“What was YOUR Magical Moment on your Disney Cruise?”

My intention in sharing my 101 Magical Disney Cruise Tips with my readers is to help you create an amazing Disney Cruise vacation, full of Magical Moments.

I love it when you write to me to tell me about our own Disney Cruise experiences.

When you do, I always ask this question:

What was your most Magical Moment?

These are a few answers that I've received recently. Thought you'd enjoy them:

Real Magic Moments from Real Readers

We did our Disney Cruise for our 30th Anniversary. And our friends went for his 60th birthday.

One evening we went to Palo for dinner (which I highly recommend!) In speaking with our server we shared this information. Before dessert was served he brought out two plates, one for us and one for our friend.

Also our friend really liked the bread pudding that was served one evening. He asked Sana (our server) if we could all have this the following evening. And sure enough Sana made it possible.

We loved the towel creatures left on our bed each evening. Our friends mentioned that they had left their toothbrushes on the shelf above the sink. So their "MouseKeeper" made a toothbrush holder out of a washcloth for them. Since our "MouseKeeper" didn't do the same for us, they asked their "MouseKeeper" to make one for us and he did so! It was very convenient and nice of him to do that for us even though we were on a different deck.

-- Paula (South Jordan, UT)

The Disney Cruise experience was exceptional. My only complaint is that it was much too short.

This was our first time experiencing Halloween on the High Seas and it was a blast. I can say that our dining room servers were the best ever and I was really emotional saying goodbye. I was in complete heaven having the chocolate soufflé at Palo.  

But if I had to choose I’d say just spending quality time with my family was the best part of all.  Can’t wait for the next one!

-- Michelle (Surprise, AZ)

I am all about character surprises! Peter Pan was in between shows and was walking near the upstairs balcony. He stopped to talk to us, sign a plate I was using for autographs, and had about a 5 minute conversation with my son. A little bit later we were working on the detective mission by the theatre, and Peter Pan was on his way to perform in the second show. He again stopped and talked to my son. Those kinds of things just make me teary!

Our steward, Jesus, was also awesome! My daughter & I had mentioned that we love the shampoo & conditioner. On our last night, we returned to find he had left us some extras.

Our wait staff, Melissa & Sergio, were so friendly & so great with all the kids. We were sad to leave them! Every night they did magic tricks for us at the end of dinner & took selfies with each of us on our last night’s service.

-- Jean Marie (Monroeville, NJ)

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Definitely the on-board shows.

Castaway Cay is a close tie!

-- Tara (Indianapolis, IN)

The best part of our trip was watching our three beautiful grandchildren. The joy and wonderment they displayed everyday. The MAGIC was unbelievable! We were so fortunate to have the best weather, absolutely no complaints.

The cast members were unbelievable, so warm and caring. Will absolutely sail again.

-- Bonnie (Wyoming, MN)

My sister in law and I befriended a woman, Lindsey, who worked in the merchandise area. After the golden Mickey show I handed out the golden Mickey cut outs. I gave one to her and every night the three of us got our picture taken together! She gave me a special certificate and an Alice in Wonderland pin. Great surprise!

My sister in law and I would go into the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique before dinner and get a sprinkle of pixie dust. They were happy to do it! They also were kind enough to give my 20 yr old niece a bday sash.

-- Judy (Columbus, OH)

Being treated like princesses everywhere we went  🙂

I miss our lovely room hostess and her blanket animals.

We also miss the FE presents surprising us when we got back to the room.

-- Kathi (Michigan City, IN)

We let our waiter, Lydar, know that our granddaughter was celebrating her birthday one night on our cruise & he brought a small chocolate cake & several other waiters to sing Happy Birthday.

Also one night he gave my granddaughter two Mickey ice cream bars for eating all her dinner. And finally one night we requested steak, mashed potatoes and broccoli for her and he brought it. She was eating macaroni & cheese every night! He really went overboard to make her happy!

My favorite moment on board was in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique when my granddaughter was turned into a princess! The expression on her face when she saw herself was priceless! She was in a "princess cloud" the rest of the day!

-- Tricia (Rio Grande, NJ)

Oh. My. Goodness!

We had such an amazing time!

I would have to say our most magical moment was when both Pluto & Mickey danced with my daughter during pictures. It was so freaking cute!

That or when we ran into Belle, she was just "walking around reading".

But seriously, so hard to pick one thing! We will definitely be back!

-- Nancy (Fullerton, CA) 

We loved it all.  I love the feeling of being treated as if you and your family are the most important people on board.  We all felt like royalty.  We can't wait to book another cruise in the future.  

-- Stephanie (Pickerington, OH)

On our first day, before we even left the port, my 15 year old got very sick. We were sent to the hospital on the 1st deck. Every one was so nice and showed real concern for her.

The doctor was wonderful and said she must be in quarantine for 26 hours. He gave her medication and told us that if there were any issues to call him immediately. Come to find out she is allergic to fish. She loves fish! 

By the time we got to our deck 6 stateroom, we were sailing and could not see land anymore.

We went to dinner at Enchanted and the head server brought me a phone--it was the doctor. He wanted to know how she was doing. They called every 4 hours to make sure she was okay and said they would bring her anything she wanted. Even if it was an item that they normally charge for, they would bring it free of charge. They did bring some 7up in cans and we were not charged.

The person who cleaned our room (Tee) was available to do whatever we wanted. His shift was up the next day and he came to our room, in regular clothes, and wanted to clean our bathroom, give us clean towels and empty our trash. I told him that was okay and to enjoy the rest of the night off but he insisted. We gave him a $100 cash tip on top of our designated tip.

They were wonderful. 

-- Sheila (Hanford, CA)

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