Disney Beach Club Dining: Complete Guide

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Disney Beach Club pier

There’s nothing quite eat seafood along the ocean, imagining that your dinner was just alive and swimming that morning.

Even though you can’t necessarily get that experience at Walt Disney World, dining at the Disney Beach Club is a fabulous alternative. Dive into an incredible seafood buffet, sink your teeth into a juicy steak, or enjoy a refreshing plant based meal. There’s something for everyone between all the dining selections at the Beach Club.

You’re never going to go hungry at the Disney Beach Club, with dining options opening as early as 7:00am and staying open as late as 11:00pm. If you get a craving in the middle of the night, or you need an early bird breakfast, room service is available 24 hours a day!

Dining experiences at the Beach Club vary from casual and family friendly to more upscale, providing you with plenty of choices to fit your needs. Spend time together as a family at Beaches & Cream, or have a late night drink at Martha’s Vineyard.

Not only that, but just next door you’ll find the Yacht Club with its own amazing food (but more about that later).

From quick service to table service, you’re going to love the dining options at the Beach Club!

Disney’s Beach Club Dining “Menu”

Table of Contents

Disney Resorts Room Service – Food Morning, Noon, and Night

We’ve all been in that situation – you come back from a long day at the park, you’re exhausted, but you’re also starving. Oh, and you’ve already eaten all the snacks. Perfect.

Never fear, there’s Disney magic to cover that for you! All you have to do is press “Dining Options” on your in-room phone and you can place an order.

At the Beach Club, you’ll find “standard” room service fare along with some beachy food favorites. Try a delicious lobster and corn chowder or yummy local baked fish. You could even splurge on a fabulous Maine lobster roll! If you’re more on the “turf” side, brick lemon-herb chicken or a bacon cheese burger will fit the bill. Buffalo wings and fries are always a good choice too if you need something quick and simple. Kids have plenty of their favorite options as well, like chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers.

Don’t forget about dessert! If you missed the chance to hit Beaches & Cream, you can order ice cream up to your room. You can even get an entire cake to share! (Or don’t. We don’t judge)

An 18% gratuity, $5.00 delivery charge and 6.5% sales tax will apply to all delivery orders.

Beach Club Marketplace

What would Disney resorts be without their quick service locations? A sadder place indeed.

The Disney Beach Club is no exception, the Beach Club Marketplace meeting this dining need at this resort. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll always be able to grab a quick meal. Bring your food out to the pool, set up at one of the tables they have in their small dining space, or take your food back to your room. Truly, the options are endless.

When you approach the marketplace, you might be confused at first. Wait, there’s food here? You might ask yourself. That’s because the Beach Club Marketplace is also the main gift shop and dry good location at the Beach Club. That being said, if you need a hot meal and you’re on the go, this is a great option.


Like many other counter service spots, the Beach Club Marketplace will start your day right with the Bounty Platter. This meal has it all – scrambled eggs, a Mickey waffle, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and a biscuit. Get your own if you’re really hungry, or split it to maximize the cost. My husband and I will often split a Bounty Platter and each grab something from the bakery, which works out perfectly.

Other hot options include a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and a platter of those beloved Mickey waffles. Get your breakfast with a side of potatoes or breakfast meat, depending on if you want to load up before a long park day or stick with the protein. Plant-based Mickey waffles are available as well, which is a fun option!

With a fully stocked bakery, you’ll find an assortment of tempting morning treats. Cinnamon buns, muffins, coffee cake, and croissants are just some of the delicious goodies behind the counter. Remember, you’ve got a long day ahead, don’t over carbo-load!

Don’t worry, you can also find fresh fruit and other healthy options at the marketplace. This is also where you can fill up that refillable mug, so don’t forget to bring it with you!

Lunch and Dinner

A mix of beach and boardwalk fare, the hot lunch options at Beach Club Marketplace are familiar fare. Try a delicious foot-long hotdog smothered in cheese and chili – big enough to split, but we won’t blame you if you don’t. You can also try a yummy pulled pork sandwich, served with coleslaw and house made chips.

Other cold sandwiches are perfect for a poolside lunch, like a classic Italian or a refreshing Caprese. Both are made with Focaccia bread and served with house made chips. Looking for something even simpler? A turkey and cheese will be your best bet!

However, what the marketplace is really known for is their baked mac and cheese selection. Get it plain or covered in bacon, chili, or pulled pork, then stuff your face! You’re on vacation after all, feel free to indulge. Just be sure to wait that full fifteen minutes before swimming!

For those that want something a bit lighter, try the hummus platter or plant-based chili. You can also snag a refreshing Caesar or Greek salad to go with a flavorful cup of clam chowder. With all these options, you’ll find something for everyone.

At dinner time, the specialty is a roasted half-chicken, served with mashed potatoes, gravy, seasonal veggies, and cornbread. This is a hearty meal, filling you right up, with the advantage of being quick.

