How to Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Ears

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Let’s talk Mickey Ears… my family is obsessed with them! 

My girls were given their first pair of Mickey ears by their Fairy Godmother (aka my best friend who has taken it upon herself to supplement the Disney-fication of my children).  But the older they get, the more ears they want! And buying ears in the parks can really add up.

What’s a Disney craft lover to do?  Make them!

One of the best parts of DIY-ing your own set of ears is that you can customize them exactly how you want them. 

  • Can’t find one for your favorite character? Make it!
  • Have a big head that gets squeezed by the official Disney headbands resulting in a perpetual headache?  Make one using an XL headband!

Since I’m the kind of mom who forces her family to wear custom matching t-shirts to the park everyday (you’re welcome, husband!), it feels like a natural progression for me to create coordinating Mickey Ears for each look too!  

I’m so excited to share with you OVER 30 DIY Mickey Ear tutorials that will provide a great start to get your creativity flowing!

30 DIY Mickey Mouse Ears tutorials

Do you need a Cricut to make these?

Some of these tutorials require a Cricut machine, but many don’t!

For those that DO NOT include instructions for making them with your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore, you can easily adapt the directions to make these adorable DIY Mickey Mouse Ears with your Cricut.

If we have learned anything here at Picture the Magic, it’s that if you can do it… your Cricut can do it easier!  It can cut fabric, paper, cardboard, and foam… all you have to do is assemble. 

Okay, now…on to the tutorials…

Table of Contents

Classic Character Ears

Classic Mickey Mouse Ears DIY Tutorials

1) Sequin Minnie Ears

Everyday Jenny has provided an incredibly detailed tutorial about how to make sequin Minnie Mouse ears using your Cricut maker!  It’s a great place to start your quest for the perfect EAR-spiration!  (Sorry… I couldn’t help myself.) PS – might be fun to pair these with Minnie nails.

2) No Sew Fabric Mickey Ears

Moms Without Answers has created an easy step-by-step tutorial for foam and fabric Mickey ears that you can customize to your heart’s desire!  And it would be even easier if you used your Cricut to cut the fabric for you!

3) Glitter Minnie Ears

These adorable sparkly Minnie ears from Mommy of a Princess cost less than $5 a pair!  Perfect for a birthday party favor, or to make for a girls’ trip to the happiest place on earth!

4) Dumbo Ears

Looking for the perfect ears for a little boy in your life?  These Dumbo ears are bow and sequin free… but they DO have the cutest little feather I’ve ever seen!

5) Lilo and Stitch Ears

This detailed tutorial from Ruffles and Rainboots includes a free SVG file and promises to take you no more than 30 minutes if you use your Cricut to cut the material and foam!

6) Genie from Aladdin Ears

If you decide to make these Genie Ears for a friend, you have my full permission to hand them to them and say, “You ain’t never had a friend like me!”  And then send me the video, please!

7) Glow Stick Mickey Ears

These Glow Stick ears may be the easiest tutorial on our list!  A perfect craft to do with your kids, and one everyone can enjoy once the sun goes down!

8) Dalmatian Ears

I love these no-sew Dalmatian ears from Pretty Providence!  They’ve got me seeing spots!

Disney Princess Mickey Ears

Disney Princess Mickey Ears

1) Belle Enchanted Rose Ears

The magic in these gorgeous Beauty and the Beast inspired ears by Craft Chica will last long after the last petal falls… as will the compliments you’ll get from wearing them!

2) Queen Elsa Frozen Ears

Have a Frozen party and wear these! Clear oval ornaments and a sparkling crown form the base of these stunning ears fit for a queen!  Ruffles and Rainboots generously provided a stencil for the crown, you can easily upload it into Design Space and have your Cricut make all the intricate cuts for you! A Frozen tutorial like this is nice, so you don’t feel like you’re headed “Into the Unknown.”

3) Snow White Ears

I cannot get over how clever these Snow White Ears by Ruffles and Rain Boots are… they include THE apple!  What a cute idea!

4) Jasmine Ears

I think I speak for most mothers-of-daughters here when I say that Princess Jasmine (ala the 2019 live action film) is the strong, yet sensitive feminist hero we all need!  I’m so glad my little girls love her… I do too! And what better way to show my affection for this courageous woman than by wearing some flashy ears in her honor!

5) Ariel Ears

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, and complete with a dinglehopper, these Ariel ears from Ruffles and Rainboots will convince you that life under da sea really is better than anything they’ve got up there!

