How to Get Cheap Disney Plus Subscription

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Disney used to offer a free Disney Plus trial. While there are no current ways to get Disney Plus for free, this promotion comes pretty close.

The Disney Plus streaming service regularly costs $7.99 per month, or $79.99 per year to subscribe.

Think of it as Netflix for Disney.

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In this tip, I will show you how to get a full year of Disney+ for just $27.49. No gimmicks.

How to Get Disney Plus Cheap

This hack will save you $52.50 on your first year!

What we’ll do

In short, we sign up for a new Rakuten account and get $52.50 in cashback by purchasing through their link.

Here’s the breakdown:

Disney+ Annual Subscription$79.99
– Rakuten Cashback($12.50)
– Rakuten Welcome Bonus($40.00)

Ready? Follow these steps to get one year of Disney+ for just $27.49.

Step 1: New Rakuten Account

Sign up for a free, new Rakuten account by clicking this button:

It will look like this:

Just follow the steps to create a new account.

Note: when you place your first order through a Rakuten link, you will get $40 cash back.

Step 2: Type “Disney+” in the Search

Now that you are logged in as a Rakuten user (important…you must be logged in), go up to the Search field and type “Disney+”. Then press “Enter.”

Looks like this:

Step 3: Select “Disney+ Annual Subscription”

You’ll then be shown eligible Cash Back categories.

Select the option “Disney+ Annual Subscription”.

By clicking that link and then placing your order, you’ll get $12.50 cash back.

Cash Back categories on Rakuten for Disney Plus
How to get $12.50 cash back

Once you click that link, you’ll see an image that looks like this:

Screenshot of rakuten cash back for Disney plus

Step 4: Place Your Order for Annual Subscription

Click the link that says “Sign up for Disney+ only.”

Select the option that says “View All Plan Options”

Then select the $7.99/mo option.

Breaking it Down

Here’s how the math works:

Disney+ Annual Subscription$79.99
– Rakuten Cashback($12.50)
– Rakuten Welcome Bonus($40.00)

Enjoy your cheap Disney Plus subscription!


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Don stogsdill

Hello, will certain dvd or blu ray players not work? THank you


I will be paying through PayPal. So far my balance is still $69.99. Is the $40 Welcome Bonus subtracted later?


Thank you!


Hi! I did not receive the Welcome Bonus for $40 (I only received $10 plus the $12.50). I was told that to receive the $40 Welcome Bonus, I had to use a referral link from a friend(even though I followed your directions). I did not see a referral link from you in your post (maybe I missed it)? This was the response when I contacted Customer Service.
*Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your email. The $40 Welcome Bonus promotion was for members who signed up using a referral link.

If you were referred by someone, please reply with their email address.

If you were not referred by another member, you are only eligible for the $10 Welcome Bonus.

Thanks for your help!


Disney never gave Rakuten my info and Rakuten says they can only give me the 12.50 cash back if Disney tells them. I talked to another friend that tried it and didn’t get the credit promised either and Rakuten told her there was nothing they could do about it, either. So… no 12.50 for me.