For your kiddos, there’s a plain hotdog and a smaller portion of the baked mac and cheese. If that still seems a bit heavy, snag them a turkey sandwich or Uncrustable. You could always share one of the larger meals with them if they want to try the pulled pork or chili, but it’s nice to have these options on which to fall back.

Don’t forget the dessert! Not only are the bakery and treats stocked all day, but there are other amazing delights in the glass case. One of our favorites is the caramel cheesecake – a decadent vanilla cheesecake with caramel sauce and chocolate stripes, topped with whipped cream and a chocolate Mickey face. There’s also always a selection of specialty cupcakes in the cold case, which split well between two kids.

Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

I have loved Beaches & Cream Soda Shop ever since I was a kid, and it is still one of my favorite places to visit. I can’t tell you how many fond memories I have of sitting out in front of the quick service window, waiting for our No Way José to appear. Our family is decided ice-cream lovers, and Beaches & Cream never disappoints. If you’re coming to the Beach Club, you need to make this part of your dining experience!

Opening every day at 11:30am, you can get a fun and delicious diner meal for lunch or dinner. You could, of course, skip straight to dessert. Many people do! Beaches & Cream is also open until 9:00pm, making it a great place to stop after a day at Epcot or on a walk around the boardwalk.

Diner Delights

While Beaches & Cream has a reputation for incredible desserts, that’s not all there is to this Beach Club dining location. Delicious savory foods are featured on the menu, marrying diner favorites with an air of table service sophistication. A nostalgic, 1950s diner feel makes this bright and fun location just a great place to hang out. Especially with the recent remodel, the larger space and new décor adds something to the atmosphere.

Start will a classic cheeseburger, grilled cheese, or French dip sandwich. You could also go for the cheddar bacon-ranch chicken sandwich or house-made Reuben, both fan favorites. It wouldn’t be a diner if you couldn’t get French fries or onion rings on the side, but Beaches & Cream added tater tots to their menu with the reopening! All your favorite loaded fry options now come in tot form, so if you’re a tot lover, you have to check these out.

While not featured on the menu right now, in the past Beaches & Cream has had a variety of salads to balance out the sandwich options, as well as a few seafood dishes. What’s great about Disney dining is that they are always rotating your options to keep things fresh, so be on the lookout for new additions!

Make a reservation and come in to eat, or pick up your food at the window. Either way, you’re going to enjoy your meal.

Soda Shop Marvels

Ok, now that we’ve had our meal, we don’t need to feel guilty about indulging in dessert!

First of all, are you grabbing something to go? You can get a plain scoop of hand-dipped ice cream on cone or in a cup, or slurp up a rich milkshake. These are great if you’re planning to eat or drink as you walk, while meeting the need for a sweet treat.

If you’re hanging out to eat, there’s plenty of choices of both the personal and shareable variety. To start, you can get a classic strawberry shortcake or brownie a la mode. While both are delicious, these items are definitely elsewhere around Disney World, so we suggest going for one of the unique options that makes Beaches & Cream special. You’ll find these delicious delights on the Sundaes on the Beach section of the menu, and you’re going to be overwhelmed by your choices!

Sundaes on the Beach

As I mentioned before, we are partial to the No Way José, and incredible peanut butter and hot fudge concoction that features both chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Not enough? How about some chocolate pieces and whipped cream on top? Perfect. The Fudge Mud Slide and Snickers Sundae are both along the same lines, with three scoops of ice cream each, covered in chocolate, and topped with cookie pieces and Snickers bars respectively. You can also go for classics like a banana split or three-scoop sundae, giving you the chance to build your own.

However, the real star of this show is the infamous Kitchen Sink. With eight scoops of ice cream, all the toppings, pieces of cake, and an entire can of whipped cream, this sundae is no joke. The menu says that it serves four, but it really feeds more like six or eight. Recently, Beaches & Cream has added a Chocolate Lovers and Neapolitan option as well, which focuses more on these flavors.

With so much to choose from, you won’t know where to start – oh no, it looks like we’ll just have to just come back again tomorrow!

Martha’s Vineyard

Modeled after the real quaint beach town in Massachusetts, the dark woods and coastal blues of Martha’s Vineyard makes for a great date night location. Cozy up with your loved one on one of the comfy armchairs or cushioned bar stools, treating yourself to a delicious cocktail or glass of wine. Martha’s Vineyard opens at 4:00pm and closes at 11:00pm, making it an ideal evening stop for a light dinner or a drink before bed.

A fully stocked bar, you’ll find an incredible variety of wines, both local and imported. Mules, margaritas, and mojitos all are on the cocktail menu, along with Disney favorites like the Piña CoLAVA – Bacardi raspberry rum blended with flavors of coconut, pineapple, and raspberry purée (this one is my mom’s favorite). Domestic craft beers are on top, some of which come from local Florida vendors, like the First Magnitude Wakulla Hefeweizen. This unique brew has notes of clove, banana, and vanilla to give you an exotic beer experience.

