40 Bold Iron Man Tattoos

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The original Avenger is Tony Stark, but most like to call him Iron Man. The infamous “billionaire playboy philanthropist” became the un-titled coach of the Avengers, and his story is what got most of us fans into the Universe. His story began when he escaped from the cave in Iraq all those years ago.

Yes, that background story has nothing to do with the tattoos at hand, but I thought it was important to mention how important Iron Man was to the Marvel Universe, since the success and popularity of that movie alone led to the entirety of the entire Universe being created.

Iron Man has one of the more recognizable features of any Avenger, based on the fact Tony is constantly changing his suit and his appearance.

Throughout this post you will see various tattoos focused around the Iron Man suit, the Arc Reactor and much, much more. And, with that, let’s take a look at 40 different amazing Iron Man tattoos!

40 Bold Iron Man Tattoos! These are the best Iron Man tattoo ideas of the year. Tony Stark, the original member of the Avengers, comes to life as the superhero we love in these Iron Man tattoo designs.

The Best Iron Man Tattoo Ideas

1) Iron Man helmet and Arc Reactor

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @literallyaustin

The Iron Man suit is powered by the Arc Reactor, which is what was created by Tony in the cave, to prevent the shrapnel in a grenade attack from reaching his heart. This beautifully colored and detailed piece is an homage to the fact that the suit and the Arc Reactor run one in the same. The color is bright red and gold, just like Iron Man’s suit, which makes this a bright and vibrant tattoo.

2) Black and white forearm half sleeve

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @deadshamburgertattoo

Black and white tattoos are just as beautifully bright and detailed as the colorful ones. This is a perfect example. Using shading and heavy ink compared with light ink, makes for a phenomenal design of Iron Man’s suit.

3) Retro Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @sharpink_sucktattoo

While this may not be exactly “retro” these colors are those that represent retro. This is a classic twist to a modern day design of Iron Man. This shoulder cap is definitely a 1 of 1 tattoo!

4) Iron Man stare down

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @bobticko_tattoo

The bright colored of Iron Man’s face shield is displayed here, with mixing of red and black to help shape the 3D of this tattoo. There is much more detail focused on the helmet, with the chest plate and shoulders less of the focus. For how large this tattoo truly is it doesn’t seem overwhelming on this person’s bicep and it meshes well with the tattoo on the inside.

5) “Beat up” Iron Man ankle tattoo

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @wallaceoliveiratattoo

As we can clearly see, there is the picture to the left of the ankle, and I must say, I think the tattoo looks better. The color of Iron Man’s mask and the red of his suit are much more authentic. This is a beautifully designed and created masterpiece, with each person able to see all of the intricate little details of Iron Man’s suit.

6) Iron Man mask and shoulders

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @verditatttoo

A great colorful piece of an up close and personal face of Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. The bright colors of the red and gold really stand out and pop on this tattoo. The detail in this tattoo helps to make the intimidation level rise when staring at Iron Man’s face!

7) Full calf tattoo of Iron Man’s mask and hand

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @marvel_dcomics_tattoo

This tattoo feels like a picture. It is a masterpiece that consumes the entire side of the leg of this person. The detail and the color of this tattoo are extraordinary, and you can even feel the beams of light from the arc technology glowing off of this tattoo. Everything down to the details of his helmet shining, this tattoo has it all.

8) FunkoPop Iron Man with the Infinity Gauntlet

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @senzaregoletattoo

FunkoPop is a craze that is being sold everywhere, including in Disney parks and Disney shops around the world. This tattoo is a representation of what Tony Stark and Iron Man look like as a FunkoPop. Bright colors, a larger than normal head, and bright shiny eyes, this tattoo shows one of the strongest moments in all of the Marvel movies, when Iron Man steals the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos.

9) Skull inside of Iron Man’s mask

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @infernoinktattoo

In one of the darker tattoos, there is a skull displayed in the Iron Man mask, which may or may not be because of Tony Stark’s death. The mask is broken to display a skull being inside, no longer alive…obviously. The color of this tattoo is very bold, in the sense that the skull is so deeply dark and the colors of Iron Man’s mask completely contradict that, with red and gold being two of the brightest.

