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Every included free Cricut font was discovered around the web. Each has a license for personal use only.

About the Fonts

Picture the Magic did not create these fonts but assembled them for you from free font distribution sites online. Each has their own license agreement. Each free Cricut font is available for free personal use only as of the date of this writing. The fonts presented on this website are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain.

Free Cricut Fonts

There are so many incredible fonts available on the internet FOR FREE!  Thousands of them are perfect for using with your Cricut. But many are not.

What makes some fonts more Cricut-friendly than others?  CLEANLINESS.

When choosing a font for a vinyl project, for example, you don’t want to weed hundreds of microscopic pieces out of a font that’s made to look purposely distressed.  That would be tedious, time consuming, and ultimately infuriating.

It’s better to stick with fonts that are easy to read AND easy to weed!

PRO TIP: For water bottles and tumblers, I recommend using script fonts with connected letters, and avoiding anything overly skinny.  This will help them hold up better to water and washing. Makes sense, right?

I spent hours scouring the internet and compiling this collection of 50 of my favorite fonts to use with your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore!  They are all FREE for personal use.

And when I say these are my favorites, I mean it.  I have personally used each one of these fonts in a project for me or a Cricut craft for the kids…  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Handwritten Script Fonts

Always in My Heart

This cursive font is clean and streamlined, and looks best when used in all lowercase!  Pair it with a simple uppercase handwritten font for a well-balanced look!

50+ Free Cricut Fonts

Better Together

This thin, whimsical cursive font is eye-catching and fun!  It’s one of my favorites!

50+ Free Cricut Fonts


Billskates is a strong, grounded cursive font that adds gravity to designs.  It’s great for t-shirts and signs.

50+ Free Cricut Fonts

Boho Script

This whimsical font has a lot of up-and-down movement of the letters.  It looks like a real signature, and is one of my favorites for shorts phrases or adding interest with a few words in a project.

50+ Free Cricut Fonts


Bromello is a bold brush script font.  It exudes handwritten charm and holds its own in any project.

50+ Free Cricut Fonts


If you’re looking for an elegant, formal calligraphy font, look no further.  Lavanderia adds an air of sophistication with is gentle curves and sweeping style.

50 Free Cricut Fonts


LillyBelle is a fun mix of bold, handwritten script.  The lowercase letters are cursive and the uppercase letters are disconnected.  It’s playful and intriguing.

50 Free Cricut Fonts


Marline is the Valentine’s Day of fonts!  Even the i’s are dotted with hearts! So cute, curly, and fun!

50+ Free Fonts for Cricut and Silhouette

Kitten Monoline

This streamlined cursive font is lilting and smooth.  It pairs well with bold statement fonts and can stand alone as well.

50+ Free Cricut Fonts for Personal Use


Sacramento offers a streamlined, slightly masculine vibe in a category primarily dominated by ultra-feminine cursive fonts!  It’s one of my favorite for any gifts, nametags, etc. for the men in my life!

50 Free Cricut Fonts


This is one of my favorite fonts EVER!  Why? Because it has a perfectly gorgeous lowercase script AND equally adorable uppercase sans.  Hence, it’s featured twice in this post, so you can see it at work both ways! Trust me when I say you’ll go back to this one over and over and over again!

50+ Free Cricut Fonts
50+ Free Cricut Fonts

Sweet Hipster

Just like Shorthalt, Sweet Hipster has earned itself a double-listing.  It also has an amazing brush script lowercase as well as cutesy uppercase letters!  Tied for my favorite!!

50+ Cricut Fonts for Free Use

Handwritten Sans Serif Fonts

Amatic SC

Skinny.  All-caps.  Youthful. This is one of my go-to fonts for chalkboards and gift tags because it pairs so well with a variety of script fonts!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

CF Jack Story

CF Jack Story is the font you would get if a Kindergarten Teacher with perfect handwriting and a Crayola marker wrote for you.  It is fun, dreamy, and as cute as they come!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Coconut Cookies

Sweet and Chunky.  This font is everything I would want in an actual coconut cookie.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Dancing Marker

I love that Dancing Marker includes some letters that look slightly quirky and unexpected!  It makes a fun addition to any project, and definitely looks handwritten.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Jenna Sue

My best friend in college had handwriting that looked exactly like this… effortless perfection.  I always wished I wrote like that… and now (my Cricut) can!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

KG Dark Side

There’s nothing “dark” about this font.  It is Kindergarten-teacher Perfection!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

KG Next to Me

KG Next to Me looks like you used a marker to mimic a typewriter.  It is a fun crossover font that tows the line between handwritten and machine-made.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

KG Seven Sixteen

This cute font reminds me of my sister’s handwriting.  It’s cute without trying too hard. Very unassuming.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

KG Strawberry Limeade

Playful.  Curly. Capitals mixed in with lowercase.  This is my DREAM handwriting. I find myself going back to this one time and time again.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut


Luna is a non-cursive brush script.  It is easy to read, looks genuinely handwritten, and is perfect for mixing with script fonts!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Please Write Me a Song

Kindergarten teacher, meet fine point marker!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Shadows Into Light

Shadows Into Light is another breezy handwritten font.  It’s not frilly or fluffy. It can stand alone or pair with other, more decorative fonts.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Shorthalt (sans)

As I mentioned above, I cannot get enough of this font.  It’s basically two fonts in one and pairs well with itself!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

Sweet Hipster

Oh, Sweet Hipster… I just love you!  If you liked the lowercase script, be sure to check out these uppercase cuties!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut

The Absolute

The Absolute is another one of those rare handwritten fonts with a masculine vibe.  And I am here for it, my friends!

