eat family meals (this has actually been awesome)
  • “Home-school” the kids (#teacherrespect)
  • Dream about where we travel when this all over (we have a Disney cruise booked)
  • Figure out how to exercise at home (I admit it, this has been a bit of a struggle)

So yeah. While I’m missing Disney, I have found some great resources that have been truly helpful in this “new normal.”

I’m sharing them today with you.

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Each is chocked-full of awesome info & tips.

In this crazy world, good tips from experts can make your life BETTER!

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8 Resources to Help During These Times

1) Fun at Home: Disney Projects for Kids

This is our free email series that we put together specifically for these times. We share our favorite Disney-themed games, projects, crafts, and activities for kids.

No screens here.

Anyone with kids that enjoy Disney.
Or adults that love Disney. (We won’t judge.)

2) 5 Secrets to Stress-Free Travel Planning

No, we can’t travel right now.
HOWEVER…This is a great time to PLAN a trip!

Even if you’re not ready to make any reservations right now (don’t blame ya), these tips from The Planet D are inspired!

Image: The Planet D

I “live and breath” travel … but I learned new tips for:

  • saving up for your trip
  • budgeting for a trip
  • avoid overplanning

Amazing secrets from people who travel for a living.

Travelers or wannabe travelers or anyone who plans on taking a trip when things get back to normal.

3) Cookie Baking Hacks

No, this isn’t ONLY about eating my feelings! With the extra time together, I’ve had a great time baking cookies with my girls.

Image: Crazy for Crust

And here’s the thing.

Dorothy from Crazy for Crust is a literal cookie genius. Her secrets are truly game changing. And her cookies are HEAVEN.

Uh…anyone who likes cookies. That’s everyone!

4) 14 Days of STEM Activities

Kids need to do more during quarantine than video games or Netflix.

That’s why I dig this “14 Day Activity Challenge” – this freebie has incredible hands-on science experiments like coffee filter art, homemade fluffy slime, and even super soft playdough

Image: Little Bins Little Hands

The STEM and STEAM experiments for kids of all ages at Little Bins for Little Hands are a fun way to engage a kid’s brain right now.

Parents of kids

5) 2 Weeks of At-Home Workouts

I miss going to the gym. Okay, maybe “miss” is a strong word.

The last week or so, I’ve felt pretty crummy. It’s time to move my body!

Image: Sorey Fitness

I really like these home workouts from Sorey Fitness. You get a ton of variety because on the first day, they give you a schedule of stay-at-home workouts for the next two weeks. And they totally mix it up.

Anyone who needs to get some exercise besides from the couch to the frig and back.

6) Foolproof Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners

Maybe you’re tired of doing all the cooking? So…much…cooking!

I’ve had the revelation that it is finally time to dust off the Instant Pot and simplify this aspect of my life.

Image: Simply Happy Foodie

Pressure cooker expert Sandi — at Simply Happy Foodie (great name, right?) — shares her favorite Instant Pot recipes for novices like me.

Must own an Instant Pot and be willing to actually use it.

7) Secrets from Culinary School

I’ve always wondered if there are tricks or shortcuts to making amazing meals. It turns out, yes there are!

Image: Culinary Hill

Meggan from Culinary Hill reveals five master cooking skills they teach you in Culinary school. I love how easy she makes it.

And her emails are hilarious too 🤣

Anyone who wants to get better at cooking.

8) 5 Secrets for Reading during Quarantine

A good friend of my is Janssen of Everyday Reading. She’s cares SO deeply about helping kids learn to love reading.

As we were talking about this “school at home” thing that we’re all doing, she said this:

The most important educational thing you can do for your kids while school is out is read.

I believe her. She has an MBA in librarian science; she knows her stuff!

And here’s the best part: She launched a free resource called “5 Secrets for Reading During Quarantine.”

Image: Everyday Reading

She gives actionable tips for parents of young kids to help your child to have:

  • more reading
  • less screen time

Seriously, go get it!

Parents who want to instill a love of reading in their kids.

I hope these resources are as inspirational and helpful to you as they are to me.

What are some of your favorite resources during this unique time? Post them in the comments below!

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William Kaufman

We are missing our 10th cruise!