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Updated for 2021.

Get your own free Disney decal of your family!

Free Disney Decal

First, create your own custom stick figure family. Then, Disney will mail you a free Disney decal of your family at absolutely no cost to you.

This is a no-brainer for any family that loves Disney vacations or is dreaming or planning for an upcoming trip.

What You Get:
  • Custom image of your own family as stick figures
  • Free Disney family sticker in the mail

How to Get Your Free Disney Decal


Click THIS GRAPHIC to request your free Disney Decal in the mail.

Takes 4-6 weeks to arrive.
Available to US residents only.

There really is no catch. No credit card. No shipping. Disney sends this absolutely free.

Psst! Did you click that graphic?

That's the only way to get this offer!

No graphic to click? If so, Disney may have paused the campaign.
Click here and I'll email you when it's back.

Step by Step Guide to Make Your Free Disney Decal

How to Build Your Disney Family

1) Click on the Graphic Above & Start with First Family Member

The first step to gain access to the Build Your Disney Family free decal is to click the graphic above (further up on the page where it says "Click this graphic")

Once you do, you'll be taken to a screen where you can begin to create your own Disney stick figure family. 

You'll customize a character for each member of your family.

Pick your first character and follow the instructions. 

How to Build Your Disney Family - Step One Choose a Family Member

2) Customize Each Character; Create Their Look

This is the fun part! 

To customize each character, you choose from a wide variety of options to give each person their own "look." 

Options include hairstyle, clothing, headgear (including a tiara!), moustaches, and even accessories. My favorite is the churro, of course! 

Enjoy this part and customize every detail! 

Once you have a completed each character you can add another. 

The choices vary for adult, teen, child, and pet. 

How to Build Your Disney Family - Step One Choose a Family Member
Create the look for each family member

3) Select Your Disney Decal Background

Pick your park! Disney park, that is.

At this stage, you'll customize the background of your Disney decals by selecting from one of the following Disney Parks:

  • Disneyland Park
  • Disneyland California Adventure
  • Disney World's Magic Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom

You can also select "No Background" as an option. 

Free Disney Decals Choose Background

4) Give Your Family a Name (optional)

Put a label at the bottom of your image with your name on it. 

On this step, you can choose what you want it to say. For my family, I simply did "The Molen Family" (I know, really creative, right?) 

Additionally, Disney gives you the chance to put one of the following captions on your Disney family sticker:

  • Dreaming of a Disney Parks vacation!
  • We're planning our Disney Parks vacation!
  • Counting the days until our Disney Parks vacation!

Note: This is entire step optional, so you don't have to add a name or text or any caption at all. 

Free Disney Parks DVD Build Excitement

5) Download Your Image

Now that your free Disney decal is created to your liking, there are two very important steps remaining. 

First, download your free image to your computer! You can use it to showcase on your computer as as desktop wallpaper, or add it to your social media accounts for some Disney flair. 

To capture the image to your computer, simply click the "Download Image" button and the graphic will be saved to your computer automatically in a JPG format. 

Download the image of your free Disney decal stick figure family

6) Order Your Free Disney Decal

You did it! See how easy it was to build your Disney family decal?

The final step is to give Disney the information they need to print and mail you (absolutely free) your family stick figure decal in the mail.

Click "Order Your Free Decal" and simply follow the instructions from there.

That's it! You'll receive an email telling you that your Disney Parks stick figure decal is on its way.

It'll take 4 to 6 weeks for the Disney decals to arrive in the mail.

Also, this offer is only available to US residents, over 18 years old.

This Disney windows decal is a fun way to celebrate your love and fandom for Mickey and company.

How to order your free Disney decalYou

Pro-Tip: Build Hype with Kids

If you’re looking to build excitement with your children, order the free Disney Decal in your child’s name. Kids love to receive mail! When the Disney decals shows up in the mailbox, watch your little one’s eyes light up as he or she opens it!

Build Your Disney Side

This program by Disney used to be called Build Your Disney Side - the idea was that your family would show off their "Disney Side"...because everyone has a Disney side, right?

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Get a free Disney Decal sticker of your family! Build your Disney family!