[UPDATED] 200+ Disney Pumpkin Stencils

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Disney Faces Templates

Looking for the best list of Disney face templates? This list of Disney stencils is great for chalk stencil projects, learning to draw your favorite Disney character, and, of course, Halloween!

Not just for Halloween!
While this article was originally written for Halloween, we have found people are using these stencils all year long for other art projects, such as chalk sidewalk art, drawing, and more.

HAVE FUN: See 50+ Disney Chalk Art ideas to inspire you!

So, use your creativity and enjoy these templates any time of the year!

Disney Stencils

Planning to carve pumpkins this Halloween?

This is the largest round-up of Disney pumpkin stencils for you to choose from. Here you can find pumpkin carving templates for Marvel superheroes, Star Wars Jedi, Disney Princesses, and more.

And Star Wars fans, don’t miss my full list of Star Wars Pumpkin Stencils.

Yes, we love all things Disney, from Disney nails to free Disney fonts to Disney Cruise vacations! So…why not celebrate Halloween in “Disney-style?”

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Table of Contents

How to Use a Template to Make a Disney Pumpkin Carving

Here are some basic guidelines to get you started carving a Disney pumpkin stencil.

Tools You Will Need

  • A fresh, clean pumpkin of your desired size.
  • Plain paper and printer to print out stencil designs. 
  • Scissors to cut out stencils.
  • Pumpkin carving knives and tools of various sizes to 
  • Push Pins or tape to hold cut-out stencil. 
  • Black Sharpie marker to trace stencil on pumpkin. 
  • Rubbing alcohol and a rag to clean up pumpkin sharpie marks. 
  • A flashlight or battery-powered candle light.


  1. Clean your pumpkins

    Cut a circle around the top, remove guts and seeds, and wipe the pumpkin down so there’s no dirt on the outside.

  2. Print desired Disney stencil(s)

    Select the ones you want from the list below.

  3. Cut out stencil on solid lines


  4. Pin or tape stencil onto pumpkin


  5. Trace around stencil with marker


  6. Carve along stencil-marked lines


  7. If there are cross-hatches or lighter colors in the stencil…

    Do not carve all the way through, but rather, scrape the surface

  8. Clean up finished cut parts with rubbing alcohol to remove sharpie


  9. Put a light inside and enjoy


Disney Pumpkin Stencils
Disney Halloween Pumpkin Submitted by Jessica Porter

Disney Pumpkin Stencil Ideas

For major fandom families, it’s the best time of year to use a Disney pumpkin stencil. Express yourself with your favorite character!

Take your pick with the following Disney pumpkin carving ideas we share below:

  • A classic Disney icon from Walt’s days. 
  • Jack Skellington and Halloween Town from a Nightmare Before Christmas. 
  • One of the superheroes or supervillains from the Marvel universe.
  • Jedi, Sith, or someone in between from the Star Wars Galaxy.
  • One of your toddler’s favorite Disney Channel Junior characters.
  • A beautiful and brave Disney princess. 
  • One of your buddies from Pixar. 
  • Characters from the Muppet troupe. 
  • And more from Disney attractions!

Classic Disney Pumpkin Stencils

In this section you’ll find many pumpkin carving ideas for Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, others from the Mickey Mouse troupe, and more. 

Enjoy these links that we have curated from around the web for your enjoyment. For personal use only.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Stencils

All your Mickey Mouse pumpkin dreams can come true. If you have the courage to carve them. 

Cute Skeleton Mickey – Japanese “kawaii” meets stitched lips for scary levels of cuteness. 

Fantasia Mickey Silhouette– Lots of close edges, but a fun tribute to sorcerer Mickey. 

Ghost Mickey Template – Boo! It’s Mickey’s face under a sheet. 

Happy Mickey Mouse Face Stencil – classical Mickey face forward facing 

Jack Skellington mixed with Mickey Face – Torn between designing Nightmare Before Christmas or the Mouse? Why not both? 

Mickey Body Silhouette – Make sure you “carve” out time for this detailed outline of Mickey’s body 

Mickey Profile Stencil – Get a side angle of the great mouse’s face 

Mouse Ears Stencil – If you’re in a hurry, this mouse ears silhouette is an easy Disney nod. Less is more, right?

