Disney Swan Hotel Restaurants & Dining Guide

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One way the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel sets itself apart from its sister hotel is the overall air of luxury you find at the Swan.

The dining options at the Swan hotel are no exception, reaching levels of sophistication and exquisiteness guests are sure to love.

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Disney Swan Restaurants

Particularly if you are staying at the Swan as an all-adults group, you’re going to love these dining experiences.

That said, the dining options at the Swan hotel do cover the range from high-end to relaxed, particularly in terms of lounges and quick morning offerings.

Whether it’s a park day or a romantic evening out, you’re going to find something for every occasion at the Swan.

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Swan Hotel Quick Service Dining at Java

Even though Java might appear just to be a small quick service location, don’t underestimate its options.

Open for breakfast from 6:00am to 11:00am, Java makes the perfect spot to grab a meal and coffee on your way to the parks.

From 11:00am to 8:00pm, there’s light lunch fare, ideal for a poolside meal or a smaller snack in between dining experiences.

You can get Java’s range of frappes, teas, and coffees all day, with such a selection that you can get a different beverage every time.

Breakfast Menu

As a quick service spot, Java has easy to-go items on its breakfast menu.

The first is a bacon, egg, and cheese delight they call The Standard, shaking up the typical version of this sandwich with pepper jack cheese and a flaky croissant. I

f you would something simple, the Egg Muffin features a simple baked egg topped with melted cheddar cheese, all on a whole wheat English muffin. Meanwhile, health nuts will flip over the Popeye – egg whites, spinach, and flax seeds, topped with low-fat Feta cheese served in a whole-wheat wrap smeared with olive oil harissa spread.

Of course, if you want to go classic, Java also has our favorite Mickey waffles standing by, covered in a dusting of cinnamon powdered sugar.

With a fully stocked pastry case, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with assorted muffins or a delectable chocolate croissant.

We definitely recommend one of these items if you are planning to get a coffee as well.

Lunch-Lounge Menu

As Java remains open until 8:00pm, the daytime menu is considered lounge fare. However, we would recommend these items for lunchtime, as they are light but filling.

Sandwiches & Salads

There’s something for all tastes among these sandwiches, ranging from a classic smoked turkey sandwich to a house made Bánh Mì.

Of course, all the options have a culinary twist that takes your ordinary sandwich to the next level.

Called The Fresh, the turkey sandwich features house-smoked turkey breast topped with roasted sweet peppers and watercress on a multigrain baguette spread with Boursin herb-chees aioli.

A German mashup comes to the Swan in the form of the Ham and Jam – shaved and smoked Virginia ham topped with bacon-onion jam and Havarti cheese piled on a pretzel bun slathered in Creole spiced mustard.

As for the salads, enjoy a classic garden salad with a zingy lemon-thyme vinaigrette or a chicken Caesar salad with fresh shaved parmesan.

The Chef salad provides a nice hit of protein in the middle of the day, with sliced ham, turkey, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and hard-boiled eggs on a bed of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, all tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Finally, there’s a great option for those rocking the plant-based lifestyle – the Vegan Protein bowl. A combination of mixed greens, chickpeas, hummus, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, tomatoes, and cucumbers the whole lot drizzled with a basil-walnut dressing.


There’s a lot more sweet to be had later in the day, with delicious desserts available from 11:00am to closing.

Topping our list is the Chocolate Stone, and amazing ganache-covered chocolate mousse on a chocolate and toffee cake.

You definitely need to be a chocolate lover for this one though, as the chocolate is rich and dark. You might even want to split rather than tackle a whole one yourself.

Our other recommendation would be the Key Lime bar, which cuts through the sweet aspects with that punch of tart Key Lime.

You also find cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and other bakery delights at Java come afternoon. If you want a sweet afternoon treat or an after dinner indulgence, Java is the place for Swan guests.

Coffee & Beverages

As the name suggests, Java is best known for its coffee and other mixed brews. They even have coffee on tap – they mean serious business. You can get a cold brew or nitro brew on tap, coming in either a sixteen-ounce or a twenty-ounce portion. Drink it black, or add cream and sugar to customize it how you like it.

