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About the Lightning McQueen Coloring Pages

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Table of Contents

Lightning McQueen Coloring Pages

Lightning McQueen leaves everyone in the dust!

Lightning McQueen pulling the asphalt layer in Radiator Springs.


Lightning McQueen getting ready for the race!

Lightning McQueen, the fastest racer of all time!

Lightning at a pitstop getting a new tire.

Lightning McQueen crosses the finish line!

Tow Mater and Lightning team up to win the race.

McQueen zooming past the competition.

Uh oh! Lightning’s tire popped!

A realistic sketch of Lightning McQueen.

Lightning finds Doc’s Piston Cup.

Lightning McQueen posing for a picture.

Time for a race!

Racing through the city.


McQueen zooms down Route 66.

Lightning drives off of the racetrack and onto the grass.

Lightning McQueen defeats the competition.

Cars 3 Coloring Pages

Lightning barely loses the race to Jackson Storm.

Lightning in the middle of a race.

Uh-oh, Lightning is falling behind!

McQueen has a new paint job!

Cruz Ramirez training to win the race.

Chick Hicks posing before the start of a race.

Doc Hudson in Radiator Springs.

Jackson Storm and Lightning McQueen face off before the race.

Jackson Storm in speed training.

Watch out! Lightning has a big accident during a race.

Lightning McQueen zooms past the competition!

Lightning reminisces about the past.

Lightning giving his opponents a smirk.

Natalie Certain sees how fast Jackson Storm is.

The gang from Radiator Springs!

Sally and Mater come to the race to cheer Lightning on!

Sterling, the billionaire business car that wants to retire McQueen.

Cars 2 Coloring Pages

Flinn McMissile climbing onto a ship on a secret mission.

Finn McMissile spying on some bad cars.

Finn runs through some barrels to get away from the evil cars.

Tow Mater sad in front of his shop.

Mater makes a welcome home sign for his friends.

Sally and Lightning go on a drive without Mater.

announcer car

Mater vs Francesco Bernoulli.

Mater and McQueen get on a plane to Tokyo.

van and jeep on plane

Miles Axlerod and Fillmore aboard an international flight.

Lightning McQueen visits Japan.

A car sumo wrestling match.

Some cars sit under a cherry tree with their fans.

vending machine parking garage

Car vending machine hotel.

Mater finds his first tire vending machine.

Lightning and Mater find a tiny car toy.

Lightning McQueen meets John Lassetire.

John Lassetire promoting allinol.

Finn McMissile saving the day.

Finn and Holly spy on some bad cars.

The camera cars get the camera aimed.

Tow Mater and friends.

Lightning McQueen and Mater Coloring Pages

Tow Mater helps McQueen out of a prickly situation.

Mater showing off to Sally

Lightning McQueen racing with the help of his friends.

Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen!

mater and mcqueen on the road

Lightning and Mater go for a road trip.

Tow Mater Coloring Pages

Tow Mater the tow truck in Radiator Springs.

Mater having a grand ole’ time inside.

Howdy y’all, it’s Tow Mater!

mate mater

Your mate, Mater.

Happy Tow Mater.

Mater playing around in his junkyard.

Mater the matador!

Mater using his mirrors to help him drive backwards.

Mater looking very sad outside of city hall.

Mater and Guido in front of the Rust-eze sign.

Mater whipping his tow cable around in the wild west.

Luigi Cars Coloring Page

Luigi the tire salesman.

Luigi getting supportive of his friend Lightning McQueen.

Ramone Cars Coloring Pages

Ramone the car jacks up his suspension.

Doc Hudson Coloring Pages

The Hudson Hornet back at the races after a long retirement.

Lightning discovers that Doc used to be a racer.

Doc Hudson, the mayor of Radiator Springs.

Sally and Doc go for a walk on the poorly paved road.

Doc and McQueen have their first race against each other in the desert.

McQueen sees the road falling apart.

Sally Carrera Coloring Pages

Sally outside of Cozy Cones.

Sally and Lightning snuggle close to each other.

Sally and McQueen looking over the desert rocks.

Sally Carrera the Porsche.

Sally talking to Doc Hudson.

Guido Cars Coloring Pages

Guido and Luigi cheer on Lightning at the race.

Guido the mechanic at the tire shop.

Guido juggling tires!

Guido is the world’s fastest one-man pit crew.

Guido is a pretty cool forklift.

Flo Cars Coloring Pages

Flo and Fillmore cruising around Radiator Springs.

Flo and Ramone take a night out on the town.

Flo outside her famous diner in Radiator Springs.

Fillmore Cars Coloring Pages

Fillmore selling some of his organic biofuel in front of his dome.

Sarge Cars Coloring Pages

Uh oh, the barrels are falling over! Hurry Sarge!

sarge the jeep

Sarge is a no-nonsense kind of car.

Sheriff Cars Coloring Pages


Sheriff takes care of the crime in the town of Radiator Springs.

Sheriff and Mater talk at the junkyard.

Sheriff waits for Lightning to try and run away from Radiator Springs.

Lizzie Cars Coloring Pages

Lightning got tangled up in Lizzie’s barbed wire.

Lizzie in her gift shop in Radiator Springs.

Lizzie and Red share a TV in order to watch Lightning’s race.

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