Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World: The Ultimate Guide

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Good morning Galaxy’s Edge!

With Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise in 2012, Star Wars fans of all ages eagerly awaited the new concepts and ideas that would come from this new collaboration. Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Studios have long had a good working relationship, and we were sure that with this stronger bond, nothing but good come from it (in spite of all the naysayers!).

They did not disappoint.

Not to downplay the incredible new films and television shows, but the greatest triumph came forth in the form of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Black Spire Outpost.

This fully immersive experience, found both in Disneyland and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, brings you into the Star Wars universe in the most unbelievable way. Landing smack in the middle of the planet Batuu, you find yourself surrounded by many familiar sights and sounds of a Star Wars trading settlement and market. Even the signs, with the interstellar language of Aurebesh, will draw your attention.

From the overall aesthetic to the dining and shopping with everything in between, you could spend a whole park day in just this land!

Whether you’re a long time Star Wars fan or if you’ve never seen a second of the films, if you’re headed to Disneyland or Hollywood Studios you have to check out Galaxy’s Edge.

Navigating the Outpost

Map of Galaxy’s Edge from the My Disney Experience app

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Welcome to Batuu

From the moment you enter Galaxy’s Edge, you will be blown away.

The concept behind Galaxy’s Edge is to take guests out of the world they know, even out of the park itself, and off to a galaxy far, far away. Long term, guests will even have the chance to stay at a Star Wars-themed resort from which you’ll enter the park. This was the goal from the beginning, and trust me, they’ve absolutely achieved it.

What stood out to us right away was the theming. Every element, every detail, every nuance has been thought through and designed to fit within this specific location in the Star Wars universe. Even the bathrooms conform to the look of Black Spire Outpost!

Those aren’t soap dispensers, those are the hand dryers!

The architecture fits with what you would expect from a Star Wars film, combining familiar areas like Tatooine and Takodana into a new world all its own. Batuu, the planet on which Black Spire Outpost is located, exists in the Star Wars book series, and is a forgotten farming planet that is now a haven for smugglers. You can sense the seediness of the neighborhood (in a charming, Disney-esque sort of way) as well as the dependence on trade and commerce with the traditional market feel.

Plenty of other small touches take you beyond our world and into the Star Wars universe. Instead of saying “Good Morning,” the Cast Members of Galaxy’s Edge greet you with a friendly “Bright Suns!” As you leave, it isn’t “good-bye,” it’s “until the Spire.” You don’t spend dollars here, you spend galactic credits. The gift cards you can purchase in the shops are even made to look like silver and gold credits.

Honestly, I haven’t felt so awed by a new land at Disney World since the opening of Pandora…and this was even better.

Rides and Attractions

Galaxy’s Edge boasts much of the latest and greatest ride technology that Disney has to offer, coming to life in the land’s two main attractions – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance. Beyond the rides, let your creative side loose by building your own lightsaber or droid to take home. You’ll really feel the immersion of Black Spire Outpost with these experiences!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

A centerpiece of Galaxy’s Edge, the Millennium Falcon is a lifelike masterpiece. You’ll be shocked not to see Chewbacca in the cockpit!

Walking into the attraction, the setting is Hondo Ohnaka’s smuggling – er – shipping depot, where you have been brought on as new recruits. Your job is to fly the Falcon to help Hondo retrieve merchandise to sell to particular buyers…while staying under the radar of the First Order.

The theming of the depot is amazing, with the occasional sound of Hondo’s workers echoing through the halls to give the ride an authentic feel. As you twist through the queue, you will get to see different areas of the shipping yard as well as multiple views of the Falcon. It’s a great chance to take pictures!

View of the Falcon from inside Smuggler’s Run

Once inside, you’ll meet the man himself, and Hondo will explain your mission to you with the help of his faithful droid companion. From there, Cast Members will bring you into the Millennium Falcon and then into the cockpit.

Welcome to Hondo’s, my friend!

Let me tell you, the look inside the Falcon is amazing. Fans of the films will think they stepped on set, it’s that good. While you can’t really explore the room right now, the hope is that the slightly less structured queuing will return when some of the restrictions are lifted.

Once you come into the cockpit, you’ll be even more blown away. The littlest details bring the Millennium Falcon’s main hub to life in a way you would have never dreamed possible!

