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Watching Free Disney Cruise DVD

Free Disney Cruise Video or DVD

Disney Cruise Line is offering a free Disney Cruise Planning Tool that highlights all that makes Disney Cruise the perfect family vacation. A "must-get" if you really want to understand what makes a Disney Cruise magical. What's On It:
  • Disney Cruise Overview
  • Entertainment & Destination
  • Fun for Families
  • Staterooms & Dining

How to Get Your Free Disney Cruise Video

Click this graphic to request your free Disney Cruise planning tool.

Available to US, Canada, UK residents only.

There really is no catch. No credit card. No shipping. Disney sends this absolutely free.

Pssst...did you click that graphic?

That’s the only way to get this offer!

This offer is sometimes available in Free Disney Cruise DVD form or in other online forms. Disney keeps us guessing! Either way, the offer is completely free.

What’s Inside the Free Disney Cruise DVD?

What's Inside the Free Disney Cruise DVD


Immerse yourself in the magic


What makes Disney Cruise restaurants so special


So much to do while on-board


Tour a Disney Cruise stateroom


Where does Disney Cruise sail?


Fun at every port of call

Just for Kids

Magic everywhere for kids

Tweens / Teens

About the youth clubs

Who Should Order a Free Disney Cruise DVD?

1) Dreamers (Who Need Motivation)

Considering a Disney Cruise as a vacation? Maybe you wonder if can live up to the hype. This DVD gives you a visual overview of what your vacation would be like.

As someone who has been on several Disney Cruises, I can tell you that while, yes, this DVD is a masterful marketing piece, it is also an accurate depiction of what happens on the ship. Sure, the photo ops and magical moments portrayed on screen have been carefully produced. But the content, the feeling, the emotion that is conveys is spot on.

This DVD is a perfect compliment to my article 10 Reasons Why Disney Cruise is Best Vacation for Families.

Kayak on DVD about Disney Cruise

Aquaduck from Free Disney Cruise DVD

2) Planners (Who Need a Mental Picture)

Reading about all of Disney Cruise Line’s amenities and reviewing photographs online are helpful. Seeing live video footage, however, is truly powerful.

With this DVD, you can see what it is like to walk the decks of the cruise ship, get a sense for the fun of the water slides, tour different types of staterooms, and get a glimpse of all the entertainment on-board.

3) Parents (Who Want to Build Excitement)

Prior to each Disney Cruise that I’ve taken with my family, I have ordered the most recent version of the free DVD to watch together. It never fails to get us excited!

Before our first cruise, watching the video helped all of us (mom, dad, kids) to visualize all the fun that lay ahead of us. For subsequent cruises, we loved viewing the DVD because it just reminded us of all the magic we experienced on previous cruises and rocketed our excitement levels to new heights.

Sunset from Free Disney Cruise DVD

Pro-Tip: Build Hype with Kids

If you’re looking to build excitement with your children, order the free Disney Cruise DVD in your child’s name.

Kids love to receive mail! When the disk shows up in the mailbox, watch your little one’s eyes light up as he or she opens it and puts it into the DVD player.

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Free Disney Cruise DVD

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