20+ Disney Cricut Crafts for Kids

List of Disney Cricut Crafts for Kids

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So you’re tired of your kids whining and saying they’re bored?  Preach it! Me. Too.

As much as I would love for us to be content to pass the days watching hours of “educational” Disney movies, my kids do better with a little more structure than that.  So for the sake of our sanity, we are trying to come up with a workable daily routine.

My favorite part of that routine (besides the daily dose of Disney, obviously!!)… CRAFT TIME!

I’m so excited to share with you these Disney Cricut Crafts for Kids.  These easy tutorials are the perfect Cricut projects for your kids to join you on!  They are simple, easy, fun crafts to do as a family!

Many of these crafts are Disney-specific already.  But some are not… don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! 

For each non-Disney tutorial, I’ve offered a suggestion so that you can modify these Cricut crafts and make them Disney Style. 

There are so many Disney/Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars images available in Design Space to help you Disney-fy.  You’re sure to find one that will fit your project!

Are you ready to make some Disney Cricut crafts with your kids?  Let’s go!

Cricut Vinyl Crafts for Kids

1. Coco Skeleton Tumblr

Make an adorable Coco-inspired Personalized Skeleton Tumbler with this tutorial and free cut file from

My Paper Craze.  How fun would this be to do a Coco-themed craft and movie night?  The kids could drink out of these tumblers while they watched the show!

2. Personalized Disney Water Bottle

Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a water bottle using your Cricut!  Your kids can help you weed and apply the vinyl, and they can even customize it by choosing a different Disney image in Design Space!

3. Mickey & Minnie Luggage Tags

My kids are obsessed with my EasyPress Mini, and I’ve decided my 5-year-old is ready to use it (with supervision, of course)!  These luggage tags are perfect for your little helper to develop some new skills!

4. Disney Balloon Umbrella

This cheerful balloon umbrella from Suburban Wife City Life is a perfect intro to vinyl project for your kiddos!  They will love making it and using it on rainy days!

5. Darth Vader Shirt

My husband, nephew, and just about every boy I know would go crazy for this Cricut ready-to-make Darth Vader shirt.  And Star Wars loving older kid can definitely help you make it!

6. Acrylic Poured Canvas Art with Vinyl Cut Images

I am NOT one of those “I don’t care about the mess as long as the kids are happy” moms.  I wish I was. And I know many of you are! So this tutorial is for you!  Your kids will love you!  (And I will envy your bravery.) 

You can customize this with paint and vinyl colors of your choice, and can Disney-fy it by using Disney images for your vinyl!

Cricut Paper Crafts for Kids

1. Stitch Tsum Tsum Card

Your kids can help make this Stitch Tsum Tsum card in less than 30 minutes, with this Cricut ready-to-make project!  And then they can color pictures or write a note inside and send it in the mail to a friend or family member!  If Stitch isn’t your thing? No problem! You could adapt this project using one of the many Tsum Tsum characters available in Design Space!

2. Maleficent Coloring Pages

These ready-to-make Maleficent coloring pages from Cricut would make the Mistress of All Evil herself proud!  My kids (okay, let’s be honest AND I) are gonna have a blast coloring these!

3. Mickey Name Banner

Your kid can help assemble their own Mickey banner thanks to this tutorial by Mom Spotted.  They can use a glue stick, hole punch, and refine their fine motor skills by pushing ribbon or yarn through the mall holes.

4. Rapunzel Coloring Cards

These kid-friendly Rapunzel coloring cards are a ready-to-make project available in Cricut Design Space.  Your kids can help load your mats, the Cricut pen, and help assemble them… plus they will love coloring the cards themselves or passing them out to their friends.

5. 3D Dragon Head

Speaking of Maleficent… this ready-to-make 3D Dragon Head project would look JUST like her alter-ego, if it was cut with black and purple cardstock.  This one might require a little more parental help with the construction, but your kids are sure to love it.

6. Villains Matching Game

Another Cricut ready-to-make project for the win!  My kids love playing matching games (and games about Villains). I love that they can help assemble this project and then we can spend time together as a family playing it over and over again.  On a side note, I will probably laminate the cards once assembled, for durability.

7. Kids Watercolor Art

My kids’ go to craft lately has been watercolor painting…. Why not use your Cricut to make their watercolors into art.  This ready-to-make Cricut project will help you cut your child’s artwork into shapes… I plan to use silhouettes of Disney princesses, which we can frame… and that will make my girls oh-so-happy. 

8. Disney Pinwheels

Even as an adult, I just think there is something so mesmerizing about pinwheels.  I plan to make this ready-to-make pinwheel from Cricut with my girls, using licensed Disney cardstock!  Easy, fun, and kid-friendly!

Other Cricut Crafts for Kids

1. Easy Stitched String Art

Kara, from Happy Go Lucky blog has created a wonderful tutorial for making stitched string art.  It would be SO easy to use your Cricut pen to draw the shape of your favorite Disney character (many of which are available for purchase in Design Space).

2. Jack Skellington Necklace

Need another festive accessory?  Why not make a Jack Skellington Necklace using this tutorial from Eighteen 25.  It’s adorable and could be used for any of your favorite characters!

3. Frozen Felt Pine Trees

If your little princess is obsessed with Frozen, like mine are… here’s a great tutorial from Hey Let’s Make Stuff you can use to make a forest out of felt for them to play with their Elsa and Anna dolls in!  I plan to make the trees in a variety of blue, silver, and white felt… perfect to give it that Frozen flare.

4. Disney Dream Catcher

It would be SO easy to Disney-fy this Summer Dream Catcher ready-to-make project available in Cricut Design Space!  Maybe attached two smaller embroidery hoops to a medium one to make a Mickey head?  Or cut some classic Disney shapes out of cardstock to hang as charms? Voila!

5. Princess Leia Ears

These DIY Leia ears are so easy to make, you won’t have to ask Obi Wan for help!  They may require a little parents supervision, but they would be perfect to make with your favorite little Jedi!

6. Felt Bookmarks

Follow this step-by-step tutorial from Happiness is Homemade to help your kids make bookmarks!  And how awesome would these be as Mickey and Minnie heads? Or a Toy Story Alien?

7. Glow Stick Mickey Ears

These Glow Stick ears may be the easiest tutorial on our list.  A perfect craft to do with your kids, and one everyone can enjoy once the sun goes down. We do love making our own DIY Mickey Mouse ears.

8. Craft Foam Stamps

This tutorial from Simple Made Pretty is genius!  She uses craft foam to make custom stamps… Disney-fy this one by cutting Disney shapes available in Design Space!

Do you have a favorite kid-friendly Cricut craft?  Is there a new crafting skill you are trying to teach your kids?  Tell us about it in the comments.

Katie Allen
Katie Allen

Katie Allen is an avid crafter, baker, teacher, and lover of all things Disney! When she’s not busy making things or visiting The Happiest Place on Earth, Katie loves to spend time outside with her husband and two daughters!

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Sara Welch

What a great way to keep the magic of Disney alive while the parks are closed! My kids will love these!


Great ideas! We loved the craft foam stamps, and the felt bookmarks!

Aimee Shugarman

So many fun ideas!! Thanks for sharing 🙂