There are six seats for the ride – two pilots, two gunners, and two engineers. Each of these seats has a particular job, and therefore particular controls, associated with it. And this ship, she’s interactive – this isn’t like Mission Space over at Epcot, where the ride will be the same no matter when you push that button. Your actions at your post will determine what happens in the ride. The pilot can really crash into a rock formation, a gunner can shoot a tie fighter, and the engineer might actually miss their target.

Much like a video game, you earn a score based on how well you complete the mission, and how damaged the Millennium Falcon is at the end of your flight. The more you ride it, the better you’ll get, and the better you’ll score!

When you come off the ride, you may find yourself greeted by the sound of electrical wires sizzling and popping, as well as lights flashing, if your pilots weren’t all that great. Even in the exit, your actions in-flight impact your experience.

Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest rides I’ve ever ridden, and that includes Flight of Passage. It’s the interactive nature of the ride coupled with the storyline that really makes it, when you have a full cockpit you all have to work together to complete the mission. It brings to life your Star Wars dream of flying the Millennium Falcon.

Rise of the Resistance

Calling Rise of the Resistance a “ride” doesn’t seem quite right, it’s more of an immersive experience, with a touch of role-playing thrown in. Three separate “acts” of the attraction form a nearly 20 minute experience, from the moment you finish winding through the queue to when you disembark from the ride vehicle. Trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever done at Disney World before!

Before we continue, there’s an important piece of information we’ve got to cover – boarding passes. In order to ride this ride, you have to have one. No ifs, ands, or buts. Twice a day, you have the chance to use your My Disney Experience app to join a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance. If you get into a virtual queue, you will receive a boarding pass and a boarding group number. When your number is called, that is when you can come to the ride to get in the physical line for the ride. Everyone in your party must have a boarding pass to ride. Anyone without a boarding pass will not be permitted, and you can’t come ahead of your boarding group.

Ok, now that’s finished! When you come inside the queuing area, it is meant to look as though you have come into an underground base of the Resistance against the First Order. Uniforms, weapons, and even tracks of machinery on the ground show you that this is a working base, ready to spring into action at any moment.

Act 1 – Transport

When you finish going through the line, you will be brought into a briefing room where you will see BB-8 and hear an important message from Rey regarding the Resistance efforts. From there, you are ushered across the luscious grounds of the rebel base planet to your hidden transport, where you are meant to be flying with an escort to transport you to the new base on Batuu.

However, things do not go according to plan. In mid-flight, your transport is spotted and captured by the First Order, with Poe Dameron leaving you to fetch help. Brought in by tractor beam, your small transport ship is no match for the power of a starship.

 Act 2 – Captive

When the door opens, officers of the First Order (Cast Members) will usher you out of the transport and direct you for processing. As this is part of the whole experience, these First Order Cast Members are very much in character. Stiff, sharp, and comically intimidating, the First Order officers bark orders with a straight face and direct you into your prison cell. If you are worried that this might scare your younger space travelers, warn them ahead of time or suggest that they do not ride.

Once in your holding cell, Kylo Ren and General Hux appear to begin your interrogation. However, they are interrupted, and leave you for a moment to see what is causing the trouble. For a few moments, you wait in the cell, and all is quiet. Unexpectedly, you hear a commotion coming from what seems to be inside the walls. All of sudden, sections of the wall start to glow as they are cut into, a panel moves aside, and there is a member of the Resistance, here to rescue you!

Act 3 – Let’s Get out of Here!

Once freed from your cell, the rebels direct you into your prisoner transport (the actual ride vehicle), driven by a droid. This droid has one job – to get you to the escape pods and off the starship!

From here, you wind through the areas of the starship searching for the escape pods. This ride brings together a host of Disney ride technologies – trackless cars in their pre-programmed dance, animatronics, musical themes and sound effects, even a free fall drop and virtual reality fly through space.

Your droid guide takes you on multiple decks, looking for a way out, landing you up in mission control and on the run from Kylo Ren. You even have to navigate the gun decks, trying to time the dash between canons correctly so as not to be hit during the recoil. When all seems hopeless, the Resistance fleet arrives to provide a distraction that allows you to get away!

Entering the escape pod, you drop out of the ship and fly like the wind to get to the Resistance base on Batuu, landing in a less-than-graceful manner but arriving in one piece. Your little droid friend then smoothly guides your vehicle to the exit point, when the ride is finished.

