The Best Disney Cruise Ships in 2018

Disney Cruise Ships

The Best Disney Cruise Ships

The Best Disney Cruise Ships 2018

Introducing my detailed guide to each Disney Cruise Line ship!

In one place, I have brought together everything there is to know about each Disney Cruise ship.

In this complete Disney Cruise Ship guide, you’ll learn about different stateroom categories, dining options, all the entertainment and fun, and so much more.

The Disney Cruise Line fleet consists of five ships: Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and the newest addition, the Disney Wish.

Additionally, a sixth ship, Disney Treasure, has been announced and is expected to be seaworthy some time in 2024.

The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are sister ships, as are the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  Both pairs of sister ships are similar in size as well as some features but they are definitely not twins.

Even though the sister’s have similarities, each of Disney’s five ships features different designs, deck plans, restaurants, entertainment, and activities onboard to make every voyage unique.

Disney Cruise Line is now well-established as a leader in the highly competitive cruise industry, having set itself apart by providing the most unique sailing experience on the seas.

Now...let's meet the ships!

The Disney Cruise Line Fleet of Ships

Use the following Disney Cruise ships comparison chart to help learn which is the best Disney Cruise ship for your vacation.

How to Use this Disney Cruise Ships Comparison Chart

You can use this handy information sheet to compare Disney ships by size, capacity, tonnage, staff, and age.

While this is all useful information to have, I highly recommend you click through the button on each ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet to get a fully-detailed guide that goes way beyond the sizes of the ships.

Compare Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Magic

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Disney Wonder

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Disney Dream

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Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship
  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000
  • Crew: 1,400
  • Staterooms: 1,250
  • Entered Service: March 2012
  • Sister Ship: Disney Dream

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Disney Wish

Disney Wish Cruise Ship
  • Passenger Capacity: 4,000
  • Crew: 1,400
  • Staterooms: 1,254
  • Entered Service: July 2022

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Disney Treasure

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship
  • Estimated Passenger Capacity: ~4,000
  • Estimated Crew: ~1,400
  • Estimated Staterooms: ~1,250
  • Expected Maiden Voyage: 2024

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Three New Disney Cruise Ships

Disney Cruise Line Has Announced Three New Ships

Inspiring speculation and excitement amongst crazed DCL fans like us, Disney Cruise Line has announced they are building three new cruise ships.

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Disney Cruise Ships: All You Need to Know!
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