12 Magical Disneyland Paris Tips

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For anyone considering a Disneyland Paris vacation, the following advice, tips, and tricks will help you save time, save money or make your Disneyland Paris experience even more magical.

So, if you want your vacation to be as magical as possible, use these Disneyland Paris tips to help in planning your trip to Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios parks in France.

Best Disneyland Paris Tips ❤️

Best Disneyland Paris Tips

1) If Needed, You Can Do It All in One Day

Many travelers are visiting Disneyland Paris as part of a vacation to France or greater Europe.

If you’re tight on time, you can definitely squeeze in the full Disneyland Paris experience in one day, including visiting both Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland parks.

Pay careful attention to the train schedules in and out of the Marne-la-Vallée train station and you should be able to create an itinerary that fits into your broader European vacation.

With this knowledge, maybe you can squeeze in a trip to DLP at the beginning or end of a European Disney Cruise itinerary?

2) You can check your luggage

We were coming direct to Disneyland Paris from another part of Europe and our train arrived early in the morning. In order to maximize our day, there was no time to stop at the hotel to drop luggage.

Guest storage at Disneyland Paris

Great news! You can leave your luggage at “Guest Storage”. The cost were 6-10€ depending on the size of the bag. Ours were all 6 euro. Well worth the peace of mind and the time savings.

3) Buy Entrees, Instead of Meals

The menu boards at counter service restaurants are a little confusing.

They highlight the “meal” that comes with entree, side, and drink. It isn’t obvious that you have any other option beside the meal.

To save considerably, order the entree solo. Ask for a printed menu; it should list the a la carte pricing.

4) Pack a Poncho

Rain in Paris is not uncommon, so packing a poncho will help you prepare for some sprinkles.

Weather in Paris, France
Source: Google

5) Space Mountain is Different than the USA Versions

In Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain has a Star Wars theme: Hyperspace Mountain.

Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris is different than Space Mountain in USA

Unlike Disneyland in California or Magic Kingdom in Florida, the French version of the roller coaster is a bit more adventurous.

How? In Paris, Hyperspace Mountain takes you upside down and involves corkscrew twists.

6) Disneyland Paris is Gorgeous

Disney photography buffs will delight in the grounds in and around the entire resort.

Before entering the park, the setting outside of Disneyland Hotel Paris is stunning. We didn’t mind lingering here as we waited for the park to open.

And the castle, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, is my favorite of all Disney park castles. The landscaping, painting and decor are truly breath taking.

Gorgeous Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris

7) Go Into Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Hopefully you can find a quiet moment to explore the inside of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

On the second floor you will find La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant, a gallery of spectacular stained glass windows and tapestries.

These art pieces together tell the story of Sleeping Beauty. Spend some time and dwell at each one.

Beautiful stained glass windows in Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland Paris

8) Visit the Dragon Under Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

The story of Sleeping Beauty really comes to life in the dungeon under the castle. Here you will find a sleeping dragon who will occasionally awake, roar, and hiss smoke at guests.

This is a fun experience you won’t find at the Disney castles in the USA.

9) Take a Photo from the Left Side of the Castle

The grounds are manicured and slope gently up to the castle on the left side (when approaching the castle from the park entrance) and makes for a fantastic photo op.

You can usually find a spot for an uncrowded family picture with the castle rising up behind you.

Great photo op spot at Disneyland Paris

10) Compare Pricing on the UK Site

Before purchasing tickets, compare prices on the UK website, as there is sometimes a variance in price that can give you significant savings. On one check, we saw a difference of $92!

11) How to Predict Crowd Size

One way to guesstimate crowd levels is to research and compare park ticket prices on different days. Generally, when ticket prices are highest is an indication that Disney expects the park to be busiest.

12) Check European Breaks from School

Disneyland Paris is Europe’s theme park. That means that when kids are out of school in Europe, they are more likely to be at Disneyland.

Some quick research on the spring / summer / winter breaks for the local countries can lead you to lower crowds if you do your homework ahead of time.

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Best Disneyland Paris Tips ❤️

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I would love to visit Disneyland Paris one of these days.


These are really awesome tips!! Thank you so much! Saving this for our next trip to Disneyland!

Matt Taylor

Those are great tips! Someday I will visit Paris!