Pirate Mickey Pumpkin Stencil – Mouse ears with a little eye patch over. Arrrr. 

Scared Mickey Face Stencil – Even Mickey Mouse is a little wary about Halloween.

Simplified Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Stencil – Very simple like a classic pumpkin face with no ears or outlines.  

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Pumpkin – Dig in deep for black, scrape lightly on gray, and leave white. Then get ready for some sparkles! 

Tsum Tsum Mickey Face – A cuter, Japense inspired design 

Vampire Count Mickey Stencil – Capes, teeth, say hello to the face of Dracula Mickey! 

Vampire Teeth Stencil –  Another vampire face option minus the cape detail.

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Stencils

Goodness! Looks like you’ll have a wonderful time carving your pumpkin with these Minnie Mouse stencils. 

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween Carving

Happy Minnie Face 1 – Minnie Mouse’s face smiling directly at you. Oh my! 

Happy Minnie Stencil 2 Minnie Mouse smiling with a slight tilt, so you get another angle of her face.

Minnie Face Profile Stencil – Get the lady mouse’s good side with this side view stencil. 

Polka Dot Bow Minnie Template – Outlines of Minnie’s face with polka dots makes for an adorable pumpkin! 

Vintage Minnie Disney Pumpkin – Channel some retro vibes with Minnie’s old school face.

Other Classic Disney Character Pumpkin Stencils

From the Disney Golden age and more. Check out these classic character Disney pumpkin stencils. 

Classic Disney Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Halloween

Bambi with Birds Pumpkin Stencil – Carve the little prince of the forest on your next pumpkin this year. 

Donald Duck Angry Stencil – Donald Duck gets angry easily, so it’s not surprise his face shows it here. 

Donald Duck Devilish Stencil – Donald Duck’s face is sporting a few devious features in this design. 

Donald Happy Sailor Stencil –  This one shows Donald’s face with a vintage sailor hat. 

Goofy Face Stencil – Gawrsh! These instructions and template for Goofy’s face are so nice. 

Peter Pan Face Stencil – Think of the happiest thoughts and follow the instructions and you’ll get Peter Pan’s face on your pumpkin. 

Peter Pan Flying Silhouette Stencil – Second star to the right and straight on until morning is where this pumpkin will go. 

Pinocchio Head Smiling Stencil – Always let this stencil be your guide to carve Pinnochio’s face! 

Pinocchio with Nose Growing Stencil – No lying about this Pinnochio head and growing nose – it’s pretty simple.

Pluto Face Pumpkin Template – This comes with tips to get the loveable dog’s face on your pumpkin. 

Tinker Bell Coy Shoulder Stencil – Peter Pan’s faithful companion giving a over-the-shoulder look. 

Tinker Bell Glaring Pumpkin Stencil – A simple Pixie face design that’s got all of Tink’s sass. 

Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Stencil – Faith, trust, and a little guide will help you get full Tink with some pixie dust here.

Winnie the Pooh Head Stencil – This Winnie the Pooh head comes with a full tutorial from Disney.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencils

Everyone hail the Pumpkin King now with these Jack Skellington pumpkin carving templates. This is Halloween, after all. See 20 more Jack pumpkin templates here.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving Stencil Nightmare Before Christmas

Collared Jack Skellington Stencil – Get a fun carving of a happy Jack from the waist up. 

Framed Jack Face – With bats and a spooky picture frame, here’s a little more creative take on Jack. 

Happy Jack – Here’s the face of a sweeter, friendlier side of Jack Skellington we’ve grown to love 

Jack and Sally at Moonlight Stencil – The pumpkin king and his beau on a hill. How romantic. 

Jack and Sally at Moonlight 2 – Another version, more light will come out of your carving with this one. 

Jack Detailed Mouth Face Stencil – If you’re looking for a medium-level Jack face, here it is. 

Jack’s Face with Bats – For the carvers who want a little extra flourish with their Jack face. 

Jack’s Lament Moonlight Stencil – Want the iconic hill climbing Jack scene on your carving? Here you go. 

Jack Making Halloween Snowflakes Stencil – What’s this? What’s this? Jack making a spider snowflake. 