There are a range of frappes, also in sixteen or twenty ounces. The flavors include mocha, caramel, hazelnut, and a surprisingly delicious green tea cream. These are great for your quick pick-up on your way to the parks, especially in the heat of the summer. For those that don’t like “fancy coffee,” you can certainly just get a plain hot coffee or a simple cappuccino and be on your way.

Tea lovers can also find something special among the shaken teas, including red berry hibiscus tea. These also come in sixteen or twenty ounces, and provide a nice refreshing taste as well as a morning pick-me-up. If you’re looking for something great and quick, Java is the Swan hotel dining spot for you.

Bars & Lounges at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel

There are three dining experiences at the Swan hotel that fall under the umbrella of lounge.

Even though Java could potentially fit this category, the quick service dining aspect keeps in more in that realm.

Chill, as well as the lounges for Kimonos and Il Mulino, definitely has more of an emphasis on the beverages with food as the supporting character.


One of the bars inside the Swan, Chill serves up a variety of refreshing drinks…some of which you can refill! What more could you want out of your Swan hotel dining?

Their specialty cocktails include the Cold Fashioned, their take on the classic, set apart by using Angostura bitters for a spicy taste that complements the fresh citrus juices. We also recommend the Paloma, a blend of silver tequila and fresh grapefruit juice for a refreshing beverage.

Chill also serves up several different frozen concoctions, each coming in a refillable cup. Get the Hurricane size for $15, $11 a refill, or the Yardstick for $22, $18 a refill. They have the classic strawberry daiquiri, piña colada, and frozen margarita, as well as a rich mudslide. We particularly liked the frozen lemonade, a refreshing spiked lemonade that’s perfect for summertime.

There are a few snack options at Chill, although they vary from day to day. We would recommend grabbing a drink from Chill and then a meal at Java if you want something substantial.

Kimonos Lounge

Unlike some of the other lounges around Disney World, Kimonos Lounge is strictly alcohol only. In fact, it’s not really a separate lounge at all – this is the bar inside the Kimonos restaurant, which is really a sushi bar style dining experience.

With that in mind, this is more the drinks side of Kimonos rather than a separate restaurant. In other Disney resorts, the lounge of a restaurant tends to have lighter versions of the restaurant’s food with an emphasis on the drinks. Here, it’s more of an extension of the restaurant itself.

A well-stocked bar, Kimonos has a variety of red, white, and bubbly wines, many of which come by the bottle.

The real treat, however, is the amount of different sakes and Asian beers you’ll find here. Kimonos’ bar has both hot and cold sakes, some of which have unusual flavors. Hiko’s “Milky” – Nigori features tastes of cantaloupe and coconut, while the Watari Bune 55 – Junmai Ginjo Huchu has a fruitier flavor.

As for the beers, they have both Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban, two of the more well known Japanese beers, as well as two of the Kanji Series.

If you find that you can’t get a table at Kimonos, you might want to consider sitting at the bar and enjoy an excellent Japanese drink with your meal.

Il Mulino Lounge

In much the same way, Il Mulino’s lounge isn’t separate from the restaurant at all.

You could come to just enjoy a drink, or sit and eat at the bar rather than a table. The bar is first come, first serve, so if you can’t get a reservation for Il Mulino this might be a good option. If you aren’t really planning to eat, Il Mulino gives you a sophisticated, night-out atmosphere that’s great to help you unwind at the end of the day.

Among the specialty drinks at Il Mulino’s lounge, you’ll find five different types of Bellini – pineapple, raspberry, pomegranate, peach, and mango. All made with Prosecco, but each has another hit of alcohol to set off the flavor. For instance, the pineapple Bellini also has a bit of Malibu rum, while the peach has a dash of peach schnapps. A great way to cleanse your palate or to wrap up the meal, all are refreshing, bubbly, and delicious.

Aside from the mixed drinks, the lounge hosts a variety of cognacs, brandies, scotches, and small-batch bourbons for the liquor connoisseurs in your life. They range in flavor, smoothness, and price, going from Remy Martin, Louis XIII for $150 a glass to the Martell VS for $8.50 a glass. You can get as adventurous as you please – or stay a bit closer to home.  

Dining Poolside at the Swan Hotel – Make a Splash

Even though Splash Pool Bar & Grill has the word bar in its name, Splash Pool Bar is a table service location. Right next to the pool area on the Swan side, this is a great place to grab lunch or dinner on one of your off days. Relax near the pool, let your kids play on the beach until it’s time to eat, and remember that a Disney vacation doesn’t have to be high energy all the time.

