30 Best Disney Princess Nail Designs

Disney Princess Nails Ideas

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This Disney Princess nails round-up is a great compliment to our collection of best Disney nails.

Share your love of Disney Princesses on your fingertips at your next Disney trip. What better way than to rock some Disney Princess nails!

Do you want to remind yourself to dream big and follow your dreams? Do you enjoy expressing yourself and displaying your interests in unusual ways? Do you want to show off your love of Disney and its characters in a fun way? Then a new set of Disney princess nails could be the ideal answer!

To begin, having your favorite Disney princess’s nails done might help you stay motivated. Whether you’re pursuing your ambition of being an artist or simply saving up for a trip somewhere new with your pals, having a reminder of what you’re working toward on your nails will help keep you focused and motivated.

Decorating your nails with Disney princesses is a simple way to express yourself and show off what is important to you. Consider this: aside from clothes, nails are arguably the simplest method to express your passion for Disney without saying anything. And if the person who notices your nails is also a Disney fan, that’s an easy way to meet people!

Find inspiration here to make Disney Princess nail art with these designs.

Best Disney Princess Nails

1) Jasmine

Best Jasmine Nail Ideas

Princess Jasmine nail designs are some of the most popular Disney nail art designs. These nail art creations are inspired by Disney Princess Jasmine and her legendary Aladdin dresses.

2) Moana

Moana Nails

Moana is the perfect character for an incredible set of nails! This Disney princess has courage and conviction, not to mention is kind and compassionate to everyone she encounters. A set of Moana nails might be perfect for a trip to Aulani?

3) Ariel

Best Ariel Nail Designs

The Little Mermaid has been a favorite of Disney fans since the movie came out in 1989. This timeless princess and all the iconic characters will be instantly recognized by anyone who sees your new set of nails.

4) Mulan

Mulan Nails - Designs and Inspiration

Mulan is the instantly recognizable character from the Disney movie Mulan. Mulan is the famed fighter Fa Zhou’s daughter, who’d been forced to raise her as a son due to a decree that compelled all male children to serve in the military. When Mulan’s father becomes ill, she impersonates him and leaves in his stead, wielding her father’s sword.

5) Cinderella

Best Cinderella Nail Designs

Cinderella is well-known for her fairytale escapades, but she’s also become a favorite nail design for Disney lovers.

6) Elsa & Anna

Frozen Nail Art

Anna and Elsa are some of Disney’s newest princesses, and their look is already classic.

7) Belle

Beauty and the Beast Nails

Belle from Beauty and the Beast, along with other well-known characters like the Beast, Chip, Gaston, and others, can make stunning nail art designs for fans of the well-known film.

More Disney Princess Nails Ideas

Below we have assembled the best Disney Princess nail ideas to provide ideas on how to put these colors to use.

With a little practice, you can create these nail designs on your own. Or, if it’s more practical, simply save these ideas as inspiration and take to your local nail salon and have a professional work some Disney Princess magic on you.

More Disney Princess Nails

For more yummy looking nail designs of Disney’s famous princesses, check out these collections:


Hope you enjoyed these Disney Princess nail tutorials. When you learn how to do Disney Princess nails, it will completely change your nail choices and probably how you look at your visits to Disney parks 😀

So, which of these princess nail ideas excite you? Post your favorites in the comments!

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