Jack with Pumpkin Stencil – The Pumpkin King wouldn’t be the Pumpkin King without a pumpkin would he?

Mischievous Jack Stencil – Something’s up with Jack and you can see it in his face on the pumpkin. 

Simple Jack Collar Face Stencil – If you want a minimalist design, this stencil of Jack is perfect.

Thin Jack Head Stencil – Because Jack is dead, he can take off his head. And it can go on your pumpkin.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Stencils

Want your other pumpkins to match the Pumpkin King? Life’s no fun without a good scare from more Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin stencils. 

Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Stencils

Dr Finklestein Profile Stencil – Carve the mind and master behind Sally the ragdoll here. 

Mayor of Halloween Town Face Stencil – The man who runs Halloween Town. This is (his) Halloween (carving). 

Nightmare Before Christmas Children Stencil – Grab these kidnappers of sandy claws for your design.

Oogie Boogie Stencil – You’re joking me! This can’t be a Oogie Boogie stencil? Indeed, it is. 

Sally Detailed Face Stencil – Our favorite ragdoll from Halloween Town’s face can be your next carving.

Sally Simple Face Stencil –  An easier version of our favorite ragdoll to carve. 

Scary Teddy Bear Stencil – The embodiment of Jack’s attempt to bring Christmas to the world. 

Zero On the Move Stencil – Get Jack’s loveable ghost dog floating across your pumpkin here.

Zero Smiling Stencil – With instructions and all, this ghost dog should be a piece of cake to make!

Disney Princesses Pumpkin Stencils

Get the whole gang of Disney Princesses with these pumpkin stencils on your front porch. Features Ariel, Moana, Belle and more!

Disney Princess Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Ariel Little Mermaid Face Pumpkin Stencil – Grab your whozits and whatzits and carve this simple Ariel face. 

Ariel Face and Hair Stencil – Make Ariel part of your world by carving her face and hair on your pumpkin. 

Ariel Little Mermaid Full Body Silhouette – Don’t get cold fins and give this simple, full-body Ariel stencil a shot. 

Ariel Upper Body Silhouette – Seashell bra and flowy hair gives you all the Ariel accents on this template. 

Ariel Little Mermaid on Rock Silhouette – Flip your fins for this exciting mermaid Ariel on a rock stencil! 

Beauty and the Beast Rose – A simple rose fit for any princess. 

Belle Profile Pumpkin Stencil – Say “Bonjour!” to a side view of Belle’s head. 

Belle in Dress with Rose Stencil – Capture a tale as old as time in Belle’s iconic yellow dress in this pumpkin stencil.

Cinderella Ball Upper Body Silhouette – Have courage and be kind while you carve Cinderella in her ballgown look. 

Cinderella’s Castle Stencil – Bring the royal ball to your home – use this pumpkin stencil to get Cinderella’s castle. 

Cinderella Head Stencil – A simple, classic pumpkin stencil of Cinderelly’s head. 

Cinderella Shoe Stencil – Have a ball carving Cinderella’s glass slipper on your pumpkin. 

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Stencil -The dreams that you wish will come true if you keep believing in this Cinderella carriage carving. 

Frozen Anna Face Stencil – Can I just say something crazy? This Anna pumpkin stencil should be easy. 

Frozen Anna Framed Face Stencil – This framed Anna face pumpkin stencil will help you finish each others’ sandwiches. 

Frozen Anna and Elsa – Ahhh, nothing like sisterly love! Silhouetted with a heart are these two sweet Frozen princesses.

Frozen Elsa Stencil – Alone and free is the face of Elsa in this pumpkin stencil. 

Frozen Elsa with Snowflake Stencil – The cold never bothered this pumpkin stencil of Elsa, anyway. 

Jasmine Hair and Face Pumpkin Stencil – She’s not a prize to be won. But her face on your pumpkin will be quite a prize! 

Jasmine Waist Up Framed Stencil – If you do carve this Jasmine pumpkin stencil, carve it for love. 

Jasmine and Aladdin Silhouette Stencil – A whole new world awaits with Jasmine and Alladin on your pumpkin. 

Moana Face Stencil – How far will you go to get Moana’s face on your pumpkin? 