In our opinion, Rise of the Resistance is well worth the effort it takes to get a boarding pass (I had to get mine while riding Smuggler’s Run). Disney has outdone themselves with this one, and you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Savi’s Workshop

While not a ride, Savi’s Workshop is one of the most fun interactive experiences I’ve had at Walt Disney World. While it does cost roughly $200 a builder, you are left with a high-quality souvenir and incredible memories.

Work stations inside Savi’s Workshop

Let’s start with the lightsaber itself. Firstly, don’t try to call it a “lightsaber” in front of Cast Members, it’s “scrap metal.” Saying “lightsaber” will get you caught by the First Order, you see? Second, this isn’t a cheap, plastic lightsaber (although they do sell those at Hollywood Studios and World of Disney at Disney Springs). This lightsaber is made from real metal pieces with real heft – it’s definitely not a toy. Finally, you get to choose from four different lightsaber designs – Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. Each of these designs comes with a small variety of parts, allowing you to piece together your own personal lightsaber design.

When you check in for your appointment time (yes, you have to reserve this experience in advance), you will choose your lightsaber style and be directed to your building group. You also get a fun commemorative pin based on the “scrap metal” you chose, which also lets the Cast Members know which set of pieces to give you.

Once inside the workshop, Cast Members called “Gatherers” direct you to your building station. If you want to bring a non-builder, you can, but they do need to stand back from the station in a set location. From here, the experience really begins.

The Gatherers within Savi’s take on characters within the experience, explaining the lore of lightsabers and the Jedi that wielded them. They are dedicated to protecting and preserving the traditions of the Jedi, and seek to instill that mission in you.

Your main instructor explains the kyber crystals, their colors, and significance. In the Savi’s experience, there are four kyber crystal colors – blue, green, purple, and red. For a fan of Star Wars, it is almost an emotional journey, feeling the connection to beloved characters who feel real in the moment. Gorgeous music serves as a backdrop to everything that is happening, particularly created to match the phases of the build.

After choosing your crystal, you’ll get building. It is a bit loud in the workshop, so be prepared for that, as the metal pieces clang together and the workshop assistants all give the directions at once. You can put on pieces, change them out, and come up with the lightsaber look that works best for you!

All at once, you have a constructed lightsaber, and you’ll place your finished hilt into a special holding area so that the workshop assistants can attach your blade properly. The music swells as the entire group lifts the finished sabers into the air, and you are given instructions by a Jedi master from the beyond.

My lightsaber process – Elemental Nature

Finishing up, a Cast Member provides you with a cushioned carrier for your finished lightsaber, and you’re on your way.

This is a slightly cumbersome souvenir, however, you don’t have to carry it around all day. You head over to the Droid Depot (skip the line out front and go straight to the registers in the back of the shop) or to Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Both of these shops will send your lightsaber back to your resort for you. If you aren’t staying on property, there is a designated location near the main entrance (which is also the main exit) of Hollywood Studios where you can drop off your lightsaber and pick it up on your way out.

Droid Depot

The other awesome building experience at Galaxy’s Edge is the Droid Depot, where you can build your own R2 or BB model to scoot around at home. This tends to attract younger space travelers, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for kids!

Like the Savi’s Workshop experience, you will need to make a reservation in advance. When you arrive at the depot, you’ll get checked in with a Cast Member before beginning your build. If you just want to come in and check out the depot, you can, and you can also make a same-day registration. However, remember that this is a popular experience, so we highly recommend you make your reservation ahead of time.

Your droid friend will cost $99 (plus tax), and you can purchase a backpack-style carrier in addition to the cost of the droid. The R2 units are about 12 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide when fully extended, and the BB units are a bit smaller, about 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide. Remember, if you want to have this sent back to your resort or held at the front of the park, those are both good (and free) options as well.

After you check in, you’ll receive a basket based on the choice of your model (R2 or BB unit) that shows your options for parts and how to put them together. Find an open spot along the conveyer belt carrying the parts, and you can start your build!

As the pieces go by, you can pick up the pieces for the droid, being sure to check the parts as you pick them up from the belt. Some of them can get scuffed and marked (since it is a bit of a free for all), so make sure you are happy with the quality of the pieces. They do bump around a bit on the conveyer belt, but that doesn’t mean you should settle. You’re paying a decent amount for this after all!

The parts come in several different types and colors, so you can coordinate your droid however you want! Do make sure you are following the directions for your unit, otherwise you won’t be able to put it together. You can’t put an R2 head on a BB body, sorry!