10) Calf wrap of Iron Man’s helmet

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jefarttattoo

Many people decide to hone in on one particular aspect of Iron Man they find is iconic. Some like to use his whole body, but this person decided on a very specific approach to focus on the side of Iron Man’s mask and his hand. The hand is shooting out a beam, while the face looks on. The color of this tattoo adds to the detail overall of this picture of Iron Man’s mask.

11) Avenger’s Collaboration

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @lamalasangretattoo

Many people who watch the Marvel movies are fans of a specific movie, but have a deeper love for the entire series. This bold tattoo is an example of that. Here we have a combination of Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet at the end of Thor’s hammer. Also, very subtly (a nice touch) Spiderman’s mask is shown to be attached to the handle of Thor’s hammer as well, flying in the wind. Collaboration tattoos are always a nice touch in respect to the whole series.

12) Lego Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @lageraci_tattoo

Just like in previous Avenger’s tattoo posts, the Lego character tattoo has made its way back into the fold. The detail in this tattoo to make Iron Man appear to be a lego is as impressive as the original Iron Man. The blue light shooting out of Iron Man’s feet and hands are just like in his suit, and the color differential in the red is impressive. It makes him shine just like he would be in his real suit.

13) Iron Man face tattoo on inner wrist

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @the_borre_ink

Simple and to the point. That was the goal for this tattoo. There is nothing large and fancy about this tattoo, just a simple little tattoo of Iron Man’s face, with the red and gold coloring.

14) Iron Man & Spiderman Collaboration

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @luleonetattoo

In this black and white bicep tattoo, we have a combination of both Spiderman and Iron Man. The two are very heavily connected since Tony Stark was the one who found and recruited Peter Parker for Captain America Civil War. I’m always a fan of large black and white tattoos that are shaded to make the art truly stand out in the tattoo.

15) Full Iron man suit hovering

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jossyalburquenque_arts

Iron Man always seemed his strongest and his toughest when he was looking over someone while hovering over the ground. This is when he was in a position of strength and this tattoo represents that time. The intricate detail of the suit, mixing the red and gold makes this tattoo really pop. The blue background, representing the arc reactor beams that run through the suit is a nice touch to fill out the whole scene.

16) Iron Man in flight

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @dlaczego_tattoo

If there is one thing that Iron Man is guaranteed to do during all of the movies, is take flight. One of the most iconic shots of Iron Man is the hand out, ready to shoot while Iron Man is in flight. Here is a great representation of that with bright color, with all of the arc reactor technology shining.

17) Iron Man soars through the sky

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @inkcouturenyc

Iron Man flying through the sky is as much of an iconic Iron Man image that you can get. This black and white tattoo details with incredible precision the suit, as well as creates a scene of fighter jets flying in the background. This scene covers the entire bicep of this individual in very bold fashion.

18) Half sleeve bright colored Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @geektattoobrasil

This is one vibrant and colorful tattoo that makes a statement on this person’s forearm. This is one of the largest and brightest tattoos that we have seen so far. Iron Man has the Infinity Gauntlet on, with the sky changing behind him, after he snapped his fingers.

19) Tony Stark as, Tony Stark

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @studio_shadow

Iron Man is much more than just the super hero. Tony Stark, himself, is an iconic character. The witty banter, the superior intelligence, and suave attitude, you can almost sense in this tattoo. This tattoo is incredible work and detail all the way down to the shade you can see in Tony’s glass frames.

20) A memorial to Tony Stark and Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jmc_tattoos

“Part of the journey is the end”

A quote that sums of Iron Man’s existence. If you haven’t seen Endgame yet, I don’t really want to spoil any of this for you, but the tear coming out of the suit, and the beautifully color flowers, I think we all can assume what happened. Many people try to tattoo Iron Man in the position of strength, and not in the moments of weakness or emotion. This tattoo is exactly that, his moment of weakness, which is beautifully shown through the one solitary tear falling down Iron Man’s mask.