Mulan Jumping Silhouette Stencil – She’ll make a man out of you with this high-action Mulan stencil. 

Pocahontas and John Silhouette Stencil – What’s around the riverbend? Adventures with this Pocahontas and John stencil! 

Snow White Head 1 Carving – Get the head of the fairest one of all on your next carving. 

Snow White Head 2 Stencil –  Live happily ever with your pumpkin after using this Snow White pumpkin stencil. 

Snow White Smiling Face Stencil – Fill the world with sunshine with Snow White smiling on your pumpkin. 

Snow White Upper body Silhouette – Get the signature features of snow white on your pumpkin: puffy sleeves and and a cute bow headband. 

Sleeping Beauty Asleep Face Stencil – If you dream about this pumpkin stencil more than once, then it’s sure to be the stencil for you. 

Sleeping Beauty Aurora and Philip Stencil – Carve a beautiful happily ever after into your next pumpkin. 

Tiana Princess and the Frog – Your hard work carving will pay off with Tiana silhouette pumpkin stencil. 

Rapunzel Head Stencil – You won’t need to read a book, or two, or three to make Rapunzel’s head on your pumpkin.

Disney Villain Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Something wicked is coming to your porch this Halloween: it’s Disney Villain stencils! 

Disney Villains Pumpkin Stencils for Carving

Captain Hook Pumpkin Stencil – Don’t fear the time it takes to carve this Captain Hook face. 

Cruella De Vil Face – No Dalmations will be harmed making this Cruella face carving. 

Hades Pumpkin Stencil – A PDF download of the Lord of the Dead. 

Hades Face Stencil – Another angle of Hades and his fiery hair.

Jafar Aladdin Villain Stencil – Jafar’s head in a simple stencil template. 

Maleficent Body Pumpkin Stencil – A PDF download of the full Mistress of Evil. 

Maleficent Modern Pumpkin Stencil – A pumpkin template of the live-action Maleficent.

Maleficent Dragon Pumpkin stencil – An old-school body stencil of dragon Maleficent. 

Scar Lion King Pumpkin Template – Be prepared for different levels of carving when doing Scar’s face. 

Shan Yu Mulan Pumpkin template – The face of the leader of the Hun Army. 

Shere Khan Pumpkin Stencil – The face of the chief tiger in the Jungle Book. 

Snow White Evil Queen and Mirror –  A two-for-one combo of the Evil Queen and her Mirror faces.

Snow White Poison Apple Stencil – A stencil for the cursed apple of Sleeping Death. 

Snow White Wicked Witch Stencil – The evil queen disguised as an ugly witch int his stencil.

Snow White Wicked Queen Stencil – Mirror, mirror, on the wall… The Queen in all her beauty.

Ursula Little Mermaid Villain Stencil – You’ll be a poor, unfortunate soul if you don’t carve Ursula’s face!

More Disney Movie Character Pumpkin Carvings

From the Disney renaissance to now, here are more pumpkin stencils for your favorite Disney characters. 

Disney Classics Pumpkin Stencils

Aladdin Face Pumpkin Carving – A simple face template for this scoundrel. 

Alice in Wonderland Face Stencil – What is the use of a pumpkin without Alice on it? 

Alice in Wonderland Framed Face Template – A close-up, detailed shot of Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Stencil – Large carving pieces to make a rabbit running late. 

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Stencil – A simple head stencil for this regrettably large head. 

Beast from Beauty and the Beast – He’s no monster, Gaston! But he sure makes a thrilling pumpkin carving. 

Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland Pumpkin Stencil – We’re all mad here if we don’t try this cat face tutorial. 

Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers Stencil – Just a silly fiddle-faddle of fairies in a pumpkin template. 

Hercules Muses Silhouette Stencil – A stencil of the Muses who narrate Hercules. You go, girls. 

Mary Poppins Flying Pumpkin Stencil – Well isn’t this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pumpkin carving perfect for Halloween! 

Mufasa Lion King Pumpkin Stencil – A detailed head shot of Mufasa. 

Simba Rafiki Painting Pumpkin Stencil – Remember when Rafiki carved SImba onto his tree? There’s this stencil for that.