If you’re putting your droid together, and you change your mind about the part you want, you can just put it back on the belt and choose another. Do be aware if you pick a BB unit, you won’t be able to mix and match your “ball” pieces, they come together as a set.

Our friend Tyler, building his droid. Photo by Natalie Dallwig

After you pick your parts, a Cast Member will direct you to an open building station. At this station, there are directions to help you build your droid as well as a few additional pieces to help with assembly. Cast Members will move about the workshop to help you, but it is a much more informal experience than building the lightsaber. Although, if you do need help with your build, the Cast Members are more than willing to assist! There are a few parts that need to be screwed together for both droid models, so your kids may need a bit of help with that part of the build.

When you are finished constructing your droid, a Cast Member will come to help you activate your droid. After a short (and entertaining) activation sequence, your droid will come to life! The Cast Member will give you the remote to control your droid and walk you through its functions. If your droid is having any issues, the Cast Member will correct them before you leave the depot.

Meet BeeBop! Photo by Natalie Dallwig

You can also buy a variety of accessories including weapons, rocket boosters, and even personality chips. We suggest you take a look at these before you actually build your droid, because it will make it easier to wrap up your experience.

Photo by Natalie Dallwig

Star Tours

While technically not in Galaxy’s Edge, you don’t want to forget about this Star Wars classic! Originally opened in 1987, this awesome ride was the first attraction at Disney World to be based on a non-Disney film. Updated in 2011, the previous adventure involving a hapless space tour captain named Rex was replaced with a rotating mash-up of stories involving C3-PO, a Rebel spy, and a number of hijinks.

Star Tours has long been one of my favorites at Disney’s Hollywood Studio, and it definitely rounded out my Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge experience. Even though it is outside of the land, you don’t want to forget about this ride.


Milk Stand

Remember that classic blue milk from A New Hope, served to Luke Skywalker by his Aunt Beru? Or the slightly disturbing scene from The Last Jedi, when Luke drinks the green milk from the thala-sirens on the planet Ahch-To? We’ve always wondering what that blue milk (and more recently the green milk) tasted like, and now, you have the chance to find out!

Right in the heart of the “restaurant district” of Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll find the Milk Stand, which only serves these two beverages! Choose from either the blue or green milk, also available in an alcoholic version for adults. You can get the drink in a plain plastic cup (paper straw upon request), or upgrade to the Bubo Wamba Family Farms Light-Up Souvenir Sipper for $25 (including the drink).

Green and Blue Milks

Both milks are coconut and rice based, with different flavors differentiating the two. We decided to try both types of milk, and between the two, we liked the blue milk better. While both were delicious and refreshing, the green milk was a bit more floral while the blue had fruitier notes. However, if you are a fan of floral flavors, you might be a green convert!

Ronto Roasters

Open all day, grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Ronto Roasters! The featured item is the Ronto Wrap, roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, peppercorn sauce, and a tangy slaw wrapped in pita bread. If you’re rocking the breakfast wrap, the morning version has eggs, grilled pork sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, and the peppercorn sauce still served on a pita bread. At breakfast time, you can get the regular wrap or the breakfast version, or you could snag the Rising Moons Overnight Oats made with oats, dragon fruit, yogurt, and other seasonal goodies.

Ronto Roasters also has three signature alcoholic beverages – the Coruscant Cooler, Surly Sarlacc, and Trandoshan Ale from the Concrete Beach Brewery in Miami, Florida. Not looking to drink? You can also get a Tatooine Sunset, the signature nonalcoholic beverage, or any of the fountain soda offerings.

Docking Bay 7

If you’re looking for a quick meal while at Galaxy’s Edge, Docking Bay 7 is the place for you. Now, this isn’t the typical counter service fare, so if you want a burger and fries you’re going to need to go across the park to Rosie’s All-American Café. At Docking Bay 7, you’ll see meals like Batuuan Beef Pot Roast, Smoked Kaadu Pork Ribs, Endorian Fried Chicken Tip Yip, and Felucian Kefta and Hummus Garden Spread.

Don’t worry, these dishes aren’t as exotic as they sound. However, they are more like lite versions of signature dining dinners than counter service meals. The Batuuan Beef Pot Roast has braised beef pot roast, cavatelli pasta, kale, and mushrooms, while the Endorian Fried Chicken Tip Yip includes crispy chicken with choice of vegetable mashed potatoes with herb gravy or macaroni and cheese, finished with roasted vegetables.