21) Triage of Iron Man and Captain America

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @blackburnjeffrey

Captain America and Iron Man’s relationship has been a pivotal conversation piece throughout the entire story. Having the two combined in tattoos has always been tough since they were so split during the movies, but this one works. With the full body of Iron Man being the focus on the middle of this person’s thigh and Tony’s face as it’s shown inside of his helmet. Obviously you can also see Cap’s shield on this person’s knee. I’m not sure if it’s completed in an intentional way, or there’s work still to do, but I would love to see this if it still needs to be completed!

22) Half sleeve of mixed Iron Man positions

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @cultureshocksolli

The dual position Iron Man tattoo does justice for the fans who truly love Iron Man. There are so many different memorable ways that Iron Man can be represented that sometimes it’s only fair to have more than one! What I really like about this tattoo is that you can see Iron Man’s (the big one) arm angled up like he’s ready to shoot a beam out, and it seamlessly flows right into the secondary Iron Man. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or it’s me trying to see what isn’t there, but I like it either way.

23) Baby Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @estudiolamadriguera

Legos, cartoons, Hollywood, or a baby! There are many different ways that people view Iron Man, and they are all unique. This tattoo resemble what you can imagine is a baby Iron Man. The tiny body, with the child-like helmet and the small hands. The detail in this to make you feel that Iron Man is a baby version of himself is purely incredible.

24) Iron Man and Batman side by side

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @andresmorales_tattoo

A lot of people have made comparisons to these two characters from Marvel and DCU. They are both the rich characters that are able to buy and build their hero’s skills. This tattoo has the split face of each character side by side in perfect unison.

25) Reimagined Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @shot_tattoo_

There is something a bit different about this Iron Man than most of the others. That’s probably because of the size or the design of the piece. What you’re noticing is the decision to make this Iron Man more childish than the regular sized Iron Man.

There are a few features that give it away, including the little hands and the smaller body that has actions for a much smaller person than say the tattoo above or below. I’ve grown to really like the different takes on the age of certain super heroes!

26) Ready to fire Iron Man

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @doumvendette

Covering his full bicep and most of his shoulder, this is a rather large tattoo. With this amount of size and the fact it is not color, the shading and detail in the shading is extremely important. The heavy to light ink transfer is a thing of art here, making each part truly stand out.

27) Colorful Iron Man tribute

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @hoshmoo

The bright colors and the bright flower of this Iron Man tattoo, is done in respect to the fallen. That seems to be a very common theme, for obvious reasons. There are times when color in a tattoo doesn’t help the whole scene, and this is just the opposite. This is a phenomenal tattoo with beautiful shading and color that help makes it truly stand out.

28) The sad few moments

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @antonio_mancini_tattoo

This deep and emotional tattoo makes you look at it and think, knowing exactly when in time it occurs and what it means. Black and white in this case with heavy shading just accents the emotion and makes it more of a personal feeling. I agree color shouldn’t have been used. The eyes closed, with the marks on his face and the mask open, you know when this is from. This is a beautifully designed tattoo representing the last few minutes of Iron Man.

29) Mask off

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @noratattoocoruna

This large black and white tattoo takes up this person’s entire leg from knee down. Take a look at the tattoos above and below. There are distinct differences in the ways that the tattoos are presented, and this is the perfect tattoo for how it is presented. The very definitive detail and picture worthy quality of this tattoo make it a must see.

30) One dangerous stare

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @1819tattoo

Bright, detailed and angry is what I think of this Iron Man tattoo. That stare is extremely intimidating and the bright colors in this, makes his face stand out even more. So, I may be completely wrong, but this looks like an addition to already standing tattoos, cause it seems like that red mark is Deadpool and his swords.

31) The Baby Avengers

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @ladyappletattoo

Very different from the Hollywood or comic related Iron Man, it looks as if his suit is just a 5 year old! In this you can see the Hulk and Iron Man, with the beams coming from his feet, and his hand up ready to fire. This is a very unique tattoo, with different colored bubbles floating around them representing each of the Avengers. This shin/calf/lower leg sleeve provides a full circle view of the Avengers in a way this person wants to see them! Bright colors help this tattoo to feel mesh and blended and not very choppy.

