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The Disney universe is home to a ton of our favorite characters and stories.

For over the past 95 years, we’ve enjoyed these emotional, funny, and action-packed movies. They make us laugh, cry, and they encourage us to appreciate and love those who are the closest to us.

That’s why a Disney vacation is a great choice for the whole family—no matter how old your kids are. Disney holds a special place in all of our hearts.

When you plan your next trip, make sure to rock some Disney luggage to display your love for Walt and his many friends. There are a bunch of options out there when it comes to Disney suitcases and Disney carry-on luggage. Girls and boys both young and old can enjoy a suitcase with a little extra character.

Before you venture out to the Magical Kingdom, check out some of our favorite Disney luggage. Pick your favorite and pack up!

BONUS IDEA: Make it an adorable photo op with the whole family when you arrive at your destination!

This list of the best Disney Suitcases will help you find the perfect Mickey Mouse or Disney luggage - for both adults and kids! #disney #luggage #travel #disneyland #mickeymouse #starwars #minniemouse #frozen2

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Why You Should Grab Some Disney Luggage for Your Family

Whether you and the family are headed to Disneyworld in Florida, Disneyland in California, or going on a Disney Cruise, there’s no better way to accessorize and carry your belongings than with some Disney-themed luggage.

These unique and stylish bags allow you to showcase your love for your favorite characters, and it even allows for a matching family theme to keep track of all your little ones’ belongings.

Even if you aren’t taking a Disney trip, these are great pieces that every Disney lover in your family will enjoy.

Use them for everyday storage or a design element in your home! Because the Disney universe is now so vast, there’s a little something for everyone in the family.

You can choose from popular favorites like the Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, Marvel heroes, and, of course, the Disney classics.

The Best Disney Luggage for Your Next Family Vacation

When is your next family Disney vacation? Make sure you have the best luggage for the whole bunch before you make your traveling plans. The next time you’re in the market for a suitcase or a carry-on bag, choose something fun!

Check out some of the best Disney luggage options on the market.

Mickey Mouse Luggage

Iconic Mickey Mouse Suitcase

Never be confused again about “which bag is mine?” With its iconic colors and design, this Mickey Mouse bag simply STANDS OUT.

Colorful Mickey Mouse Suitcase for Kids

Do your kids love Mickey Mouse? Well, you’re in for a treat. This hardshell Mickey Mouse luggage celebrates one of the most iconic classic Disney characters. Its small size makes it a great option for kids. The suitcase is made with blue and red details and a colorful background behind an image of everyone’s favorite mouse. 

American Tourister Mickey Mouse Suitcase

Help your kid grow his or her independence. This rolling Mickey Mouse bag and its extendable handle make it easy for your kid to roll his or her own belongings. The durable materials help to make this fun suitcase last after many family trips. This Disney carry-on bag is a great option to travel with your family.

Minnie Mouse Luggage

Minnie Mouse Softside Suitcase

This adorable Minnie Mouse luggage is great for someone who loves the First Lady of Disney. The black suitcase is decked in the iconic white Minnie Mouse polka dots, red lining, and a big Minnie bow on the front. The bag meets carry-on restrictions on many airlines, and it allows for great organization inside. The mesh divider gives you a place for smaller items you’d like to keep separate, and the inner cross straps help secure all of your belongings during long flights.

Minnie Mouse Red Dots Roller Bag

Make traveling with the whole family fun when you buy the small and large size—Mom and child can have cute matching suitcases!

American Tourister Minnie Mouse Roller Suitcase

The spinner wheels on this roller make for easy strolling through the airport, and its top grab handle makes lifting it from baggage claim easy.

Disney Princess Luggage

Classic Disney Princess Suitcase for Kids

This Disney Princess suitcase is a great option for Disney luggage for kids. Its purple and pink design features our favorite classic Disney princesses; you get Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Snow White all in one design. It’s great for the kid who can’t decide who their favorite Disney princess is—you get them all! This well-rounded choice for Disney lovers lets you “be our guest,” be “part of that world,” and party with seven dwarves if you want!

The hard shell suitcase is sturdy and keeps your kid’s belongings safe. The carry-on size is great for light packing. The interior has two divided sections to help with staying organized and cross straps to keep it all in place. Also, the bag’s push-button handle and wheels make it easy for kids to roll their own luggage.

Elsa from Frozen Hardside Kids Suitcase

Frozen is definitely one of the most popular movies in the latest generation of Disney films. If your child loves this new Disney princess, this suitcase is a great choice! This blue and purple hardside luggage for kids features one of the newest Disney princesses, Elsa from Frozen. You can take winter wherever you go with Elsa conjuring up some ice crystals on this fun suitcase.

This 18-inch suitcase is made of a durable material that will last after many vacations to the happiest place on earth. With a lightweight hard shell and four spinning wheels, this bag makes traveling with kids even easier. The suitcase comes with two spacious interior sections that are divided to help your kid pack more efficiently. Its size makes for a great carry-on. And, with a design so adorable, it’s hard to “let it go.”

Star Wars Luggage

Storm Trooper Hardside Luggage

If you’re in the market for some awesome Star Wars luggage, look no further! The Force is strong with this suitcase. This hardside suitcase features the face of the Stormtrooper across the front. It also comes in different Star Wars designs like Darth Vader, BB8, and R2D2. With this bag, you get to showcase your allegiance to the Dark Side or your love for the droids.

You can choose a carry-on size or a larger size that makes for great Disney luggage for adults.

