Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

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Disney Cruise Line new ship will be called Disney Treasure.
Image: Disney Cruise Line

Introducing the Disney Treasure Cruise Ship

Disney Cruise Line has announced the newest cruise ship to join the existing fleet of DCL cruise ships will be called Disney Treasure.

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When is the Disney Treasure maiden voyage?

Disney Treasure’s maiden voyage has not been set but is expected to take place in 2024.

No announcements have been made regarding where or when the Disney Treasure will first set sail.

Once the ship has gone through more construction and gets closer to completion, I’m sure we’ll get more news.

What is Disney Treasure?

Disney Treasure will be the newest vessel in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. It joins its sister ships, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, Disney Magic, <Disney Wonder and <Disney Wish as the sixth Disney cruise ship.

In 2016, Disney announced it would be building two new ships and then, one year later, one MORE ship was announced, bringing the planned total of new cruise ships to three.

The Disney Treasure is the second of those three new ocean vessels.

When will the Disney Treasure be completed?

While the exact date of completion for the Disney Treasure has not been announced, the expected timeline is for the ship to be sea-worthy sometime in 2024.

What will the Disney Treasure look like?

The Disney Treasure name and motif were announced at D23 in September 2022.

Here is the first look at the Disney Treasure:

The interior of the atrium has been revealed through artist renderings to feature Aladdin, Jasmine, and Magic Carpet.

The atrium looks similar to the layout of the Disney Wish, with different “adventure” theming.

Artist rendering of Grand Hall atrium of Disney Treasure cruise ship
The Disney Treasure will feature a brand-new design motif — the theme of adventure — which will pave the way for epic experiences that immerse guests in some of Disney’s most legendary stories. Inspired by the grandeur and mystery of a gilded palace, the Grand Hall will welcome guests on board with the irresistible allure of adventure. (Disney)

What Disney characters is featured in the atrium of the Disney Treasure?

A statue of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and the Magic Carpet will be featured in the Grand Hall (atrium) of the Disney Treasure.

How big is the new Disney Treasure cruise ship?

Disney Treasure is expected to mirror the size of the Disney Wish, which is just slightly larger than the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

  • Expected Staterooms: 1,240
  • Tonnage: 144,000
The Dream/Fantasy both weigh 130,000 tons and have 1,250 staterooms.

Where will the Disney Treasure cruise ship sail?

The Disney Treasure home port and expected ports of call have not been announced.

How many cabins will Disney Treasure have?

The Disney Treasure is planned to have 1240 cabins.

What is the Disney Treasure Itinerary?

Disney Treasure isn’t expected to set sail until sometime in 2024. At this time, no sailing schedules or itineraries have been made public.

When Will I Be Able to Book a Cruise on the Disney Wish?

Disney Treasure cruises are not yet available to book. We don’t currently have any information about the opening Disney Treasure reservations or bookings.

Who will build the new Disney Treasure?

Disney Cruise Line contracted with reputable German shipbuilding company Meyer Werft to build the three newest ships, including the Disney Treasure and Disney Wish. Meyer Werft were also the builders of Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.

How will the Disney Treasure fueled?

The Treasure is expected to be fueled by liquefied natural gas, like the Disney Wish.

DCL has stated that LNG “is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available,” making the Disney Wish a more efficient and eco-friendly method of providing cruise vacations.

By moving to natural gas propulsion instead of oil-based fuel, cruise ships are able to reduce emissions of sulphur, nitrogen oxide and other chemicals.

How many staterooms will the Disney Treasure have?

Disney Treasure will likely be similar in size to the Disney Wish, which has 1254 guest staterooms.

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship News

Here’s a Disney Treasure update:

APRIL 16, 2023. Captain Minnie reveals her “adventure” image as the bow medallion.

MARCH 30, 2023. Construction officially begins with keel laying ceremony.

The first component for the keel laying ceremony was the bow block of the ship, which weighs 719 tons, measures 30.9 meters in breadth, 23.3 meters in length, and stands at 12.6 meters in height.

A “lucky” coin was placed underneath the keel of the ship as part of maritime tradition to bring good fortune and safe travels for the ship and its passengers.

MARCH 29, 2023. Captain Minnie Mouse reveals a new outfit for the Disney Treasure ship:

MARCH 14, 2023. Funnel and bow thrusters arrive at construction yard:

MARCH 3, 2023. Disney Treasure is coming together. New videos released showing its assembly:

SEPTEMBER 11, 2022. Disney Treasure was announced at D23 expo as the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet of ships.


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