Best Disney Cakes

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

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Want the perfect Disney cake for your next party or celebration? 

Get inspired to create the perfect Disney cake with these magical ideas!

Disney Cake Ideas

Below we have compiled the best Disney cake ideas to help you find the most magical treat for you.

The below designs are collections of the finest, most inspirational Disney themed cake designs we could find.

Naturally, you can bake your own Disney cake or take these ideas to your local bakery to replicate for your own.

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Best Disney Cake Ideas

Find the best Disney cake design and inspiration you’re looking for with these popular ideas:

1) Mickey Mouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

Mickey Mouse hasn’t lost a step! He’s considered an icon, and he’s still as popular today as ever. Mickey Mouse has always been associated with fun and laughter, so it makes sense that he would be perfect for birthday cake.

2) Minnie Mouse Cakes

Minnie Mouse Cakes

We all know Minnie Mouse is the most stylish mouse in town. She wears cute shoes, pretty dresses and has a collection of bows that would make any girl jealous. Get Minnie’s look on your cake!

3) Encanto Cakes

Encanto Cake Ideas and Design Inspiration

Encanto cakes are some of the most popular cake designs among Disney lovers. These cakes are inspired by Bruno, Isabela, Mirabel and the rest of the Madrigal family from the movie Encanto.

4) Harry Potter Cakes

Harry Potter Cake Ideas

Okay, okay – I know my Disney purist fans out there might disapprove, but we love Harry Potter magic and wanted to include these magical cake designs in this list.

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