For the kids, you can get a smaller version of the Fried Chicken Tip Yip, or you can try the Takodana Veggie Dippers Youngling Meal, comprised of black bean hummus, edible soil with nuts, chilled dipping vegetables, and multigrain crisps.

Endorian Fried Chicken Tip Yip and Batuu-bon

We tried the Fried Chicken Tip Yip, and it was comforting, filling, and tasty. We actually were able to split this meal and be totally satisfied! However, some of the flavors were a little more “adult” than what you might be used to from a Disney counter service. Again, we really enjoyed it, but you need to know your party (especially your kids). If this sort of food won’t appeal to them, come prepared or plan to eat elsewhere in the park.

Oga’s Cantina

First thing you need to know, there isn’t a whole lot of food at Oga’s Cantina. It is designed to be a bar with the focus on the beverages rather than the cuisine. If you are looking for a place to grab a filling meal, Oga’s isn’t it.

Now, all that being said, Oga’s is all about the atmosphere, and the drinks are fantastic. There is a huge variety of beverages, from crafted cocktails to beer, wine, and hard cider on tap. You can also find a great range of nonalcoholic drinks if you don’t want to drink in the middle of the day or if you have your kids with you (yes, they’re allowed into the cantina).

If you do want a snack, there are two shareable items – the Batuu Bits, crispy fried veggie chips served with spiced chermoula dip, and the Happabore Sampler, cured and roasted meats, cheese, and pork cracklings. The Blue Bantha (chilled blue milk) does come with a Bantha-themed sugar cookie which you can ask for on the side of any drink, although that isn’t advertised on the menu.

Out of all the drinks, we tried the Fuzzy Tauntaun, Jedi Mind Trick, and Spice Runner Hard Cider. All three were fantastic, but our favorite was the Fuzzy Tauntaun. Made with Cîroc peach vodka, peach schnapps, and orange and tangerine juices, this cocktail has a smooth and citrusy flavor that is utterly delicious. Topping the drink is a buzz button foam, which causes a tingling, numbing sensation in the mouth. Even though the sensation is weird, it isn’t enough to put you off from the flavor of the drink.

Spice Runner Hard Cider, Bantha Vanilla-Butter Sugar Cookie, and Fuzzy Tauntaun

Oh, remember Captain Rex from Star Tours? Well, now he’s the DJ over at Oga’s Cantina, filling the bar with whacky galaxy jams and entertaining commentary. Like many other aspects of Galaxy’s Edge, there’s all sorts of show elements that make everything seem more real, and Rex is definitely part of that.

DJ Rex in the house!


Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

A play on the word “iniquities,” Dok-Ondar’s is meant to be a black market shop, trading in both Jedi and Sith artifacts. Here, travelers can find memorabilia from the films along with other replica merchandise.

Dok-Ondar has a collection of Legacy Lightsabers, replicas of the same sabers used in the movies by your favorite characters. Most recently, the lightsabers of Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku have been released. Rumor has it that the next legacy weapon will be Cal Kestis’ lightsaber from the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order video game…but Dok isn’t telling.

On top of the lightsabers, Dok-Ondar’s is where you’ll find additional kyber crystals. He has all the colors found in Savi’s, with the addition of white and yellow crystals. These crystals don’t just work in lightsabers either, the Jedi and Sith holocrons react differently based on the crystal you place inside of it.

Trust me, you’ll want to check out this place!

First Order Cargo

Loyal to the old Empire? Love all things First Order? Then First Order Cargo is the shop for you. Find First Order uniforms, recruitment posters, and other regime garb for all ages.

Deck out your gear with First Order patches and rank bands to declare your loyalty. Even the key chains, pins, and magnets are all First Order exclusives!

If you’re willing to shell out the maximum number of credits, you can even get film replicas of items like Kylo Ren’s helmet.

Black Spire Marketplace

In the market right beyond Ronto Roasters, several small stalls create the primary shopping location. Here, you’ll find the Creature Stall, Toydarian Toymaker, Black Spire Outfitters, Kat Saka’s Kettle, and Jewels of Bith. If you’re looking for souvenirs from Galaxy’s Edge, this is the place to do it!

At the Creature Stall and Toydarian Toymaker, this is where you’ll find plush toys and other items for your kiddos. We found the most adorable Porg plush, and trust me, it was a hard decision to make!

