25 Best Dobby Fan Art

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Dobby fan art is popular Harry Potter fan art! You might also like Dumbledore, Deathly Hallows and Draco Malfoy fan art.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of our favorite examples of Dobby fan art!

If you’re a true Dobby fan who loves to draw or simply appreciates good art, then this round-up of Dobby fan art is going to inspire your creativity.

We scoured the internet to find shareable fan art and we’ve curated some truly incredible pieces of art here.

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And we hope this will inspire you to create your own works of art. Digital, hand-drawn, whatever your medium, your artwork can be a great expression of your affinity for Dobby.

Our Favorite Dobby Fan Art

Dobby has become a favorite amongst Harry Potter fans and it’s no wonder why. It’s not hard to see why fans are as passionate about Dobby as they are.

Below are some of our favorite fan art pieces featuring Dobby, hope you enjoy our curated collection!

Dobby Fan Art

Dobby is a house-elf who served the Malfoy family. He was introduced in the second book of the series, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” and appeared in subsequent books.

DOBBY- The First Free Elf

Dobby was freed from the Malfoy family’s service by Harry Potter in the second book.

Chapter 2 Dobby’s Warning

In the books, Dobby is described as small and skinny, with large, bat-like ears and bulging green eyes. He wears a tea towel for a loincloth and carries a battered old pillowcase for a bag.

Dobby hears things

Dobby has an endearing personality, often expressing his loyalty and gratitude to Harry Potter.

Dobby trying out different outfits

Despite being freed from the Malfoy family, Dobby continued to wear a piece of clothing that belonged to them as a sign of his former servitude.

Dobby And Winky

Dobby’s loyalty to Harry Potter often put him in danger, including in the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” where he tried to warn Harry of a plot against his life and was punished by his former masters.

Magical Goodness

In “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” Dobby helps Harry by smuggling gillyweed into Hogwarts to help him breathe underwater during the Triwizard Tournament.

Pencil Work of “Dobby”

In “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix,” Dobby serves as a spy for the Order of the Phoenix, gathering information about the Death Eaters and their activities.

Vector Potter 15: Dobby

Dobby was portrayed in the films by actor Toby Jones, who also voiced the character in the video games.

Happy Holidays!

The character of Dobby was created by author J.K. Rowling to represent the issue of slavery and the mistreatment of those in servitude.

Dobby is a free house-elf

Dobby’s name is derived from a combination of “dobby,” a type of fabric, and “dobbin,” a term used for a loyal horse or servant.

Dobby’s day

According to Rowling, the inspiration for Dobby’s character came from the fact that her own mother suffered from multiple sclerosis and was often confined to a wheelchair, much like the way house-elves were kept in servitude.

Dobby got a sock

Dobby’s death in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was a heartbreaking moment for many fans of the series.

Dobby never meant to kill.

In the films, Dobby’s death scene was extended from the book, allowing for a more emotional farewell to the character.

Dobby has come to protect

Dobby’s final words, “Harry… Potter,” have become an iconic line among fans of the series.

Dobby as santa

Dobby’s death inspired a wave of fan art, memorials, and tributes from fans all over the world.

Dobby made present to Harry

Dobby is a popular character for cosplay, with many fans dressing up in homemade house-elf costumes at events like Comic-Con and Harry Potter-themed parties.

Harry and Kreacher: The Chase

Dobby’s character has been parodied in a variety of media, including “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy,” and “South Park.”

Dobby and Kreacher

Dobby has been featured in a number of Harry Potter spin-off materials, including video games, theme park attractions, and merchandise.

Freehand Drawing Pencil on Paper.

In the video game adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” Dobby serves as a guide to Harry throughout the game.

You shall not harm Harry Potter!

Dobby is a playable character in the LEGO Harry Potter video game series.

20 Minutes – Dobby

In the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks, visitors can see a statue of Dobby in the Hogwarts castle area.

Chamber of Secrets-FanArt

Dobby’s character has inspired a number of fan theories, including one that suggests he was a reincarnation of a famous wizard.

Socks are Dobby’s favorite

Goodbye Dobby


When looking for Dobby fan art, it can be hard to find the best quality artwork.

But never fear! We’ve curated a collection of Dobby fan art that we think you’ll love.

If you like these, you might also enjoy more Harry Potter fan art here.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below!

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