Or, you can choose both sizes to match your kid’s luggage with mom or dad! Reviews state this suitcase is sturdy and built well, which means it’s built to last through the years. The interior also has a great design depending on the outside design you choose. It’s a suitcase that will definitely turn heads.

BB8 Droid Suitcase by American Tourister

Come cruising through the airport in style with your BB8
Star Wars luggage.

R2D2 Droid Suitcase by American Tourister

The spinner wheels allow you to roll the suitcase easily in any direction. Also, the expansion zippers allow you to pack for longer trips.

Darth Vader Suitcase by American Tourister

The big face of Darth Vader will look up at you from the luggage conveyor belt and say: “I am your father.”

Star Wars Universe Hardside Suitcase

If you have a Star Wars fan in your family, this suitcase is another great choice! The black and grey space design features the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon in an engaging battle. The bag is carry-on approved, so it’s great for airplane travel. The four spinning wheels make it easy for kids and adults to travel with.

Inside the suitcase are two separate sections you can pack your belongings in. It’s great for organization. You can zip these sections closed or snap the cross straps to ensure nothing moves around or gets damaged as you travel.

The hard shell suitcase is sturdy and durable, which means it can last through many journeys to a galaxy far, far away (or, you know, Grandma’s house).

Marvel Luggage

Spiderman Suitcase for Kids

Are you looking for something less princess-y and more heroic for your kid? Check out this awesome Marvel luggage. Superhero fans will all love this blue design that features a large image of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The eye-catching design is easy to pick out from a crowd of suitcases on the baggage claim conveyor belt. The small, kid-friendly size is also carry-on approved.

The suitcase comes with four spinning wheels that help kids smoothly roll their own luggage through the airport. The double-sided interior helps with organizing all of your kid’s belongings for your family trip. You can also challenge your kids with this suitcase. With power comes great responsibility, like being a big kid who packs their own bag!

Heys America Marvel Adult Marvel Comics Print Spinner Luggage

Here’s a great option for the adult Marvel fan in your family. This hardshell suitcase has a black and white comic book design that is great for the fan of all things Marvel.

The design features some of our favorite Avengers heroes like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers crew. It’s a great choice for Dad to show his love for Disney.

The suitcase comes with 360-degree spinning wheels that make for easy rolling wherever you’re going. It comes with two interior sections and a zipper expansion system that allows for heavy packing for your long Disney vacation. With its strong, sturdy build, this luggage will save the day! You can be sure that your belongings are safe inside it.

Other Disney Luggage

Lightning McQueen Shape Luggage

While we’re talking about Disney favorites, we can’t forget to include the greatness that is Pixar! Many kids love these animated favorites, like Cars. This red suitcase is fun for the kids in your family because it features one of our favorite characters, and it’s shaped like, you guessed it, a car!

The Lightning McQueen suitcase comes with an extendable handle and wheels that your kid will love rolling through the airport. The front pockets help form the shape of the car and provide multiple spaces to hold your kid’s belongings. And, when you aren’t traveling, you little one will love to hold all of his or her toys and cars inside this funky bag!

Buzz Lightyear Rolling Backpack

Speaking of Pixar, everyone loves the Toy Story series. Check out this fun backpack that’s shaped like Buzz Lightyear’s jetpack. This traveling backpack is a great option for the shorter vacations or weekend getaways. The funky design is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

In addition to being useful for short trips, this bag can also be a great option for your kid to use in school. It comes with fold-out wing flaps that attach on the back with magnetic snaps. The bag is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and wheels, so your kid can choose to either roll the bag or carry it on his or her back. Your child will have tons of fun when packing. It’s a great bag to take with you to infinity and beyond!

Full Disney Luggage Sets

Pink and White Polka Dot Luggage Set

Matching family luggage sets are great to use when traveling to a Disney resort or cruise. If you’re looking for full Disney luggage sets, look no further! This affordable three-piece luggage set features a classic pink and white polka dot Minnie Mouse design. You get a large adult-sized bag, a smaller carry-on size, and a rolling duffle bag with a carrying strap. 

Each piece comes with skate wheels to help with rolling through the airport. They are also expandable, which allows for more room to pack for long trips. They come with multiple outside pockets that make for easy access when traveling. The perfect spot to hole snacks, phone chargers, or small toys.

Mickey Clubhouse Luggage Set

Here’s another great option for family luggage sets. This package comes with three suitcases that come in orange, blue, and red designs. They feature our favorite characters from the Disney Clubhouse. The large orange suitcase has a design with the classic Disney characters: Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, and of course, Mickey and Minnie. The medium-sized blue bag features Mickey and Minnie. Last, the small red bag has a big image of Mickey’s smiling face.

These hard shell suitcases are equipped with four spinning wheels that makes traveling as a family easy. It’s a great choice for Mommy, Daddy, and kid traveling together on a family vacation to one of the Disney parks. You’ll stand out from the pack and match each other while still holding onto a piece of individuality.


Now that you know some of your options for fun and funky Disney suitcases, it’s time to pick your favorites and get packing! There’s nothing like a Disney Cruise vacation to put a smile on everyone’s faces. 

Right now is a great time to start planning your next Disney parks vacation with the family. Because the Disney parks are open every day of the year, you can visit any time that works for your family. Take a trip during a warm Spring Break. Celebrate one of the kids’ birthdays. Or, visit during the holiday season when the park is decorated with amazing, festive lights.

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This list of the best Disney Suitcases will help you find the perfect Mickey Mouse or Disney luggage - for both adults and kids! #disney #luggage #travel #disneyland #mickeymouse #starwars #minniemouse #frozen2

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