50 Magical Little Mermaid Tattoos

Little Mermaid Tattoos

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Ariel tattoos are impressive Disney tattoos. You will likely also enjoy other Disney Princess tattoos, such as TianaBelle, Jasmine, and Pocahontas tattoo ideas.

The Little Mermaid still remains a favorite Disney classic. From Ariel, we learned to let go of tradition and find our own path that drives us. If you have a deep love for Ariel and her aquatic adventures, consider getting a unique tattoo to display it.

No list of Disney tattoo ideas would be complete without our favorite ideas for Little Mermaid tattoos.

50 Magical Little Mermaid Tattoos

The Best Little Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

Ariel and Conch Shell Tattoo

Source: Instagram @saramakeink

This Ariel tattoo was drawn with a unique cartoony style that Disney lovers adore. Her blue eyes pierce yours as she wrings out her wet hair and hides behind a conch shell.

Ariel Sketch Tattoo

Source: Instagram @jawm_ink

Ariel is drawn in a loose, sketchy style for this tattoo. The detail is accented with blue strokes. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a more toned-down design.

Swimming Ariel and Friends Silhouette

Source: Instagram @leenaink

In this silhouette tattoo, Ariel and her companions, Flounder and Sebastian float up to their destination. This tattoo was reduced in size and placed behind the ear.

Traditional Ariel Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tamrajeanmusic

If you love the traditional tattoo drawing style you’ll enjoy this Little Mermaid tattoo. The colorful tattoo detail is locked in with thick, bold lines.

Tim Burton-Style Ariel Tattoo

Source: Instagram @whitneyjean_beautyqueen

Fans of Tim Burton films will adore this twist on a Little Mermaid tattoo. In this design, Ariel’s features are switched up to resemble a spooky Tim Burton character.

Watercolor Ariel Tattoo

Source: Instagram @hrhgeorge89

This watercolor tattoo is a colorful work of art that has elements of abstractness to it. You’ll see the outline of Ariel, but the design is surrounded by wisps of color.

Colorful Ursula Tattoo

Source: Instagram @pretty_grotesque

Step into Ursula’s lair with this cool Halloween-esque tattoo. Fine purple, orange, and black details were used to depict Ursula looking into her crystal ball and other potions and trinkets.

The Little Mermaid Scene Tattoo

Source: Instagram @anniespore

This tattoo gives you the full feel of the classic Little Mermaid film. It features Ariel and her best friend, Flounder, in front of King Tritan’s castle and an ominous Ursula looming in the background.

Ursula Portrait Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoosbygregd

Ursula fans will go head over heels for this detailed close-up of our favorite purple villain. Ursula is drawn with vivid purple, white, and blue to give this portrait some depth.

Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian Tattoo

Source: Instagram @jmeover9000

This simple drawing of Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian is a fun choice if you love the Little Mermaid. It was drawn in a cartoony style, with pretty good shading and line work.

Ariel Silhouette Wrist Tattoo

Source: Instagram @mad_tatters_and_piercing

This tattoo is similar to an earlier mentioned tattoo, but here, the artist placed the design on their client’s wrist. Here, the size of the silhouette design can be increased to work for the area.

Detailed Ariel and Flounder Tattoo

Source: Instagram @cheshire.cath94

Enjoy this adorable detailed tattoo. This design features a well-shaded and colorful image of Ariel holding close to her best friend, Flounder. It’s a great choice to show a softer side of your love for the Little Mermaid.

Sebastian Portrait Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sweetmambatattoo

Sebastian is one of our favorite Disney sidekicks. He gets his shine in this colorful tattoo portrait of the crab holding a Dinglehopper from the movie.

Ursula Tentacles Tattoo

Source: Instagram @paulgomeztattoos

This tattoo features Ursula with her menacing, evil stare. She’s colored in rich purples and greys, and she’s surrounded by her free-flowing tentacles.

Poor, Unfortunate Souls Tattoo

Source: Instagram @lisa_toye_manekineko

This song is a fan favorite. If you love Poor, Unfortunate, Souls, check out this tattoo that illustrates the moment Ariel gives up her voice for love. It’s full of color and tons of detailed characters.

Ariel and Flounder Cartoon Tattoo

Source: Instagram @michelle_cortese

This simple and colorful tattoo design can fit great on any spot on your body. It features Ariel and Flounder, surrounded by bubbles and stars.

Ariel Tattoo in Greyscale

Source: Instagram @carissafarewell

If you want a tattoo with less color but still a great design, check out this greyscale tattoo. Ariel is in a coy pose with her tail fin floating adorably in the background. This tattoo has neat lines and lots of personality.