Appetizers & Salads

One of our favorite shareables is the giant pretzel, which is exactly how sounds. A delicious hot soft pretzel, with stone-ground mustard and cheese sauce for dipping. It’s an appetizer everyone can enjoy! Splash also offers wings, in either a garlic sauce or a spicy Buffalo-style sauce, with ranch or blue cheese on the side for dipping.

For a lighter start to your meal, enjoy a classic Caesar salad or the Mediterranean shrimp salad. Cold shrimp come on top of mixed baby greens, cucumbers, black olives, tomatoes, shredded Vermont cheddar cheese, topped with sourdough croutons, crispy chickpeas, hummus and a red wine vinaigrette. These salads are also big enough to serve as a whole meal, so if you want one as an appetizer, we recommend splitting it.

Entrees & Kid’s Meals

Hands down, we love the Maine Lobster Club. Sweet Maine lobster tossed in a mayo dressing comes with sliced tomato, crispy bacon, and butter lettuce, all on a ciabatta bun. Also on the menu, you’ll find a chicken BLT and a juicy cheeseburger, the first with an incredible Romanesco sauce and the second with charred avocado for a bit of richness. For the kids, they’ll love the classics of grilled cheese, chicken tenders, pizza, and a cheeseburger.

Drinks & Libations

Grab yourself one of the frozen concoctions from Chill, such as the Rum Runner or frozen margarita.

Some of the specialty drinks include the Solstice Margarita, a combination of Tequila, muddled cucumber, jalapeño-agave nectar, with a fresh squeeze of lime juice and watermelon purée, and the Hibiscus Cooler, vodka, hibiscus flowers, PAMA liqueur, Thai basil, mixed lime, coconut water, bitters and club soda for effervescence.

Aside from the mixed drinks, as a fully stocked bar, Splash has a variety of wine and beer available.

You can get all of their wines by the bottle or the glass, although we recommend buying the bottle if multiple people want the same wine.


Voted Orlando Sentinel’s for best sushi in Orlando, seafood and sushi lovers have to check out Kimonos during their Swan stay.

A more relaxed atmosphere, Kimonos doesn’t even accept reservations.

Even though there is an air of sophistication, you could bring your kids here if they want to try something new.

However, we definitely still recommend Kimonos for a date night if you plan to come later in the evening.

Soups, Salads, & Appetizers

Like many other Japanese restaurants, you can start your meal with a hot soup or fresh salad, featuring simple and classic ingredients.

Go for the rich Miso soup or egg drop soup for a traditional option, or try the Tempura Udon soup made with shrimp, imitation crab, asparagus and shiitake mushroom in a savory broth.

As for the salads, eaters that are more adventurous might enjoy the spicy Kimchee Salad with octopus and spring garlic or the Ika Salad made with squid, mushroom and soy sauce.

You could of course get a simple plate of edamame to split as the table, perfect to much on while you wait for your sushi.

Kimonos also has a yummy tempura platter with seasonal veggies and shrimp, as well as hot fried gyoza.

Both are ideal for sharing as well, which might be a good idea – sushi is more filling than you might think. We also love the panko fried softshell crab, which comes with a ponzu dipping sauce. Don’t knock it till you try it!

Sushi Rolls

Kimonos serves up both raw and cooked sushi rolls, perfect for those who might not yet be ready to venture into raw fish.

Among the raw rolls, you’ll find a classic tuna roll and California roll, both of which are perfect by themselves with a bit of soy sauce. For real sushi lovers we recommend the Kimonos Roll – raw tuna, raw yellowtail, raw salmon and a wasabi mayonnaise drizzle. Another fun raw combination is the Bagel Roll, bringing classic bagel and locks flavors into a smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber roll.

On the list of cooked rolls are two classics, the shrimp tempura roll and the spider roll, which is softshell crab crispy-fried. We are also partial to the Dancing Eel Roll, imitation crab, avocado and eel with a savory eel sauce. The coconut shrimp roll was also a nice surprise, as we’ve never seen this sweet and savory dish represented in sushi. However, we would definitely recommend this fun flavor combination.