Lion King Young Simba Stencil – Oh we can’t wait to carve the prince of Pride Rock’s face. 

Lion King Older Simba Face Stencil – A simple stencil of mane and all. 

Lion King Proud Rock Simba Stencil – The king has returned to pride rock on this stencil. 

Lion King Mufasa and Simba Stencil – Mufasa and Simba overlooking their kingdom. 

Wreck it Ralph Pixel Design Stencil – Ralph’s face in 8-bit inspiration. Don’t wreck it! 

Wreck it Ralph Vannelope Face Stencil – A cute, simple stencil of Vannelope’s face you can do with pixlexia.

Pixar Pumpkin Patterns

Here’s a whole lot of Pixar pumpkin carving ideas for you to choose from. Good luck choosing! 

Pixar Pumpkin Stencils

Brave Bear Cub Triplets – Get these wee little devils in cub form on your pumpkin.

Good Dinosaur Stencil – A subtler tribute with the Good Dinosaur and Arlo’s “hands.”

Incredibles Jack Jack-o-Lantern – The youngest Incredible’s face. 

Incredibles Jack Jack Minimalist Template – A simpler take of the youngest Incredible.

Incredibles Mr Incredible Stencil – The father of the Incredibles in pumpkin form. 

Incredibles Elastigirl Stencil – A minimalist take of Elastigirl’s face.

Incredibles Dash Stencil – Another matching design of Dash’s face.

Incredibles Violet Stencil – And finally a minimal design of Violet’s face too. 

Incredibles Logo Stencil – Can’t pick a favorite Incredible? Flaunt their family Icon on your pumpkin then!

Inside Out Anger Face Stencil – Anger’s face being angry. 

Inside Out Disgust Face Stencil – Disgust’s face being disgusted.

Inside Out Fear Face Stencil – Fear’s face being afraid.

Inside Out Joy Face Stencil – Joy’s face being happy.

Inside  Out Sadness Face Stencil – Sadness’s face feeling sad. 

Monsters Inc Mike Full Body Stencil – Arms, legs, body, and all of Mike! 

Monsters Inc Mike Face Stencil – A limbless take on Mike Wazowski. 

Monsters Inc Simple Sulley Face Stencil – A simple happy face of James P. Sullivan. 

Monsters Inc Detailed Sulley Face Stencil – Sully’s smiling head in detail.

Toy Story Woody Stencil – Reach for the sky! It’s Woody’s head. 

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Stencil – Go to infinity and beyond with this simple Buzz Lightyear design.

Toy Story Alien Stencil – They will be eternally grateful if you turn your whole pumpkin into a Toy Story alien head.

Toy Story Rex Stencil – Just Rex’s face, no little arms necessary. 

Toy Story Jessie Stencil – Say “Yodel-ay-hee-ho!” to this awesome pumpkin stencil of Jessie’s face.

Cars Lightning McQueen Pumpkin Stencil – Lightning McQueen coming to you in this pumpkin stencil.

Car Lightning McQueen Ka-Chow Stencil – McQueen showing off in this pumpkin stencil.

Cars Two Mater Face Stencil – No tractor tippin’ needed to get Tow Mater’s face on your pumpkin. 

Cars Tow Mater Pumpkin Stencil – This full body Tow Mater stencil will help you git-your-pumpkin-done! 

Finding Nemo Nemo Template – Thinking of something orange, and it’s small. Nemo on a pumpkin. 

Finding Nemo Dory Template – Just keep carving, just keep carving. 

Find Nemo Keep Swimming Dory Template –  A nice stencil of Dory swimming along.

Up House Pumpkin Carving – Balloons and all.

Marvel Avengers Pumpkin Stencils

Get carving the main crew of the Marvel Universe with these designs from The Avengers. Avenger Pumpkin Stencils, assemble! 

The Avengers Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Halloween

Avengers Logo Stencil – Can’t pick a favorite Avenger but don’t have time to carve them all? Try their emblem! 

Black Panther Face Stencil – This pumpkin stencil of Black Panther’s mask will have you yelling, “Wakanda Forever!” 

Black Panther Slim Face Stencil – A simpler take on the King of Wakanda’s face. 