Ariel and Flounder Greyscale Tattoo

Source: Instagram @felipe.ram.garcia

Here’s another cute greyscale Little Mermaid tattoo. This one shows Ariel floating over to give Flounder a big hug. The details here are in Ariel curly hair that has lots of volume and depth even though the tattoo is colored in black.

Ursula Greyscale Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ink_nerd_7

This dark, intense tattoo features Ursula, giving you a foreboding look. Her tentacles flow freely and menacingly around the villain. Consider this design a great addition to your tattoo sleeve.

Colorful Sebastian Tattoo

Source: Instagram @pixierobsontattoo

Sebastian is drawn in an adorable pose on this colorful tattoo. He’s got his hands in the air, and his mouth making a joyous yell—or maybe he’s singing Under the Sea. This tattoo design is pretty small, so it can fit well on your arm, leg, shoulder, or another small area.

King Triton’s Castle Tattoo

Source: Instagram @pretty_grotesque

Check out this simple watercolor tattoo design that portrays Triton’s castle inside a sea-themed snow globe. It’s a unique design that you can show off to your friends. Only true Little Mermaid fans will get the reference.

Ariel and Flounder Hugging Tattoo

Source: Instagram @patty_tattoo_and_art

Here’s another beautiful tattoo that shows Ariel’s love for her fish best friend. She and Flounder are pictured in a sensitive embrace and colored with intricate shading and detail. Try this one on your sleeve, calf, or enlarge it for a bigger piece.

Part of That World Tattoo

Source: Instagram @rusty.shackle

In this tattoo, Ariel is depicted in the famous Part of That World scene. She’s floating dreamily to the surface of the water, surrounded by text that you can customize with the song lyrics or your own personal message about following your dreams.

Detailed Little Mermaid Ocean Tattoo

Source: Instagram @abadgertattoos

You can show your love for the Little Mermaid with this highly detailed scene tattoo. It shows Ariel emerging out of the water, flicking her iconic red hair back. But, the tattoo is given depth with an underwater scene of Flounder, Sebastian, and Triton’s castle.

Little Mermaid Frame Tattoo

Source: Instagram @savannahstudios_

Check out this unique tattoo design. Ariel swims to the light breaking on the surface of the water. She’s surrounded by a greyscale frame of other characters like King Triton, Prince Eric, Sebastian, Ursula, and Flounder.

Ursula Hand Tattoo

Source: Instagram @blacklotustattooers

This tattoo is another subtle nod to the Disney classic. It’s a drawing of a purple Ursula hand holding a seashell. The famous line, “Now sing” is written in a banner going around the wrist. It’s truly a unique, one-of-a-kind Little Mermaid tattoo.

Simple Little Mermaid Color Tattoo

Source: Instagram @haenytattoo

Ariel is portrayed holding on to a nervous Flounder in this small and minimalistic tattoo design. It makes great use of color, but lacks the harsh black lines. Because of its size, this tattoo design can fit virtually anywhere on your body.

Silly Flounder Tattoo

Source: Instagram @mariantoniettacerullo

Who doesn’t love the personality and spunk that Flounder has? This Little Mermaid tattoo design commemorates a silly face Flounder makes in the movie, taunting their predators as they make a quick escape.

Ariel and Flounder Heart Tattoo

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

More love for Ariel and Flounder! This tattoo idea shows these two best friends smiling at each other in a neat heart shape. Each character is colored with great detail, and they have big, blue cartoony eyes.

Ariel and Prince Eric Tattoo

Source: Instagram @aarisprout

Show your love for the lovebirds with this Ariel and Prince Eric tattoo. Ariel is drawn in her mermaid form, and Eric stares at her, in awe. This portrait-length design works well on a forearm or calf.

Ariel Biker Chick Tattoo

Source: Instagram @darteriaoficial

Want a Little Mermaid tattoo with a little spunk? Check out this tattoo design, where Ariel is remixed with a style of a biker chick. Of course, you have her famous red hair, but she’s been given accessories of fishnets, leather gloves, and a black bandana.

Ariel and Eric Dancing Tattoo

Source: Instagram @drikalinastattoo

Here’s another great tattoo for the lovers. This design features Eric and Ariel dancing with each other. They are drawn with soft, whimsical colors and little detail on their faces. It’s a sweet and unique tattoo.

Ariel and Prince Eric at Disneyland Tattoo

Source: Instagram @missmaelaroux

Check out this Little Mermaid Disneyland tattoo idea. Ariel and Eric are drawn in a cute cartoony style, and they’re donned with iconic Mickey Mouse ears—an essential to any trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Ariel’s even holding a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll.

Small Ariel Circle Design

Source: Instagram @haenytattoo

This Ariel tattoo is another small one that can fit well anywhere. This minimalist tattoo design has no details on the face, but you’ll know it’s the Little Mermaid when you see her beautiful red hair and long tailfin.