50+ Free Cricut Fonts

Strong, Statement Fonts

Anchor Jack

I love the personality oozing out of this font.  It is the perfect mix of strong and playful.

50 Free Fonts for Cricut


Bebas is big, bold, and unapologetic.  This font has presence to spare!

50 Free Fonts for Cricut


Birmingham is so regal.  I imagine if I was commissioned to do a Cricut project for the Queen, she would insist I used this font!  😉


I love how round, smooth, and balanced Cocogoose is.  It is perhaps my favorite of the super-bold fonts I’ve included in this category.  And it paris beautifully with delicate script fonts!


This all-caps font is tall, quirky, and makes a big statement!

Grand Hotel

This swift, retro-feeling cursive font is so versatile.  It pairs best with a clean modern typeface font.


Bold, smooth, and beautiful.  The lowercase is totally connected versions of the letters.  And the uppercase letters feature ultra cool missing sections.  It’s fun to mix and match this font!


Lemon/Milk is a strong, angular font that feels distinctly masculine to me.  It’s a great stand-alone that can also pair well with lighter, more playful fonts!


This bold cursive font is perfect for retro-looking projects!  It is easy to read and just begs to be on a giant sign!

Market Deco

This font just begs to be on a storefront.  It is angular, not too wide, and perfectly spaced.  All the heart eyes for this one!

Mouse Deco

Mouse Deco is very similar to Market Deco, just more angular, and more condensed.  It is a great alternative if you want something a little less round.

Neon 80s

If round is your thing, Neon 80s is the font for you!


Pacifico just screams ocean to me… so I like to use it for beach-related things… party invites, printables, vacation shirts, etc.

Ritzy Remix

The Great Gatsby himself would have used this daring font on an invitation for one of his lavish soirees.  It is simply fantastic!

Swistblnk Monthoers

This font is the only exception to my easy-to-weed rule because it is so dreamy!  I usually just don’t weed out the tiny dots in the middle of the letters…

Clean & Modern Fonts

Caviar Dreams

Skinny.  Clean. And SUPER pointy.  I love this font, especially when used in contrast with a super curvy handwritten script font.

Champagne & Limousines

This is hands-down my go-to font when I want a simple, minimalist aesthetic.  I love how round the letters are, and how streamlined the font is.


Cocomat feels like a slightly gentler version of Champagne & Limousines.  It pairs well with most other fonts, and while it doesn’t stand out on it’s own, it’s the perfect team player to complete a project with!


Debock feels like a futuristic typewriter to me.  It’s a little familiar, and a little quirky. And I really dig it!

Josefin Sans

Speaking of futuristic typwriters, Josefin Sans is another typeface that feels old and new all at the same time!


If I’m not using Champagne & Limousines, there’s a good chance I’ll pick Quicksand.  It is gentle, simple, and practically perfect!


Raleway is an unassuming typeface with a surprise “w” for the win!


Simplifica just screams clean and modern to me!  I am mesmerized everytime I use it!

Speedball No3

By far the quirkiest of the fonts I included on the Clean/Modern list, Speedball No. 3 is clean and playful.  It provides levity and attitude!

Star Avenue

This Star Wars-esque font is a great option for this, yet simple typeface letters.  I like that the letters are slightly rounded, and yet still create clean lines.

How to Install Your New Fonts

Are you new to the world of custom fonts?
Note: these fonts will not work on a phone, mobile device, or table. 

Here are some resources to help you:

How to Use a Downloaded Font in Cricut Design Space

Once you have installed a font onto your computer, it is EASY to use it in Cricut Design Space.  Here’s how you do it.

  • From any project canvas, insert TEXT.
  • Click on the dropdown font menu (top left) to change the font.
  • At the top center of the screen, select SYSTEM.  This will show you all the fonts you have installed on your computer.
  • If you want, you can SEARCH for the name of the font to find it quickly!

Get More Free Fonts

Looking for even more free fonts for Cricut or other use?  Check out our collection of free TRAVEL fonts, our Collection of free DISNEY fonts, or the Star Wars font.  The majority of those font collections would also work well with your Cricut!

Happy Crafting!  And as always, please tag us in your projects, @picturethemagic, for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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Love all of these!


Thank you for the great resource! There are a lot of cool options here!

Sara Welch

I always love discovering new fonts; so excited to try these out!