3 Free Face Mask Patterns

Not about Disney, but I wanted to share it anyways. 
(Thank you for bearing with me 🙏)

It is now recommended to wear cloth face mask when going out. 😷

Want to make your own mask?

3 Free Face Mask Patterns

Here are three FREE face mask patterns to choose from:

  1. DIY Overhead Face Mask
  2. Pleated No-Elastic Face Mask
  3. No-Sew Folded Face Mask

Each is provided by Bluprint.
Each has a step-by-step video tutorial.

DIY Overhead Face Mask

Pleated No-Elastic Face Mask

No Sewing! Folded Face Mask

Here’s How to Get the Tutorials

Follow these steps:

Step 1) Click this button to get a free Bluprint “Preview”

The orange button below signs you up for a free preview.
The preview allows you to see all their tutorials.
Never fear, the sewing tutorial is 100% free.
Just add your email address. No credit card is required.

NOTE: When creating account, click “Start Watching”, not “Sign In”

Step 2) Search for “Mask”

Enter the term “Mask” in the search box. Then press “Enter”.

Search for the term “Mask” – then press “Enter”

The step-by-step guide will be the first result. Click it and you’re in:

Click this and you’re in!
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