Disney Beach Club Rooms: Complete Guide

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Disney Beach Club Resort exterior
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Light, airy, and beautiful – these are the best words to describe the rooms at the Disney Beach Club Resort. Instantly feel relaxed as soon as you enter, the t and décor sending serenity washing over you. Tones of the beach bring the outdoors inside, from soothing pale blues to neutral sandy hues. Light woods complement the colors, combining to form your own island of tranquility in your room. Seashells and bubbles help to complete the theme, with a Mickey or two thrown in for good measure.

Much like other deluxe resorts, the Disney Beach Club offers a variety of rooms and layouts. In addition to the standard hotel rooms and suites, the Disney Beach Club Villas offers more home amenities and comforts.

Between these two resort sections, if you can’t find a place that fits your vacation needs, I’ll be surprised!

Room Selection

Beach House of Your Dreams – Disney Beach Club Rooms

The original section of the resort, these rooms fit with the classic Disney resort style. In the deluxe tier, you can expect to find comforts and amenities that will make you never want to leave!

Standard Rooms

Disney Beach Club standard rooms come in three different layouts – two queen beds, one king bed, or queen bed and queen-sized sleeper. Each layout has its benefits, as well as a particular price range.

Families will prefer the queen bed options, while couples will want to spring for the king bed. A king bed will give you more space within the room, as well as the luxury of a larger bed. If you have smaller children, you might want to consider the sleeper sofa layout. This will allow you to fold the bed during the day, giving you a wider area in which to play. It is also ideal if you’re bringing your own bed for your little one, such as a pack n’ play. There is plenty of room to set it up without impeding on your own bed space.

All three layouts have good storage space options, with drawers in the entertainment center and in the nightstands. There’s also a small closet ideal for hanging any nice clothes you brought, or outfits you don’t want wrinkled. It’s also a nice place for ponchos if you get caught by the rain! If you don’t have a laundry bag in the closet, I suggest you stop by the front desk and ask for one (or two). This is a great way to keep your dirty clothes from mixing with your clean ones, and makes for easy packing when it’s time to head home.

I highly suggest you unpack if you’re staying more than a couple days. I give this tip based on experience, both as a child and an adult. Clothes will get jumbled in the suitcase before you know it, especially if the items aren’t separated into bags or packing cubes. Unpacking prevents this, making it easier to grab that matching shirt on the correct day rather than spending thirty minutes trying to find it.

These rooms all have the same basic amenities:

  • Hairdryer
  • Internet – Free WiFi Service
  • Soaker Tub
  • Telephone with voicemail
  • Coffee Maker
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • In-Room Safe
  • Mini-refrigerator

Especially if you’re planning to be on the go, spending a lot of time at the parks and out of the room, this is all you really need in terms of amenities.

Each room is differentiated by its view, which indicates its location in the resort. The views also put the rooms into different price ranges, so that’s something you need to consider when booking. If you don’t care about your view, sticking with the standard room is a good way to save some money. However, if you’re one who likes to sit out on the balcony at different points in the day, you might want to spring for something a bit nicer than staring at the parking lot.

Water views give you a spectacular look at Crescent Lake, Stormalong Bay, or one of the quiet leisure pools. You’ll really feel like you’re staying at a beach house with the look at the water! Meanwhile, garden views gaze out over the gorgeous grounds of the resort. In the spring and summer, you’ll love the bright colors of the flowers winking up at you from their beds.

Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms are the same as the standard rooms, with a little extra space. All deluxe rooms at the Disney Beach Club come with two queen beds and a queen sleeper, ideal for groups. If you’re travelling as a group of adults, this is a perfect choice for you! Even if it’s just three of you, this way each person has their own bed, and it’s economical to split the cost three ways.

Balconies on deluxe rooms are bigger as well, which again is great if you have a larger group. It means more of you can sit out there together and enjoy each other’s company with plenty of space. Just don’t forget not to hang swimsuits or towels out there!

Deluxe rooms are sprinkled throughout the resort, so you could end up with any of the three views. If you have a particular view request, before to make it when you book.

Disney Beach Club: Club Level Rooms

While the room layouts are the same, Club Level has additional perks that might just be worth the extra money. All of the rooms are up on the fifth floor, and only Club Level guests have access to this area.