6) Moana (Tefiti) Ears

These swoon-worthy ears created by Sugar Spice and Glitter are stunning!  Fresh. Whimsical. And very grown-up! Love this Moana elegance.

7) Tiana Ears

This video tutorial from Dream It DIY will walk you thru creating your own Tiana Ears with a light up crown!  Perfect for evening strolls down the bayou.

8) Rapunzel Ears

No need to brush and brush and brush and brush your hair… just pull it back with a set of Rapunzel ears, like these from The Quirky Mom Next Door!

Villain Ears

Disney Villain Mickey Ears

1) Maleficent Ears

Bow down to the Mistress of All Evil herself with these vibrant Maleficent Ears (slash horns, of course) by Kim and Carrie!  These would be perfect for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or when you feel like letting your dark side out in the parks!

2) Ursula Ears

The evil villain from the Little Mermaid has a style all her own. Don’t underestimate the importance of body language… or a stylish set of Ursula Ears.  They’re guaranteed to leave your friends speechless, thanks to this tutorial from Big Bear’s Wife.

3) Evil Queen Ears

Doodlelally has a great step by step video tutorial for customizing generic Mickey ears into a masterpiece that will make the Evil Queen proud.  These ears are the fairest of them all.

4) Cruella DeVille Ears

If these Cruella ears don’t scare you, no evil thing will!  But seriously, these faux fur ears from Cotton Bun are sure to make everyone (including your puppy) happy!

5) Haunted Mansion Ears

Alright, while The Haunted Mansion is not technically a villain, it is a sinister ride for sure!  And these Haunted Mansion ears feature Madame Leota AND the Hitchhiking Ghosts, both of which can be cut out of vinyl using your Cricut!

6) Pumpkin Mickey Ears

These adorable Pumpkin Mickey Ears from The Purple Pumpkin Blog may not specifically be villainous, but they would be perfect for a Halloween visit to the parks or a fun family time of Disney jack-o-lantern carving!  Can you even handle the festiveness?

Pixar Ears

Pixar Mickey Ears

1) Buzz Lightyear & Woody Ears

The Quirky Mom Next Door walks you through how to make a cute 2-in-1 set of Toy Story ears, featuring everyone’s favorite cowboy and space ranger!

2) Jessie Ears

Yeehaw!  Giddyup and make yourself these adorable ears that pay tribute to my favorite cowgirl!  And thanks to the sweet tip to use a pool noodle for the inside of the ears, you’ll be finished crafting and saving critters in no time!

3) Coco Ears

These Coco inspired ears from My Sister’s Suitcase make me un poco loco… and your Cricut is perfect for cutting out sugar skulls from HTV!

4) Up Ears

You can buy Up ears in the park.  But you can also make them for a fraction of the cost, thanks to this video tutorial from Finding Disney!  And again, this project would be made easier by cutting out all your layers with your Cricut!

5) Monsters, Inc. Ears

Show your love for your favorite Kitty with these cute, furry Sully ears.  The tutorial by Miss Lisa Mariano will walk you through making them step by step!

Star Wars Ears

Star Wars Mickey Ears

1) Princess Leia Ears

These DIY Leia ears are so easy to make, you won’t have to ask Obi Wan for help!  Quick and CUTE!

2) Death Star Ears

I’m not gonna lie… these Death Star ears are cool enough to make me want to use the Dark Side of the Force!  I mean, can you even handle that tiny light saber!?! As an added bonus, this tutorial includes SVG files!

3) BB8 Ears

The cutest droid deserves an equally cute set of ears, don’t you think!?!  Luckily, we’ve got the Star Wars tutorial you’re looking for!

4) Ewok Ears

Kat Stays Polished has provided a video tutorial for Ewok ears that are as cute and cuddly as the giant Star Wars teddy bears whose resemblance they bear!  (Get it… bear!?!? Sorry, not sorry.)

5) Fabric Star Wars Ears

Bust out your sewing machine (and use your Cricut to make & cut the pattern)… and these Star Wars fabric ears will be finished at light speed!

Which set of Mickey Mouse Ears is your favorite? Have you used your Cricut to make Mickey Ears? Tell us in the comments.

Katie Allen
Katie Allen

Katie Allen is an avid crafter, baker, teacher, and lover of all things Disney! When she’s not busy making things or visiting The Happiest Place on Earth, Katie loves to spend time outside with her husband and two daughters!

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