Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt

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Surprise your kids with a magical vacation
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Surprise Your Kids with a Disney Vacation

Scientific fact: All kids love scavenger hunts.

What a great way to surprise your children with a treasure hunt, where they follow Disney-themed clues and discover that a magical vacation awaits them!

The clues and printables included in my Disney vacation scavenger hunt work perfect for the following Disney vacations:

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Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt Clue in Envelope

What's Included?

In one easy PDF file, you'll receive everything you need to plan the perfect Disney vacation scavenger hunt.

Here's what is inside:

  • 11 printable clues (Disney-themed & rhyming)
  • 1 blank clue (in case you want to add your own)
  • 2 surprise announcements for Disney Cruise vacations
  • 2 surprise announcements for Disney World vacations
  • 2 surprise announcements for Disneyland vacations
Free Download
Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt

What You'll Need

Paper or Cardstock



15 Minutes

How It Works

Follow these steps to plan this super simple Disney vacation scavenger hunt:

  • Print

    Print the clues and announcements you'd like to use. Paper or cardstock - it's up to you.

  • Cut

    Grab your scissors. Cut out each clue, leaving 0.25" of white space around the printed border.

  • Put Clues in Envelopes

    Each clue was designed to fit in a 3.62 x 6.5 sized envelope. I like to hide the clues inside an envelope.

  • Hide the Clues

    Hide the clues in their appropriate hiding places. (Instructions here.)

  • Film the Reactions

    These are priceless moments. Record their surprises. You'll be glad you did.

  • Email Me

    In exchange for this free scavenger hunt, I only ask you let me in on the magic. Email me & tell me how it goes!

Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt Clue in Freezer

Sneak Peek: Some Sample Clues

Here is a sample of the clues you'll find included in this free Disney vacation scavenger hunt.

Want to see the rest? Just download it. It's free!

Answer? Freezer

Answer? Brush

Scavenger Hunt 101: The Basics

Here are the basics of how a scavenger hunt works.

Each clue will lead the child to a hiding place that holds the next clue.
The last clue will lead to an announcement that reveals the prize.

The best way to keep things straight is just jot down the clues in the order you want to deliver them.

If you use my scavenger hunt and clues, you might do them in this order.
(Tip: it’s fun to spread out the clues so they have to run back and forth all over the house.)

1 Nemo Sink
2 Mary Poppins Sugar
3 Sleeping Beauty Bed
4 Cinderella Slipper/Shoe
5 Aladdin/Jasmine Carpet/Rug
6 Belle Book
7 Little Mermaid Tub
8 Snow White Apple
9 Rapunzel Brush
10 Frozen Freezer
11 Lightning McQueen The Car

Give them Clue #1 (Nemo) and that will send them to the sink, where they will find Clue #2 (Mary Poppins).

It goes on like this until the final clue, #11 Lightning McQueen, leads them to the car, where you will have the big reveal waiting for them.

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The Big Reveal

At the end of the scavenger hunt, you’ll use one of our included printable announcements.

If you want to add something tangible at the end of the scavenger hunt, here are a few ideas:

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The Big Reveal Surprise Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt

Same Day Surprise Disney Vacation Scavenger Hunt

Same Day Surprise?

Want to pack the car and surprise the kids the same day?
I intentionally make the last clue of my Disney vacation scavenger hunt end in your car.

This gives you the option of surprising your kids way in advance of your trip OR creating a same-day surprise.

How to Create a Same Day Surprise
Load your ready-to-go bags in your car when kids aren't watching.

When it's time to head out, start this Disney vacation scavenger hunt.

The kids will find the big surprise announcement in the car and you can say "Ready to go? Let's go RIGHT NOW!"

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What People are Saying

My kids loved the scavenger hunt. Since they are only 4 and 3, I think they liked the hunt better than finding out about our trip!Jennifer M. (Covington, Louisiana)
The scavenger hunt was awesome. My girls were running all through the house, laughing and yelling! Thank you so much for creating such a fun activity.Jamie B. (Fort Mill, South Carolina)

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