Black Widow Stencil – A detailed design of the first lady Avenger in action. 

Captain America Full Body Stencil – Get the full uniform of the First Avenger for your pumpkin carving. 

Captain America Simple Face Stencil – The old-school mask of Captain America face with wingtips. 

Captain America Shield Stencil – Get a simple design of Cap’s powerful shield on your pumpkin. 

Captain Marvel Emblem Stencil – Higher, faster, better, baby. That’s what you get with Captain Marvel’s icon on your pumpkin. 

Hawk Eye Full Body Stencil – A carving of Hawk Eye ready for action. Clench up, Legolas. 

Hulk Full Body Stencil – A medium-level detailed carving of an angry Hulk. 

Hulk Angry Face Simple Stencil – This angry Hulk face is sure to shock your trick-or-treaters.

Hulk Angry Face with Fists Stencil – Similar to the above design but with added fists.

Hulk Angry Face Detailed Stencil – If you’re looking for something challenging to carve, try this. 

Iron Man Face Stencil – The mask of the original Avenger.

Iron Man Flying Stencil – Tony Stark at his finest.

Iron Man Hand Blaster Stencil – Okay, this one is cool.

Iron Man Tony Hand Blaster Stencil – The genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist in his iron suit. 

Thor Flying Full Body Stencil – A stencil of the God of Thunder in action. 

Thor with Mjolnir Hammer Body Stencil –  A silhouette design of Thor with his mid-length hair. 

Ant Man Face Stencil – A vintage-styled, very simplified Ant Man mask.

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Body – Silhouetted in a circle is this happy baby Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Stencil – It’s a happy dancing Groot in a pot. And it comes with instructions.

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Face Stencil – A detailed, full-grown Groot face. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Face – Nothing goes over this Drax head pumpkin stencil.

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Face – The face of the warrior assassin Gamora. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Face –  Ain’t no thing like a detailed silhouette of Rocket’s face.

Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord Face – A simple design of Peter Quill’s mask.

Loki Helmet Icon Stencil – No face, just a simple design of Loki’s famous horns. 

Loki Profile Detailed Stencil – Face, helmet, and a lot of details. Good luck!

Thanos Face Stencil – The face and helmet of Marvel’s biggest baddie. 

Thanos Profile Stencil – A side view of the wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Thor Ragnarok Hela Stencil – A medium-easy stencil of the Goddess of Death.

Spiderman Pumpkin Stencils

Get carving templates for everybody’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

Spiderman Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Spiderman Simple Body Stencil –  A simpler, shadowy carving template for Spider-Man’s body.

Spiderman Angled Mask Stencil – With great power comes a lot of details in Spider-Man’s face mask. 

Spiderman Simpler Mask Stencil – Just a front-on, signature mask of Spidey. 

Spiderman Detailed Waist Up Stencil – A advanced design of the spidey suit. 

Spiderman Logo Stencil  – For those who love Spiderman, but not his detailed costume for carving. 

Spiderman Logo with Web Stencil – Similar to the logo above but with a little more web flourish.

Disney Channel / Disney Junior

Yes, we got pumpkin stencils for the Disney Junior or Disney Channel fan in your family. 

Disney Junior Pumpkin Stencils for Carving

Agent P Stencil – A full body stencil to keep Dr. Doofenshmirtz away. 

Doc McStuffins Lambie Face Stencil – Doc’s lamb friend in pumpkin form. 

Doc McStuffins Pumpkin Stencil – The Doc is in! And her face is ready to go on your next pumpkin. 

Doc McStuffins Stuffy Pumpkin Stencil – The face of the bravest yet clumsiest dragon around. 

Ferb Face Stencil – A nice simple face carving for one of the dynamic duo. 

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Stencil – Let’s grab Jake’s face template and go!

Molang Face Simple Stencil – So kawaii! Molang the cat’s face is so cute and easy to carve. 

Octonauts Captain Barnacle Face Stencil – Sound the Octo-Alert! Barnacle the bear is coming to a pumpkin near you.

Octonauts Kwazii Face Stencil – Shiver me whiskers! It’s Kwazii Cat’s face.

Octonauts Peso Face Stencil – The penguin crewmate’s face is ready to go on your pumpkin. 