32) Iron Man’s broken mask

Iron Man tattoo mask
Source: Instagram @tudyart

There are a lot of different ways that you can read this tattoo. Iron Man’s helmet is split in half, maybe hinting at the fact that Iron Man is no more. The flower coming out is to pay respects to the fallen, with the whole tattoo focused around the flower. The bright and detailed color of this tattoo must hint to the fact that it is to celebrate in a bright way Iron Man’s impact.

33) Black and white Iron Man “sketch”

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @tika.tattooer

This tattoo has the feel of a sketch of Iron Man. There are no definitive details of the face that stand out to you, as everything is designed with lines and not a lot filled in. That however, doesn’t mean this isn’t a great tattoo. Sometimes the simpler the idea the better, and this is one of those cases.

34) Half sleeve of Iron Man ready to shoot

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @leftycolbert_official

This half sleeve of Iron Man features his whole suit, in his patented “landing” position, ready to shoot from his palm. The black and white nature of this tattoo adds to the meanness and power in the tattoo. There is some credible shading in this tattoo to make this stand out in the 3D way it is.

35) The Tony Stark/Iron Man portrait

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @worldwidetattoo

Tony Stark and Iron Man are each their own character while being the exact same, obviously since they are the same person. Many tattoos that attempt to resemble both, involve still having the helmet on and just the mask off. This tattoo is different, since Tony’s whole head is exposed. You can clearly see the suit, you can clearly see his face and hair, and the bright colors help to differentiate the two. This is a tattoo that definitely needed color, and that is exactly what it got.

36) Iron Man forearm

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @seven.shades.studio

So at first look, you might think that this is two different tattoos, but it’s just one, so don’t be fooled. There are a few telling signs, but regardless, this is an interesting tattoo that we for sure haven’t seen. This tattoo ignores everything except for the middle of Iron Man’s body, just focusing on his face and the arc reactor in his chest. It is a bright and well designed tattoo that fits perfectly for the location, no more is needed!

37) “Ready to Blast”

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @conairbud

This tattoo at first glance has a much more comic book effect, with the suit and arc reactor being much less detailed than others that we’ve seen. The helmet and the hands have much less detail, but still the same bright colors which represents more of the comic book era, as opposed to the new movies. While I can only guess as to the accents, it would make sense that the flower represents his relationship with Spiderman, as half of the flower is red, blue and black, with the other half of the flower a spider web. Just a thought, but I think it’s pretty accurate!

38) Full back plate

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @phylldontattooer

The full scene with the darkness and only the arc reactor beams running through the dark sky give way to the true power of Iron Man. The Iron Man in this tattoo is definitely a focal point, but it seems that this person wanted to focus more on the power of the sky and the lightning bolts running through his back, which are wrapped around Iron Man.

39) Incredible Iron Man cover up

Bold Iron Man Tattoos
Source: Instagram @mohawktattoo

Let’s just start with I’m sure this person probably (maybe?) regrets the left tattoo just a bit. Well, this is now an INCREDIBLE tattoo. There are so many little different pieces to this tattoo that make it an incredible piece.

Obviously, Iron Man is the focal point, but the quote “I love you 3000” is a wonderful connection that Iron Man has with his daughter. What I like most about that is the use of the different arc reactors in Iron Man’s suit used as the zeros. This bright, bold and colorful tattoo is definitely an upgrade from the previous!

40) Iron Man Black Sketch Tattoo

Source: Instagram @budapestink

Iron Man is one of the most recognized Marvel characters throughout the whole Universe. Throughout these 40 tattoos, they are all paying respect to one of the greatest Avengers. From the Iron Man movies, to the full series of Avengers movies, Iron Man is one of the most likable characters. For me, it was 100% the sarcastic and arrogant attitude that quickly changes throughout the storyline.


The tattoos here are for the most part the largest that we have seen through this series of posts. It is a very unique collection of all different kinds, all paying respect to Iron Man. The theme in many of them are very similar, but they are all unique.

Let us know what you think is your favorite!

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Trent Thormodsgaard

Here is one of our son as a battle tested Ironman. He was in the NICU for 100 days and fought all the way. We started calling him our Lil Ironman. He’s doing great now. This is a tribute to him