Jewels of Bith has the pins, key chains, and other tchotchkes that are the usual vacation tokens (as a collector of magnets, this was a must for me). Black Spire Outfitters is where you can get your t-shirt, hat, or even a blanket as a memento of your trip.

Even if you aren’t looking to spend any extra money, it’s fun to walk through the shops and see the sights. In short, make sure you check out the market!

Extra Magic

Throughout Galaxy’s Edge, there are small touches to enhance the experience and make it all the more unique. For the real Star Wars fans, these parts of the adventure will enhance your day…and make you never want to leave!

Play Disney – Datapad

Using the Play Disney app, you can access the Star Wars: Datapad to further the interactive part of the experience at Galaxy’s Edge. With the Datapad, you can play missions, help the First Order or the Resistance, and translate the Aurebesh around the land.

Choose to hack into droids, vehicles, and mechanical panels and earn points to gain control for the First Order or fight back with the Resistance (you choose!). Scan cargo containers to see what’s inside and help Hondo’s smuggling ring.

The more you play, the more items and credits you earn, and you can build your profile. While this part of the Play Disney app only works at Black Spire Outpost (you can’t even use the Datapad in other parts of the park), it will save your information and you can pick up right where you left off!

This is a great way for non-riders to feel part of the experience, or for big Star Wars fans to extend their time in Galaxy’s Edge. There are also missions specifically for when you’re waiting in line at different attractions, which helps to pass the time and actually makes standing in line more fun!

First Order v. Resistance

Throughout Black Spire Outpost, you’ll see elements of both the First Order and the Resistance. Along with the games and missions in the Datapad, you can work for either side to try to bring down the other.

Occasionally, Storm Troopers will move through the Outpost or appear in designated areas to question the travelers. You can also see Resistance members from time to time, encouraging questers not to give up hope. While these appearances are a bit more infrequent right now, and the Storm Troopers stay up on balconies or stages to insure proper distancing, as the regulations ease you will most likely see more character appearances.


Be on the lookout for special events involving real Star Wars stars! Most recently, Ashley Eckstein (who voices Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) was at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the release of Ahsoka’s Clone Wars lightsaber’s at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities as part of the one-year celebration of the land’s opening.

Not only was Eckstein present and enjoying the Edge, but everyone who was part of a Savi’s Workshop build that day took a photo with her in front of the Millennium Falcon – lightsabers ablaze!

Know Before You Go

There are a few important tips we have for you that will make your trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge smooth, stress-free, and most importantly fun!

  1. Rise of the Resistance Boarding Pass – We’re not kidding, you absolutely have to have this if you want to ride this attraction.

    Be reading about any potential changes to the virtual queue, listen for the announcement that lets you know the time is about to approach, and use your My Disney Experience app to get your pass.
  2. Head Straight There – Once rope drop occurs, head straight to Galaxy’s Edge.

    At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the quickest way is to go to the left once you enter the park and enter right past the Muppet area. You’ll see what looks like a nondescript archway, no real signage, but beyond that the land will open up like a new world before you.

    In Disneyland, Galaxy’s Edge is at the back left of the park, between Frontierland and Mickey’s Toontown.

    Here’s why: at least at the Studios, the majority of the crowds go for Mickey’s Runaway Railway or Toy Story Land. We were able to get in two rides on Smuggler’s Run before the crowds starting picking up.
  3. Bring Snacks – If you’re worried about the food, bring your own just in case. We really enjoyed what we had, but again, it’s a bit out of the ordinary.

    Planning ahead will definitely save you the headache and tantrums of disliked food. Not to mention the hungry bellies you might have to deal with!
  4. Prepare for Rise of the Resistance – I know I mentioned this before, but really make sure you and your kids are prepared ahead of time for this attraction.

    Rise of the Resistance goes beyond just a ride, and while the Cast Members are still doing their normal job, many are in character throughout the experience.

    Remind your kids that these are just people pretending and playing a part…and remember yourself they are people just doing their jobs.
  5. Know the Differences – If you switch coasts (going to Disneyland instead of Disney World or vice versa), make sure you research the differences between the parks ahead of time.

    While the general experience of Galaxy’s Edge will be the same, how you get there and move around the land may be a bit different. Trust me, I’ve made all kinds of rookie mistakes because I forgot how different Disneyland is from Disney World!

It’s incredible how Disney World and Disneyland have expanded over the years, and Galaxy’s Edge is a welcome addition to the universe we know and love. I can’t wait to go back!

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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