10+ Fun-filled Disney Activities To Do When Stuck at Home

Disney Activities to Do at Home

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Stuck at home?

We can still have some Disney fun, right?

Here’s my list of ideas for Disney-themed activities to help you pass the time solo or as a family.

1) Get Disney Plus

We’ve become huge Disney+ fans in our house.

Seriously – we just watched Miracle as a family last night…I’d never seen it and it was so inspiring.

Pretty much all the Disney movies are there.
All the new & classic TV shows.
Plus the new content!

Here’s what I’m loving right now:

Here are some guides that might help you:

And, if you want to give some Disney love, a Disney+ gift subscription is very thoughtful.

2) Throw a Frozen 2 Party

If your kids are home because school is cancelled, take a break from the regular and turn the day into something special.

Watch Frozen 2 and make it a party too!

Frozen Party Ideas

Frozen 2 movie is now available at:

Order it now and when it arrives, throw the “coolest” Frozen 2 party! You’ll make incredible memories with your kids.

3) Make Frozen 2 Cupcakes

Don’t want to do a full party, no problem.

Make these Frozen 2 Cupcakes.

Frozen Cupcakes

The step-by-step instructions make it simple to bake Queen Elsa or Sven cupcakes.

4) Enjoy a Disney Puzzle

You can wile away the hours with one of these delightful Disney jigsaw puzzles.

My favorites are found in my list of Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzles, but here’s a great one to start with:

A 500-piece puzzle provides a quick, enjoyable puzzle experience for adults that need their “puzzle fix”. 

For older children, it is a sense of accomplishment to put a 500 piece puzzle together. 

I recommend this pack for all Disney lovers, as it comes with four 500-piece puzzles of famous Thomas Kinkade works of art: 

  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tangled
  • Fantasia with Mickey Mouse

5) Disney Coloring Pages

Our Disney Coloring Pages have been very popular.

You can choose from coloring pages of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Toy Story, Star Wars, Spiderman, Rapunzel, Ariel, Moana, and more.

Just print and enjoy.

6) Make Your Own Disney Banner

This is a fast and fun Disney craft you can do with your kids.

I originally made the artwork for these Disney pennants and character banners to decorate a Disney Cruise stateroom.

How fun would it be to make these and decorate your home?

There are 22 banners you can print.

7) Disney Scavenger Hunt

My free Disney scavenger hunt is great to help reveal a Disney parks or Disney Cruise trip.

You can ALSO use it for just something fun to do at home!

In one easy PDF file, you’ll receive everything you need to plan the perfect Disney scavenger hunt.

It has 11 Disney-themed clues. Just add in your own at the end to direct them to the creative prize of your choice.

8) Have a Minnie-Manicure

Grab the nail polish and decorate your nails in Disney style.

150 Disney Nails

I have three great posts FULL of nail art ideas & inspiration for you:

  1. Mickey Mouse Nails
  2. Minnie Mouse Nails
  3. Best Disney Nails

9) Get Crafty…Disney Cricut Style

Ever wanted to learn the art of Disney crafting? We love our Cricut machine and now that you have some time stuck in the house, this might be a great time to learn how to craft with a Cricut.

Made this shirt with my Cricut!

We’ve created a long list of Disney and Star Wars themed Cricut projects. Each has a step-by-step instruction guide to make it REALLY simple to get going with a new Cricut.

10) Plan Your Next Disney Trip

Before you know it, life will make it possible to get to a Disney park, Disney resort or Disney Cruise of your choice.

So…why not start planning now?

Kylo Ren gave us the cold shoulder at Epcot

Even if you can’t make *specific* plans, you can still learn all there is to know about your dream Disney destination (Star Wars hotel, anyone?)

I have planning guides to help you! Find the perfect one for you:

11) Make Disney Chalk Art

Get outside and decorate…the sidewalk!

Doesn’t have to be a sidewalk. A driveway or empty cul-de-sac will work just fine.

Three depictions of Disney chalk art

Grab some sidewalk chalk and “make a scene”.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

12) Enjoy a Board Game

Our family loves game night. And we particularly enjoy Disney-themed games that bring us together and get us laughing.

Favorite Disney Board Games

Need some new ideas? No problem.

This list of Disney board games should get you started:

13) Get Crafty…with a Disney Craft

We made a massive list of Disney crafts and activities for kids to do.

Some projects on this list require a little bit of adult supervision, but for the most part, pick a project and let your child explore her imaginative side.

14) Watch a Movie Marathon

Get Disney+?

Together with the family, it can be fun to binge watch some of your favorite Disney movies.

In particular, the Star Wars movies and Marvel films are ideal for movie marathoning.

Darth Vader Statue Photo by Tommy van Kessel 🤙 on Unsplash
Darth Vader says “Watch Star Wars movies, I am your father”

To make it easy, use these resources:

Star Wars

What to do next…

So…what Disney activities do you like to do when stuck at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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Matt Taylor

Very cool Disney themed ideas. My favorite of course is Disney Plus and watching the Mandalorian! haha


I LOVE all of these ideas! Such fun disney activities!

Sara Welch

These are some great ideas to keep the magic of Disney alive while we are all on lockdown! Definitely doing these this week; my kids will love these ideas!