At the Club Level, you can also expect these extra benefits:

  • Evening turndown
  • Secured key access to the club-level lounge, serving refreshments 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily
  • Access to Concierge service at the Stone Harbor Club
  • Complimentary health club access
  • Personalized Front Desk and Guest Services

Out of all these extras, the best is definitely access to the Stone Harbor Club. Like the other deluxe resorts, the concierge levels have a Club Level only lounge. At the lounge, you can expect snacks throughout the day. This makes it a great place to grab a quick bite or start your morning before the parks. While it can get busy at “peak” times (especially breakfast), it’s nice to have a food option so close to your room. If you find it to be crowded, snag the food and take it to the peace of your own space.

Club Level rooms are also divided into the same room categories as standard rooms, so the extra you’re paying per night is really about that top-floor access and the lounge.


If you need something slightly larger, and you’re not planning to stay on the villas side, you should look into a one or two bedroom suite.

One bedroom suites have one king bed and a queen sleeper, separated by a set of double doors. This is particularly nice if you are traveling with another couple or with kids, as the separation allows for more privacy. The spacious bathroom easily would accommodate everyone in your party! Sweet and comfortable furnishings fit with the theme of the resort, with adorable Disney-themed artwork spread throughout.

Two bedroom suites have a king bed in one room and two queen beds in the other. Additionally, there is a day bed available should you need to sleep a seventh person. Again, this is a great way to get your whole party into one room while still providing privacy to everyone. Multiple bedrooms and a living area also means multiple TVs, which can be a godsend when traveling with kids (or the in-laws).

The Beach Club Resort also has two top-tier suite options – the Nantucket VP Suite and the Newport Presidential Suite. Both are automatically Club Level, and cost top dollar, but hey, you only live once! Why not splurge for a special occasion?

Nantucket Vice Presidential Suite

The Nantucket VP Suite is perfect for couples, as it only has a king bed and is advertised for two adults. Cozy and romantic, the Nantucket suite is ideal for a honeymoon or private getaway. Modern elegance is the best way to describe the décor, with mirrored accents and clean lines to complement the coastal colors.

The suite opens onto a spacious living room with eating nook, which helps to separate the room’s areas for different purposes. In the living room, there’s even a small bar to get the party going right away! A half bath is off the living room, insuring that the master bathroom gets the privacy you deserve.

In the master bedroom, touches of gold complement the dark wood and serene blues, and add a regal sense to the overall atmosphere. Connected to the bedroom is a spacious master bath, with a glass-walled shower and incredible soaker tub. Enjoy plenty of space with the double sink, again ideal for couples. The final touch is the water closet, separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom and providing another layer of privacy.

Honestly, if you’re a couple not staying on the villas side, you might want to spring for this suite…even if it’s just for a night!

Newport Presidential Suite

Meanwhile, the Newport Presidential Suite is the one you want if you’re booking for a large group. The key word to this suite is spacious. From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel more like you’re in a luxury penthouse apartment rather than a hotel room. Sweeping arches, gold and white accents, and marble floors will make this suite seem like your own personal palace.

With so much natural light, the Newport Suite is bright and airy, matching the sandy tones that fit with the resort’s theme. Enjoy the fireplace in the living room in the cooler months (yes, it can actually cool off in Florida!), or spread out with your family on the couches. A massive dining table seats ten, not to mention a bit of space to shimmy in a highchair here and there as needed. This is a great place to enjoy a family meal or host a game night, with room enough for everyone. Mix your own drinks at the bar area connected to the dining space.

You’ll find a king bed in the open and light master bedroom, with a gorgeous ensuite bathroom. Deep blue accents give the master bedroom a regal air, a king or queen in this palace suite. The beautiful bathroom has an amazing walk-in shower next to a relaxing tub, lit up by the window. A double sink rounds out the space, deep chocolate woods setting off the light beachy tones.

In the second bedroom are two queen beds, perfect for housing the kids in your group all in one space. The décor carries through the color scheme of the rest of the suite, warm and welcoming. This bedroom also has a “sitting room” space, which has a daybed, and an attached bath as well. You (and your kids) will love the fact that you have separate areas!

