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Disney Tattoos 2023

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Show off your Disney tattoos!

For Disney fanatics, tattoos are the perfect way to show affection for the Mouse and all things Disney. Whether it’s princesses or pirates, the Fab Five or Star Wars characters, using Disney as an inspiration for tattoo designs is growing in popularity.

What does a Disney Tattoo mean?

Whatever the choice, these tattoos reference the aspects of Disney that we all cherish: enchantment, wonder, and love. If you grew up watching these classic films, a Disney-themed tattoo recalls childhood memories and connects you back to the time when you believed in magic.

Hope you enjoy this comprehensive list of tattoos of Disney characters.

Disney Tattoo Ideas

Find the best Disney tattoo design and inspiration you’re looking for with these popular ideas:

1. Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Beauty and the Beast Tattoos

Belle, the Beast, the Rose, Chip, Mrs. Potts…so many tattoo design ideas for this “tale as old as time.”

2. Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, Zero and more favorite characters come to life as popular Disney Tattoos.

3. Winnie the Pooh Tattoos

Winnie the Pooh Tattoos

Pooh, Tigger, Roo, Owl and all of Christopher Robin’s friends are featured in this round-up of Winnie the Pooh tattoo designs.

4. Peter Pan Tattoos

Peter Pan Tattoos

The boy would can fly will inspire you to your next Disney tattoo in this collection.

5. To Infinity and Beyond Tattoos

To Infinity and Beyond Tattoos

Buzz Lightyear inspired millions with his famous quote from Toy Story. Get tattoo ideas that go well “beyond.”

6. Moana Tattoos

Moana Tattoos

Moana, Pua, Maui, Hei Hei and friends gather to give you some good ideas for your next tattoo.

7. Mickey Mouse Tattoos

Mickey Mouse Tattoos

Here he is…the true original, the icon himself.

8. Eeyore Tattoos

Eeyore Tattoos

You’ll feel uplifted and happy when you see these cute Eeyore tattoo design inspirations.

9. The Little Mermaid Tattoos

The Little Mermaid Tattoos

Ariel and her friends from The Little Mermaid are rightfully some of the most popular characters from all Disney movies.

10. Tinkerbell Tattoos

Tinkerbell Tattoos

Sprinkle a little pixie dust in the form of a tattoo.

11. Hakuna Matata Tattoos

Hakuna Matata Tattoos

From The Lion King, these tattoo ideas will inspire you to have no worries for the rest of your days.

12. Disney Princess Tattoos

Disney Princess Tattoos

Your favorite princesses immortalized as inspirational tattoo ideas.

13. Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Disney Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Curiosity and imagination – an Alice in Wonderland tattoo conveys these two traits.

14. Cheshire Cat Tattoos

Cheshire Cat Tattoos

In the story, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat on her way to visit the Queen of Hearts. He tells her that he can help her find her way to the Queen’s palace and then disappears.

15. Mulan Tattoos

Mulan Tattoos

Mulan is a legendary figure from Chinese history, who was a warrior and a heroine. The Mulan legend has been told for centuries, but the details of her story vary across versions.

16. The Lion King Tattoos

Lion King Tattoos

Mufasa, Timba, Pumba, Scar and more — all classic characters from this timeless Disney favorite.

17. Simba Tattoos

Simba Tattoos

The perfect tattoo for someone who just can’t wait to be king.

18. Lilo and Stitch Tattoos

Lilo and Stitch Tattoos

Ohana means family. Fancy tattoo of Lilo and Stitch hugging each other?

19. Minnie Mouse Tattoos

Minnie Mouse Tattoos

She is one of a kind, she’s Mickey’s main squeeze, and she’s an inspiration to us all.

20. Jasmine Tattoos

Jasmine Tattoos

Whether she’s running through the market with Aladdin or escaping on a magic carpet ride, Jasmine is great tattoo option.

21. Cinderella Tattoos

Cinderella Tattoos

We’ll find you a Cinderella tattoo faster than you can sing Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo

22. Snow White Tattoos

Snow White Tattoos

Snow White is a classic Disney princess. She’s kind and pure, and she’s a symbol of goodness and innocence.

23. Rapunzel Tattoos

Rapunzel Tattoos

Go ahead and “let your hair down” with these Tangled tattoos.

