Best Disney Countdown Ideas

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There are so many great ideas to countdown to your Disney vacation.  From apps to crafts, it is fun to build the anticipation to your dream trip!

You can find a number of Disney countdown apps to help you number the days left until your Disney vacation. 

Whether your destination is Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani or a Disney Cruise, these apps will make the wait a little more fun! 

Many of these countdown apps include information regarding the parks, hints and tips, and even weather information.

Or maybe Disney crafts are more your style for keeping the kids busy with Disney crafts while they wait anxiously until your vacation departure date. 

There are craft projects and printables that they will enjoy while they anticipate their Disney vacation. There are also items you can purchase for your children’s room, for your desk, or your home to be as a visual reminder for your Disney vacation countdown.  

Waiting is always difficult, but with these Disney countdown apps, printables and craft ideas, you will have a great time while you wait for the days to pass. 

The Best Disney Countdown apps, calendars, and DIY crafts! #disney #disneycruise #disneyland #waltdisneyworld


Disney Countdown Apps

Countdown for Disney (iOS)
Countdown for Disney one of the best Disney vacation countdown apps for iOS that I could find. 

This app comes with a free version and a paid full version. With the free version, you can choose between 15 pictures as your background or you may use one of your own pictures. 

You also have access to a seven-day weather forecaster including radar, as well as a 16-day historical weather forecast.

In addition, will receive Disney newsfeed from, keeping you up-to-date will all things Disney while you await your trip.

The full version of the app includes everything that you receive with the free version, but there are no annoying pop-up ads with the paid version. 

You will also receive tips for traveling to Disney, a countdown indicating the number of days until your Disney vacation and other important information such as when to start making your Disney dining reservations. 

Countdown to the Mouse (Google Play)
Another great app to try is Countdown to the Mouse, which can be found on Google Play.  This is a countdown for Disney World only. 

This app will not only provide a countdown to your Disney World vacation, but it also will provide you with hints regarding your Disney World trip, notifications and information on important dates and things taking place at Disney World. 

The app also can help you plan your Disney dining experiences and provide information regarding FastPasses.

Disney Cruise Line Navigator App (Both iOS + Google Play)
A very simple way to countdown to your upcoming Disney Cruise is to download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App ahead of time.

First, you’re going to need to download it before your voyage anyways…so just do it early and use it as your Disney Cruise countdown app!

One of the cutest features is the built-in countdown timer.

Disney Cruise countdown app

Note: you have to have an active reservation in order to see the Disney countdown timer in the app.

Disney Vacation Countdown DIY Printable

On the site, you will find a plethora of information, as well as a DIY printable vacation counter. 

There are printable numbers that you and your child can cut out.  It would be a good idea to laminate the numbers so they are not torn, as I am sure your child will want to move the numbers every day to indicate you are another day closer to your vacation departure.  I would suggest using two-sided tape and sticking the numbers to your fridge or somewhere easily accessible to your child. 

Download a PDF version of the printable countdown project. 

If you want to take it to the next level (perfect for older kids) follow the steps on this graphic. It requires paint, scissors and push pins.  One advantage to this project is that it will last for a long time, possibly until your next Disney vacation so you could use it again!

Disneyland Countdown Calendar

On Amazon, I found a Disneyland Calendar, which would be especially great for younger children. 

Disneyland countdown calendar
Image: Amazon

While younger kids may not have access to technology that older children have, they will certainly want a visual reminder to the upcoming excitement of their Disney vacation. 

This Disneyland Calendar would be perfect in their room, the kitchen, or in any room where the family spends time. Made from wood-like material and you could use it for future Disney family vacations. 

Walt Disney World Countdown

Another item you can purchase online from an artisan is this Days Until Disney sign.

Disney artisan countdown calendar
Image: Amazon

Use a piece of white chalk to mark the days on Mickey’s head to indicate how many days are left until your Disney Vacation.  Each child could take turns writing down the number of days left until departure.

Disney Aulani Countdown

If you are planning a trip to Aulani, you may want to consider this idea for your Disney Aulani countdown from All For the Memories.

Disney Aulani countdown
Image: All for the Memories

This is a great idea because you can easily wipe off the numbers each day and write in a new number; just make sure you don’t use a permanent marker when you write your numbers!

Disney Cruise Countdown

If you are planning on a vacation aboard one of the Disney cruise line ships, here you will find a printable Disney cruise countdown from The Suburban Mom.

More Disney Countdowns

There are other events your child may wish to countdown other than just vacation. 


Countdown the days to Christmas in Disney style with this Mickey Mouse inspired Christmas Countdown. Click thru to find the full tutorial on how to use your Cricut machine to make it.

Make your own Mickey Mouse inspired Christmas Disney Countdown!


Dwan at Life. Family. Joy. has made a fun way to keep the Disney magic alive throughout the year with this countdown for your child’s Disney birthday celebration.  You will find several different designs that you can use for your Disney birthday countdown. 

Disney birthday countdown
Image: Life. Family. Joy.


There is always much anticipation building up to a vacation at Disney or a Disney themed birthday party. 

Children will enjoy using technology on their phones or computers to countdown the days until their vacation or celebration. But younger children do not have to be left out, as there are printables and visual reminders to keep them involved in the Disney countdown excitement. 

All of these Disney Countdown ideas are fun for the whole family and will keep you busy while you wait for your Disney vacation to come.

So…what is your favorite way to countdown to Disney? Leave your comment below!

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The Best Disney Countdown apps, calendars, and DIY crafts! #disney #disneycruise #disneyland #waltdisneyworld

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