The Little Mermaid and Ocean Friend Tattoo

Source: Instagram @diamente89

In this tattoo, Ariel is drawn in a spunky Disney cartoon style. She’s surrounded by her friend, Flounder, and a pile of unique seashells. It makes for a pretty thigh tattoo or one for your torso.

Ariel in Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Source: Instagram @pretty_grotesque

This Little Mermaid tattoo departs from the traditional Disney cartoon style to a more simple drawing. Ariel is sitting inside a dreamcatcher, which is decorated with seashells and feathers. The tattoo uses cool, almost monotone colors.

Ariel and Ursula’s Tentacles Tattoo

Source: Instagram @chrismorristattoos

Ariel is drawn in this tattoo, innocently taking a look at a pearl in its shell. This tattoo is taken up a notch, however, by Ursula’s tentacles floating dangerously around her. There’s danger afoot, Princess!

Kiss the Girl Tattoo

Source: Instagram @underworldtatt2

This tattoo depicts the moment in the movie we were all waiting for—the kiss! Check out Ariel and Eric drawn inside a purple and blue heart. The heart is surrounded by a Disney-themed banner that says, “Kiss the girl.”

Ariel and Disney Princesses Tattoo

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

Show off your love for all the Disney Princesses with this intricate leg tattoo. Some of our favorite princesses are drawn in this hybrid design, with innocent and sweet Ariel right in the center. Take this idea and run with it, adding your own Disney faves.

Watercolor Ariel Swimming Tattoo

Source: Instagram @missmotwist

Ariel is drawn as an open silhouette in this watercolor foot tattoo. The soft blues, reds, purples, and greens shape the water around our mermaid friend, and we see her reaching for something—human artifacts, Flounder, or maybe love?

Ariel on Rock Silhouette Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ariel_littlemermaid_fandom

This next Little Mermaid tattoo showcases Ariel sitting on her rock, contemplating life underwater and being free above ground. It’s a simple black tattoo design that leaves an open space to depict our favorite merperson.

Ariel and Eric Heart Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sirene_lestrange

Here is another romantic tattoo design of Eric and Ariel. They are drawn embracing inside a purple heart, frozen right before the kiss makes contact. Consider this one to show your love for your Prince Charming.

Ariel Dinglehopper Tattoo

Source: Instagram @lyndon_minor_tattooist

One of the funniest moments in the movie was Ariel discovering a Dinglehopper, better known as a fork. This tattoo uses great detail and color to show Ariel’s awe and wonder surrounding this mysterious human tool.

Sitting Ariel and Shells Tattoo

Source: Instagram @janadeoliveira_

If you like the Little Mermaid sitting on a rock idea, here’s another. This one is more abstract, with a dark silhouette of Ariel, with shell designs and the sun in the background.

Minimalistic Ariel and Flounder Tattoo

Source: Instagram @taiscruzart

Swift, watercolor-like strokes go really well with the underwater Little Mermaid tattoo theme. This tattoo uses a simple and minimal design to depict Ariel and Flounder. You only get to see small details, but the colors used are spot-on to reveal who these characters are.

The Corpse Bride Little Mermaid Tattoo

Source: Instagram @niko.shot.tattooer

Are you a fan of the Corpse Bride and the Little Mermaid? This tattoo combines these two movies into one design. Ariel is drawn as the Corpse Bride herself, with green dead-looking skin and skeletal features. 

Simple Ariel in a Heart Tattoo

Source: Instagram @milosc.tattoo

Here’s another great minimal Little Mermaid tattoo. Ariel is drawn with mostly outlines and is sitting inside a blue heart. You can tell it’s Ariel from her bright, red hair.

Cute Style Ariel Portrait Tattoo

Source: Instagram @lady_fts

This tattoo draws Ariel in a more intense, detailed cartoon style. Her hair flows freely in front and behind her. This beautiful tattoo design puts a modern spin on our favorite mermaid.

Ariel Swimming Silhouette Tattoo on Collarbone

Source: Instagram @daaana_n

If you liked the Ariel swimming silhouette tattoo, try it in different areas. This tattoo features a small Ariel on the collarbone. 

Blue and Green Ariel Watercolor Tattoo

Source: Instagram @inkeenc

Check out this cool negative space Little Mermaid tattoo. Ariel is surrounded by blue and green details that create her silhouette. 

Sebastian and Flounder Sleeve Tattoo

Source: Instagram @girl_disney06

Last, if you want to be the Little Mermaid yourself, you have to keep your buddies close. This tattoo includes a colorful design of Ariel’s best friends, Sebastian and Flounder. Play around with the size and location to get the unique tattoo you’d love.

Which is your favorite Little Mermaid tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

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