The Best Disney Fanny Packs 

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A guide to help you find one of the top-rated Disney fanny packs for your next family adventure. 

Say hello to the best thing to make your next Disney adventure a breeze: fanny packs. 

So wait, the 80s and 90s waist bag is really back?

That’s right! 

Fanny packs are on trend thanks to big fashion designers like Gucci, Prada, and Fenty sporting them in their recent collections. Fashion designers are becoming more and more conscious of adding function to their fashion. 

Especially when it comes to travel. Thanks to social media, we not only love to share our adventures out and about, but also what we wear during them.

So, yep, that’s right. It means that more than just moms are taking fanny packs to the streets now.

Why Fanny Packs are Useful Specifically for Disney Parks or a Disney Cruise

  • They easily fall under Disney Park’s bag size limits.
  • You don’t have to figure out how to store your items when you hop on a ride. 
  • You don’t have to worry about losing your bag when you set it down on a ride. It stays right there with you.
  • They make it really easy to access your most needed items. Like a credit card, room card, or a FastPass.
  • They protect your stuff by zipping them in and staying within your line of site. 
  • They keep your phone and other unmentionables from getting wet while poolside or Splash Mountain.

Why Fanny Packs are Useful in Daily Life

Get more bang for your buck with this bag purchase by using it every day! 

Here’s a few reasons why a fanny pack can help you from day-to-day: 

  • It’s a more functional handbag.
  • It’s handy on a quick trip out to the store. 
  • It can usually double as a crossover. 
  • It works great if you’re wearing something that doesn’t have pockets. 
  • You won’t accidentally forget it somewhere — because it’s attached to your body!

Have some fun with your fanny pack! Show your Disney spirit with a creatively matched waist bag. A themed bag also works great with a Disney bounding outfit to wear to the park or the cruise. 

A poet once wrote, “there is no greater gift than a fanny pack.” And they were right! These bags are the perfect Disney vacation warm-up present.

So, when it’s time for you to pull out the Visa and hit the shopping mall or Amazon, you will be glad you knew about these Disney-themed fanny packs.

The Best Disney Fanny Packs

Mickey Mouse Fanny Packs

From straight on Mickey to subtle mouse ear prints, here are top-recommended Disney Mickey Mouse Fanny Packs to check out:

Disney Mickey Mouse Waist Pack

Next, we have the Mickey Mouse Disney fanny pack for the old-school fans. Designed in an understated black with the signature Walt font and original Mickey Mouse design, it outshines the test of time. In addition, it’s super comfortable and gets the job done. 

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Disney CMYK Nixon Pack

Disney and design lovers rejoice! This fanny pack celebrates these two by combining Mickey Mouse ears in a cyan, yellow, magenta, and Key (aka black) overlapping print. With highly durable polyester and reinforced zippers, you can’t lose with this quality made Disney waist pack.

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Loungefly Blue Mickey Mouse Fanny

This true blue fanny pack made of nylon has a charming Mickey Mouse print lined over it. This simple design makes for a great “dad pack” for the next trip to the Magic Kingdom. This is a great bag to tote due to its functionality and sturdy design. 

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Petunia Pickle Bottom Mickey 90th Anniversary Belt Bag

For the Disney lover with designer taste. This leather and polyester made bag feels too high end to call it a “fanny pack.”  It’s a perfect accessory to carry your belongings with. So go ahead and splurge a little.

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Loungefly x Mickey Mouse Taupe Fanny Pack

Want something you can just wipe and it’s ready to go again? This faux-leather Loungefly Mickey Mouse Fanny cleans easily if you spill some famous Disney dole whip on it. It includes adjustable straps and an embroidered Mickey Mouse on top.

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Disney Multicolored Rainbows Mickey Fanny Pack 

This fanny pack works great if you’re looking for a smaller, yet still useful option. It’s made of great material and includes pockets for your phone as well as your ID card.

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Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Fanny Pack

This funky-fun Disney fanny pack features Minnie and Mickey Mouse’s face. In addition to fitting around your waist, this high-quality stripe bag doubles as a crossover. It’s a certified buy with 4+ stars due to its many great factors like fitting all your park-hopping essentials nicely.  As Mickey would say, “Wow! It’s like it was made for ya!”

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Minnie Mouse Fanny Packs

Pink, polka dots, and more! Check out highly rated Disney Minnie Mouse Fanny Packs below:

White Disney Minnie Mouse Waist Pack

This fanny pack has a charming, old school tribute to Minnie Mouse. It’s a simple, black and white color palette makes it incredibly versatile with every outfit. Not to mention it’s very comfortable for all day wearing. And it can go in the wash at the end of the day. Its cute, minimalist sketch of the lady mouse’s face will win your heart over. 

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Disney Minnie Mouse Ribbon Fanny

Looking for something to add to your “Disney-bounding” outfit to the park? This fanny pack nods to Minnie Mouse herself! This pack subtly attributes to the character by highlighting all her iconic parts. Namely, polka dots and bows.  And let’s not forget a red, white, and black palette! Not only for function, but also for fashion: you can easily stash your phone, wallet, and other stuff neatly in too.

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Disney Minnie Mouse Bow Fanny Pack 

This fanny pack will get you channeling Minnie Mouse in the chicest way. So, so cute with Minnie’s giant polka dot bow, true lady mouse lovers cannot resist this. And let’s not forget what really matters – it will fit all your needed essentials too. No doubt this Disney accessory will up your style game!