Overall, this is a great option if you need a little extra space and want a nice place to hang out on your non-park days.

Disney Beach Club Villas – Home Away from Home

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is Disney’s “timeshare” program that allows members (and those that rent from them) to enjoy the comforts of home on their Disney vacations. Both the studios and villas have additional accommodations that are perfect for an extended stay. Whenever I go to Walt Disney World, DVC is definitely my preference!

Deluxe Studios

Slightly larger than a deluxe resort room, the studios have the same amenities as the resort, with the added perk of a kitchenette. Which that may seem like a small extra, you won’t believe how useful just a toaster, coffeemaker, and microwave can be. Along with the mini-fridge, you can pack items for breakfast and lunch that you can heat up right in your room, which will save you money.

It can also save you time, as you don’t have to worry about going to a food location, wait in line, and then eat. We like to pack breakfast pastries that we can heat up and have for a quick breakfast, getting us out to the parks quickly. The kitchenette also has its own sink area, which means if you have Tupperware or any other dishes you can clean them after use.

Deluxe studios are great for families, with a queen bed, double sleeper, and single pull out bed. You may feel a bit cramped if you’re using all those sleeping options, so I suggest putting the beds up and out of the way until you want to use them. However, if you’re spending the majority of your day out of your room, save the money and stick with a studio versus a one or two bedroom villa.


The villas at the Disney Beach Club are similar to DVC villas at other deluxe resorts, with the beach flair that gives the resort its name. Having recently staying in a one-bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs, I have to say I’m sold on villas!

One-Bedroom Villa

One-bedroom villas split the space into four distinct zones, including a separate bedroom and full kitchen. For starters, having a designated bedroom is such a game changer! While I do love the studios, everything is basically all in one room. It feels nice to have a living and eating area that’s not also where you sleep. The bed is also king sized, which is that much more luxurious than the queens in studios. Out in the living room there’s a sleeper sofa, which is ideal if you’re traveling in a group or as a family. Again, I would suggest folding it up when you’re not using it, but it’s always nice to have!

If you like to make your own food on vacation, or have the option for leftovers, the full kitchen is amazing. I was able to bring back food from a Disney dinner for literally the first time ever, and had those leftovers for lunch the next day. I felt like I saved money on both ends, not wasting the food from my dinner and not having to purchase an additional meal. The kitchen comes stocked with utensils, pots and pans, glasses, plates, and even storage containers.

We were even able to make ice in trays to put in our water bottles! While the studios have the fridge, having a freezer is nice to make your bottles really cold before hitting the hot Florida pavement. I like to fill a bottle halfway with water and put it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, I fill the rest with cold water. This keeps my water cold all day, as the ice melts and keeps the bottle full.

A large space also means a larger bathroom, which is a huge plus. My husband loved the soaker tub, which is in a more open area of the bathroom. A roomy glass-walled shower ups the chic-factor, and the separate toilet space is enclosed from there. Both the tub and shower spaces have their own sinks, which is nice when you’re trying to get multiple people out the door in the morning.

Finally, there’s a washer and dryer unit in a closet off the living room. Even if you’re not planning on washing clothes during your trip, this is nice to have. We got caught by the rain (which happens often in a Florida summer!) and we were able to dry our clothes. We also were there on a shorter trip, so having the option to dry our swimsuits before flying home was a plus.

Two-bedroom Villa

Two-bedroom villas have essentially the same layout as a one-bedroom villa, with the addition of another bedroom. The second bedroom has two queen beds, with its own bathroom connected to the sleeping area. A second bedroom is a great option if you’re two families travelling together. You have space for everyone, an area to eat, and plenty of bathroom space.

Some two-bedrooms are actually a one-bedroom with a deluxe studio lockout, which would mean that there would be one queen bed and the sleepers. In that instance, the rooms would be connected by a door that can be locked (thus the name), and the studio also has a direct access to the hallway. The studio would still have the kitchenette as well, extending your cooking area.

Which option you get is largely about availability, but if you have a preference you can always make a request when booking.

Wherever you choose to stay at the Disney Beach Club, we know you’re going to love your rooms!

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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