If you’re not into alcohol, plenty of refreshing spritzers and mocktails are also on the menu, so don’t feel like you’ll be left out of the fun. You could also snag a virgin version of some of the featured cocktails, just ask your bartender for his or her suggestion. In addition to the beverage options, there is a small lounge menu to give you something to munch while you hang out. Buffalo wings and loaded tots are great if you want something more filling, while the cheese plate is good if you’re just looking for a snack. In between are the calamari and the famous clam chowder for those that want a light meal.

Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and Grill

Don’t let the fact that this is a pool bar fool you, Hurricane Hanna’s has some good eats. You might find yourself stopping in here for a quick lunch or late evening snack, even if you’re not staying to swim.

Much like other pool bars, Hurricane Hanna’s has lighter fare, which is ideal for a poolside meal. Grab a refreshing Greek or Caesar salad, which you can add to if you want a little bit of protein. The Italian Focaccia and turkey and Swiss sandwiches are both delicious, but our favorite is the seafood roll. Fresh seafood comes tossed in a citrusy mayo dressing, with just the right amount of zing. All three sandwiches come with house-made chips, which gives just the right touch to the meal.

Hurricane Hanna’s features two specialty cocktails – Category 5 and Storm Chaser. Category 5 has that piratey feel that matches the water slide, with Captain Morgan spiced rum, crème de banana, peach schnapps, mixed with orange and pineapple Juice and a splash of grenadine. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a float of Gosling’s 151 Rum. Meanwhile, the Storm Chaser is made with vodka, Bacardi superior rum, blue curacao, and sweet-and sour. A splash of Sprite brings a touch of sweetness and effervesce for a tropical buzz.

Aside from these drinks, enjoy plenty of other cocktails on the rocks or frozen, as well as a wide variety of beer and wines. We recommend the Sunshine Margarita, a Disney poolside staple, or the Frosé, a frozen concoction of rosé mixed with vodka. Both are refreshing, and perfect for a sunny day by the pool.

For the kids and nondrinkers in your group, there are sweet and cool smoothie options as well as some virgin version of your favorites.

Cape May Café

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Cape May Café is the signature restaurant for the Disney Beach Club. One of my personal favorites, Cape May Café always makes me feel like I’m in a seaside village, even in the middle of Florida. Whether you stop in to see the characters in the morning or indulge in a fabulous seafood buffet in the evening, you’re going to love this place!


One of the best parts of this breakfast is the variety. Not only can you get some of your breakfast favorites, but there are plenty of savory options as well. With that in mind, Cape May Café is an ideal brunch spot for those that want a breakfast that isn’t as sweet.

Enjoy all your breakfast favorites like scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and grits. If you’re looking for a bit of variety, try the frittata, glazed ham, or stewed Roma tomatoes. You can even get a freshly made crepe at the newest hot food station. Of course, you can’t leave without having some of those classic Mickey waffles!

There are plenty of cold offerings and bakery items as well, rounding out your breakfast with some vegetables or bagels and lochs. Also, enjoy plenty of fresh food, hot and cold cereal, and sweet treats.

Not only is the food amazing, but this is one of the most fun character breakfasts. While the characters are subject to change, consistently you can see Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy dressed for the beach. I love these outfits, as they are so fun and colorful!

The characters always spend a decent amount of time at each table as the restaurant is a bit smaller than average. While they’re not going to make a double visit, you’re going to have plenty of time to say hi and take pictures. This is also a great chance to see Daisy, as she’s hard to catch in the parks.

If you have kids, you’re definitely going to want to hit this buffet! I also suggest if you come for breakfast, plan to explore the boardwalk area afterwards. It’s a great way to walk off such a large meal.

Lunch and Dinner

Seafood lovers are going to go crazy for this buffet dinner! Everything is so delicious and fresh, and it’s a great chance to try new items you might not otherwise. Even if you’re not big into seafood, there’s plenty to love about this meal.

As you round the buffet, you’ll be overwhelmed by your options, but I suggest to start with small amounts of lighter options and then go back for more. Since this is all you care to eat, there’s no shame in going back for seconds (or thirds…fourths…you get the idea). Start with the famous clam chowder, a signature item at the Beach Club, and a selection from the salads. If you want to try some of the warm, freshly baked breads, I don’t blame you! However, stick to one, maybe two rolls. There’s plenty of better food to try, and the bread will fill you up quickly.

After your starters, go for your main course. Again, think about what you really want to try, and then go from there. While incredible pastas and potato sides will catch your eye, go for the lighter options like the fresh seafood first. Another strategy would be to take smaller “tasting” portions, and if you have more room go back for more. As a big seafood person, and seeing as this is a seafood buffet, that’s what I tend to gravitate towards. However, my dad and husband like to start at the carving station for some of the ribeye before moving into some of the other options.

Even though it can be hard, try to save room for dessert! Luckily, the desserts are all small, so they’re perfect for the end of a large meal. Some of my personal favorites are the cheesecake with strawberry topping, key lime cakes, and flourless chocolate cake. I won’t lie, we usually take some freshly baked cookies for the road as well.

Whether you’re just stopping in for a bite or dining during your stay, you’re going to love what you find at the Disney Beach Club!

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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