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Sojourner Polka Dot Fanny Pack 

Pink polka dots Minnie Mouse would approve of. Large, spacious room that fits everything. Bright, fun, and festive. Adjustable waist band for all sizes. And bonus! You can take this Disney fanny pack with you on Splash Mountain because it’s waterproof. What more could you need from a travel bag?

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Sequin Minnie Mouse Fanny Pack

Looking for something that pops amongst a crowd of Disney fanny packs? This black sequined bag should help! Equipped with mouse ears and the cutest 3D red bow, it adds some serious glam. Dress your next theme park or cruise outfit with this comfortable and useful piece.

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Minnie Fashion Fanny

Oh my! You’re going to love this stylish waist fanny for your next trip on a Disney cruise. Look at the cartoon designs of Minnie’s shoe and bow on the front, red pocket. So cute! But there’s more with black polka dots on the sides. And red bow zippers, darling details for sure.

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Other Disney Fanny Packs

Have a specific character or different cinematic universe from Disney in mind? Get more of the best fanny pack ideas here:

Disney Winnie the Pooh Hunny Fanny

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your pockets. But that isn’t the case with this Winnie the Pooh fanny pack. With a charming, vintage vibe, this bag features an embroidered design of Pooh bear, some bees, and a “hunny” pot.

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Disney Flounder Little Mermaid Loungefly Bag 

Take a figurative trip under the sea with this Flounder fanny. Figurative because it’s made of beautiful faux leather. With many pockets inside, this bag keeps everything nicely organized inside. And it displays your favorite Little Mermaid fish front and center. So don’t be such a guppy and try this waist pack out for yourself.

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Disney Bambi Fannie Pack

This Bambi fanny pack is a special treat. Appliquéd with the deer himself and made with dark green canvas? Sweet! This sturdy waist bag will get you through all the major Disney theme parks, and then some.

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Loungefly Toy Story Print Bag

Reach for the sky with this Toy Story fanny pack. It features many characters from Toy Story 4, including the following:

Woody, Buzz, Jess, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Slink, Rex, the aliens, toy soldiers, Forky, Bunny, and Ducky. Made with faux leather, you’ve got a friend in this fanny with easy cleaning and carrying.

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Star Wars R2D2 Loungefly Fannie Pack

This is the droid fanny bag you’re looking for. Very well made with appliqué R2D2 details, it’s fit for your next trip across the galaxy. Or Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Land will do too. Either way, the force is strong with this waist bag.

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Not Disney, but Super Functional Fanny Pack 

If you’re looking for something simple that saves money, this fanny pack is your solution. This one isn’t Disney-themed, but will serve all your functional needs at the parks. It includes plenty of room, doubles as a shoulder bag, and easy to use.

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Disney Marvel Fanny Packs 

Get your superhero on! Here are our favorite fanny packs that celebrate the Marvel universe:

Marvel IronMan Fanny Pack

Proof that Tony Stark has a heart right here on the front of this fanny pack. With a nice zipped back pocket to hide your cards and a larger one in front to store your necessities, it’s perfect for any ride. So get ready to channel your inner genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

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Captain Marvel Leather Waist Bag

Awaken your inner superhero with this Captain Marvel fanny pack. Embossed and appliquéd with Carol Danver’s signature emblem, feel empowered like the lady Avenger herself. Additionally, it comes with a front and back zipper. Higher, further, faster, baby.

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Marvel Captain America Kids Pack

Suit up your toddler with this mighty Avenger by his or her side! This kids’ fanny pack looks like a cartoon Captain America giving them a hug. High quality made, roomy, and zippered compartments, this pack can do a Disney trip all day.

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Star Wars Fanny Packs 

The Force is strong with these fanny packs. 

Loungefly Star Wars Chibi Print Fanny Pack

This nylon pack features an adjustable strap and enough room to fit two phones, a mini wallet, and a portable charger with cables.

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Loungefly Disney’s Star Wars Darth Vader Fanny Pack

“I’m your father…and I will carry all your stuff!” Made of faux leather. 

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Loungefly x Star Wars R2D2 Appliqué Fanny Pack

We particularly like the intricate details that make R2D2 come to life on this waist bag.

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Loungefly x Star Wars Rebel Convertible Crossbody/Waist Bag

I absolutely love the versatility of this bag that can act as either a crossbody bag or a Star Wars waist bag. It’s truly convenient to be able to change depending on circumstances.

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Loungefly Disney’s Star Wars Ewok Fanny Pack

You’ll love all the compliments you’ll get every time you strap on this adorable Ewok waist bag. Great reviews as well.

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Which Disney fanny pack would you take on your next trip? Comment below!

Can you wear a fanny pack on Disney rides?

You are allowed to take your bags with you on Disney rides. This includes fanny packs. You may wear them or remove them and store them under your seat or on the floor by your seat. A good practice is to loop the strap around your leg on the big thrill rides (like Space Mountain).

Does Disney World sell fanny packs?

A wide variety of merchandise is available for sale at every Disney World park as well as stores at Disney Springs. While you are likely to pay a premium for buying on-site merchandise, there is a good chance that a fanny pack or crossbody bag is available for sale.

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