Garden Grove – Themed Dining at the Swan Hotel

Garden Grove was one of those dining locations hit by the pandemic, and as it reopened, there have been some definite changes.

While the nature-focused Central Park theme remains, Garden Grove is only open for breakfast from 7:30 to 11:30.

However, some savory items on the menu make for an ideal early lunch. Garden Grove also used to have characters, although they have not yet returned.

We are hopeful as more character meal options return to other parts of Disney World, that Chip, Dale, Goofy, and Pluto will all find their way back to Garden Grove once more.

Featuring a unique menu, Garden Grove has a combination sweet and savory items that you’re going to love. With straightforward menu sections like To Start, Eggs, Sweet Stuff, and The Stuff You Like, it isn’t hard to imagine this restaurant in straight-talking New York City.

Appetizers & Savory Breakfast

On the To Start part of the menu, there are simple and light items like plain oatmeal, overnight oats, and parfait. Grab these items as a side or as a breakfast appetizer – a healthy and delicious component to your breakfast. As you move into the Eggs section, there’s definitely dishes that could make a whole meal. The How You Like Them would be my personal go-to, two eggs made to order (thus the name) with shredded hash browns and choice of bacon, sausage, or turkey bacon on the side. You also get toast or an English muffin.

Want to take your eggs to the next level? Try the loaded omelet or eggs benedict. The omelet takes three eggs, whipped fluffy and then folded aroundham, bacon, Taylor Pork Roll, bell peppers, onion, cheddar cheese, American cheese, Jack cheese, baby spinach, and smoked salmon. If that wasn’t enough, the entire omelet gets topped with house-made guacamole and served with toast.

For the eggs benedict, your delicately poached eggs sit atop a toasted English muffin and Canadian bacon, smothered in hollandaise sauce and served with diner-style potatoes.

If you like a breakfast sandwich, try the Taylor Pork Roll sandwich, covered in American cheese and served on an everything bagel.

Meanwhile, delicious over-easy eggs with diner potatoes and your choice of side make for a simple yet classic breakfast

Three combos round out the savory food, including two eggs any style with breakfast side, pancakes or French toast, and the biscuits and gravy plate with eggs and home fries.

Garden Grove also has a delicious avocado toast with fresh mashed avocado and a poached egg, all on wheat toast.

Sweet Stuff

For sweet breakfast lovers, choose between Belgian waffles, French baguette French toast, and a massive stack of pancakes. Topping the Belgian waffles is an incredible sweetened vanilla butter, house-made berry compote, and cinnamon sugar, the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Your French toast will have caramelized bananas and whipped cream, an ideal texture contrast to the chewy French bread. Finally, for the pancakes, get them with bananas, blueberries, or chocolate chips, as well as smeared with chocolate hazelnut spread.

Kid’s Meals

Wondering where to find Mickey Waffles? On the kid’s menu of course! You kiddos can get Mickey-shaped waffles made from the Belgian waffle batter, topped with strawberries and whipped cream. They also can try a smaller stack of the fluffy pancakes, made plain or with chocolate chips, blueberries, or banana. If your little ones prefer something savory, the Kids American breakfast features eggs any style with diner potatoes, toast, and their choice of breakfast meat.

Walt Disney World Swan Hotel Fine Dining at Il Mulino

If you want a fabulous signature service dining experience at the Swan hotel, you’ll find it in Il Mulino.

Their take on a classic Italian trattoria, Il Mulino features multiple courses and flavors to take you on a grand tour of Italy.

As it’s only open for dinner, you’re going to want to make a reservation as soon as possible to guarantee this experience.


Split into Antipasti and Antipasti de Mare, these sections of the menu get you started with classic Italian small plates and shareables. One of our favorites is the Arancini di Carne – Italian rice balls stuffed with house-made Bolognese served on a pool of spicy marinara sauce. These are great to split or to keep to yourself, it only matters how much you want to eat!

We would also recommend the Calamari Fritti, lightly fried calamari pieces with the same spicy marinara sauce for dipping.

If you know you want to share, both the Insaccati Misti and the Parmigiano Reggiano plate come made for two.