24. Elsa Tattoos

Elsa Tattoos

Elsa is the new brand of Disney princess. She’s strong, kind, overcomes her self-doubt.

25. Toy Story Tattoos

Toy Story Tattoos

Buzz, Woody, and the whole gang are here – represent your playful side with one of these tattoo ideas.

26. Tiana Tattoos

Tiana Tattoos

The name “Tiana” means “faithful,” which is also fitting for the character because she is a hard worker who does everything she can to make her dreams come true.

27. Tigger Tattoos

Tigger Tattoos

One of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends, Tigger’s lovable personality is infectious.

28. Goofy Tattoos

Goofy Tattoos

Goofy, one of the original Fab Five, brings joy and joviality to everyone.

29. Donald Duck Tattoos

Donald Duck Tattoos

Donald Duck is a true Disney icon. His fiery personality and spunky spirit make him a great option for a tattoo.

30. Wall-E Tattoos

Wall-E Tattoos

Pixar’s cutest little robot can be your next tattoo art.

31. Finding Nemo Tattoos

Finding Nemo Tattoos

You don’t have to make your way to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to find your next tattoo.

32. Piglet Tattoos

Piglet Tattoos

Piglet is a great friend to Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Tigger and Christopher Robin—and we think that makes him an even better friend in real life!

33. Bambi Tattoos

Bambi Tattoos

Bambi is the world’s most famous deer.

34. Dory Tattoos

Finding Dory Tattoos

You’ll never forget about Dory when you get a tattoo of Pixar’s most famous fish.

35. Lightning McQueen Tattoos

Lightning McQueen Tattoos

Speed. Focus. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning. Ka-Chow!

36. Pocahontas Tattoos

Pocahontas Tattoos

She was known for her beauty, bravery and kindness, so many people have chosen to get Pocahontas tattoos as a way of honoring this part of their history.

37. Jiminy Cricket Tattoos

Jiminy Cricket Tattoos

This famous Disney icon is perhaps the most well-known cricket in the world! Jiminy Cricket is famous for being the conscience of the Disney character Pinocchio.

38. Mary Poppins Tattoos

Mary Poppins Tattoos

About Mary Poppins tattoos, I would like to make one thing clear: I never explain anything.

39. Aladdin Tattoos

Aladdin Tattoos

We can show you a whole new world of Aladdin ink ideas!

40. Olaf Tattoos

Olaf Tattoos

Olaf would stop the world and melt with you. Warm hugs!

41. Mike Wazowski Tattoos

Mike Wazowski Tattoos

Hang with Mike from Monsters Inc every day by getting one of these tattoos.

42. Daisy Duck Tattoos

Daisy Duck Tattoos

Daisy Duck is one spunky bird. Her fun personality and sassy spirit make her a great choice for your next tattoo.

43. Disney Castle Tattoos

Disney Castle Tattoos

Disney castles are recognizable by everyone. Check out these beautiful castle designs.

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Best Disney Tattoo Designs

1) Our Favorite Pal

Best Mickey Mouse Tattoo Designs
Source: Instagram @charisavr

Those who are fans of Mickey Mouse, and especially of Disney in general, will find this tattoo irresistible. This embodiment of the quintessential Mickey is a great starter tattoo for anyone who wants to get inked without going too crazy. This one would look great on your leg, upper arm, back or side.

2) Black and White Minnie Sketch

Black and White Minnie Sketch
Source: Instagram @casso_tattoo

3) Rose from Beauty & the Beast

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

4) Simple Greyscale Winnie the Pooh

Uplifting Winnie the Pooh Tattoos
Source: Instagram @inkbox35_tattoo

5) Jack is Back in Black & White

Source: Instagram @carmenvonmel

6) Water Color Rainbow Mickey Head

Source: Instagram @shennakiart

7) Iconic Symbols from Moana

30 Inspiring Moana Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @lilyjtattoo

8) I Can Fly Like Peter Pan

Source: Instagram @by_vas

9) Hakuna Matata

Source: Instagram @elektratattoopiercing

10) Timeless Ohana Hug

Source: Instagram @thebakery

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Find the best Disney tattoo design and inspiration you’re looking for:

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40 Forceful Lightsaber Tattoos

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