Perry the Platypus Stencil – With no hat, Perry is disguised as Phineas and Ferb’s pet. 

Phineas Face Stencil – The best Phineas pumpkin carving ever. 

Sofia the First Pumpkin Stencil – The face of this lovely Disney Junior princess. 

Vampirina Face Pumpkin Stencil – Get this fang-tastic friend’s face template here. 

Vampirina Demi Body Pumpkin Stencil – Find your inner ghoul with a little ghost’s pumpkin carving. 

Vampirina Gregoria Face Pumpkin Stencil – Vampirina’s gargoyle companion.

Muppet Pumpkin Stencils

It’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to dress up pumpkins with the Muppet Show tonight. 

Muppets Pumpkin Stencils

Animal Face Pumpkin Stencil – No drums, just Animal’s smiling face. Don’t worry, it’s a simple design. 

Gonzo Face Stencil – The “Whatever”’s face with more pumpkin carved out. 

Gonzo Face 2 Stencil – The space on the “Whatever”’s face with less pumpkin carved out.

Fozzie Bear Face Stencil – You can almost hear Fozzie say, “Wocka, wocka, wocka” in this carving. 

Fozzie Bear Face 2 Stencil – More carved space on this loveable bear’s face. 

Kermit the Frog Face Pumpkin Stencil – A classic, bigger cut design of the leader of the Muppet troupe. 

Kermit Face 2 Stencil – Just Kermit’s eyes and mouth, it’s a little more subtle. 

Kermit Face 3 Stencil –  This design uses thinner cuts to make the frog’s face.

Kermit Angled Profile Stencil –  A more detailed Kermit looking in the distance. 

Miss Piggy Face Stencil – You’ll love having “Mwa”’s hair and face on your pumpkin! 

Rowlf Face Stencil – When he isn’t playing piano, you can see his face on your next pumpkin. 

Statler and Waldorf Faces Stencil – The funny old Muppet men will fit great on your next carving. 

Sweetums Face Stencil – Get a load of everyone’s favorite monster pal Sweetums on this template.

Disney Parks and Cruises

Excited for your next Disney adventure? Share your excitement with a Disney park or Disney cruise themed pumpkin!

Disney Castle Silhouette Stencil – Queue the opening credit sounds to every 90s Disney animation here. 

Disney Parks Famous Turkey Leg – This amazing, jumbo leg from the parks can be on your next pumpkin too! 

Haunted Mansion Ghost 1 Face Stencil – One of the “999 Happy Haunts” at the Disneyland ride. 

Haunted Mansion Ghost 2 Face Stencil – Part of the “Grim Grinning Ghosts” gang. 

Haunted Mansion Ghost 3 Face Stencil – Another face from the Grim Grinning Ghosts. 

Haunted Mansion Ghost 4 Face Stencil – If you have four pumpkins to carve, you’re set with this fourth Grim Grinning Ghost. 

Hollywood Tower of Terror Emblem Stencil – It may be a new ride now, but you can memorialize the hotel on your pumpkin. 

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband Stencil – It’s not a true Disney park gram until you have ears with it, right? 

Mouse Ears Ice Cream Bar Carving Template – Another favorite delectable treat from the Disney Parks. 

Pirates of the Carribbean Jack Sparrow Face Stencil – A pirate’s life for you if you choose to carve this pumpkin. 

Disney Cruise Line Logo Stencil – Had an unforgettable cruise experience? Put the ears and waves icon on your pumpkin to make it a conversation starter on your porch.

Pumpkin Carving FAQs

When did the tradition of carving pumpkins begin?

The tradition of carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns is believed to have originated in Ireland. In the 1800’s, gourds of many kinds were hollowed and carved with grotesque faces. Jack O’ Lanterns were believed to scare away evil spirits. In 1835, the legend of “Jack-o’-the-Latern” was published in Dublin on Halloween.

When should you carve pumpkins?

Carved pumpkins don’t last long, so it is best to wait as close to Halloween as possible. Three days before Halloween is a good timeframe to aim for.

What should you do with old pumpkins after Halloween?

Since pumpkins are organic, you can safely add to your compost bin.

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