The Insaccati Misti is an Italian charcuterie platter, including prosciutto, mortadella, sopressata, cacciatorini, parmigiano reggiano, roasted red peppers, spicy cherry vinegar peppers, and Buffalo mozzarella.

It’s best if you combine the meats, cheeses, and peppers together into different bites. The Parmigiano Reggiano is exactly what it sounds like – a block of cheese shared between two people.

Soup, Salad, & Pizza

If you’re looking for lighter fare so you can save room for dessert, first of all, we don’t blame you.

Second, you’re going to find incredible Italian classics on the Il Mulino menu.

The Insalata Trattoria brings together farmers greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, chickpease, Kalamata olives, and mozzarella cheese, all tossed in a red wine vinaigrette, with a side of toasted ciabatta bread.

Il Mulino’s version of a caprese salad gets an upgrade with Buffalo-flavored mozzarella cheese, along with beef steak tomatoes and roasted red peppers.

As for the soups, enjoy a classic minestrone vegetable soup with orecchiette pasta or delicious meat tortellini in a rich chicken broth.

When it comes to pizza, Il Mulino goes old school Italian…with a twist.

The traditional Margherita pizza has the sauce, basil, and Buffalo mozzarella for a kick, while the Bosco adds sliced Italian sausage and mushrooms for that little extra spice.

If you prefer a white pizza, you’re going to love the Bianca – a smooth ricotta cream sauce topped with roasted garlic, feta cheese, provolone, rosemary olive oil, and fresh oregano.

Pasta & Family Style

What would an Italian place be without pasta?

With simple flavors done well, the pasta dishes at Il Mulino are out of this world.

We particularly enjoyed the Spaghetti Carbonara, al dente spaghetti noodles with pancetta, cheese, and egg for a classic texture and richness.

Seafood lovers will want to go for the Spaghetti Al Frutti di Mare, a combination of baby shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels and calamari in either a spicy red or garlic white wine sauce. We would recommend the wine white sauce, as it brings out the ocean flavor of the seafood.

For a hearty pasta dish, try the Gnocchi Bolognese, tend potato dumpling-style pasta with flavorful meat sauce.

If you like to do your meals family style, Il Mulino has several of their menu items in family-sized portions. These options do have to be for parties of four or more, and the price is per person, but you still come out ahead.

For instance, they have their classic Caesar salad as one of the family-style options, and my entire family usually goes for a Caesar to start the meal.

At $9 per person, we can save $3 per person on that salad, which in a family of five works out to be $15.

Including the arancini and calamari from the appetizers and several signature pastas, you could definitely save money by going family style.

Chicken, Steak, & Fish

No matter your preference, you’re going to find an incredible dish on the Il Mulino menu.

They have the classics like chicken or veal parmesan; thinly pounded, breaded, and covered with fresh house-made sauce and cheeses.

One of our other favorites is the veal saltimbocca, sautéed veal scaloppini with thinly sliced prosciutto served with spinach, sage and a rich Marsala wine sauce.

We would also recommend the Medaglione di Filetto, a ten-ounce beef tenderloin served with fried onions, sautéed spinach, and a delicious Chianti sauce.

If you prefer seafood, a consistent guest favorite is the Gamberi Francese, a platter of jumbo shrimp dipped in a rich egg batter, sautéed and served with a zingy white wine lemon sauce.

Both a simple salmon and grouper dish are ideal if you’re looking for a lighter, but flavorful, fish dinner.


Let’s not forget about the dessert!

Some of the best desserts are Italian, and Il Mulino puts that on full display. No doubt, the Torta di Cioccolati and classic tiramisu are two of our favorites.

For the chocolate torte, imagine a rich flourless chocolate cake, full of that great dark chocolatey flavor. To cut through the richness, the cake comes with whipped cream and zabaglione, perfect for topping the cake.

As for the tiramisu, it’s just an all-around amazing classic rendition. The best part of a tiramisu is that you’re getting the feeling of indulgence from the mascarpone cream, but the lightness of the lady fingers and bitterness of the coffee keep you from feeling overly full by the end of your meal.

Il Mulino also serves up a classic Italian-style cheesecake as well as a variety of sorbettos and gelatos. Feel free to mix and match these desserts to create your own Italian masterpiece.

Looking to spoil yourself with an amazing dining experience? You’re going to find just that among the dining options at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel.

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