3 Enchanting Minnie Mouse Face Painting Techniques

Minnie Mouse at Park

Image: Photo by Adrián Valverde on Unsplash
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Minnie Mouse face painting is a fun & easy way to convey your Disney Style. Also try Minnie Mouse Disneybounding, Minnie nails, and Minnie Mouse tattoos.

Ready to create spectacular Minnie Mouse face painting?

These step-by-step guides are inspired by Olga Murasev’s, Vanessa Madrid’s and Silly Heather’s YouTube instructional tutorials. We highly encourage you to watch the full videos for additional tips and visual guidance.

  • Olga’s tutorial features a metallic pink bow on the forehead, black ears, polka dots on the bow, and cute eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes. [JUMP TO IT]
  • Vanessa’s tutorial showcases a red bow between the eyebrows, red hearts on the cheeks, and eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes. [JUMP TO IT]
  • Heather’s tutorial features a pink bow, black ears, a mouse nose, and enhanced smile lines. [JUMP TO IT]

Let’s get started!

Minnie Mouse Face Painting Tutorial

We have an exciting and fun tutorial to share with you, inspired by Olga Murasev’s fantastic YouTube tutorial on creating a fast and easy Minnie Mouse face painting video.

We’ve transformed her video instructions into a detailed step-by-step guide for you to follow.

First, we highly encourage you to watch the full video for additional tips and visual guidance.

Now that you’ve watched the video, let’s jump right into the step-by-step instructions!


  • Global Metallic Magenta face paint
  • Cameleon Strong Black face paint
  • Cameleon Pure White face paint
  • Loew Cornell 795 series round brush #6
  • Loew Cornell 7000C series #4 brush
  • Cameleon yellow sponge
  • TAG holographic glitter
  • TAG black glitter

Step 1: Apply the Blush

Start by applying the metallic pink face paint as blush on the cheeks. Use a makeup sponge to gently blend the color into the skin, ensuring a smooth and natural look.

Step 2: Paint the Bow

Using the number 6 round brush and the same metallic pink face paint, begin painting Minnie Mouse’s signature bow. Start with a circle in the center of the forehead, then add two butterfly wing shapes on either side of the circle to form the bow.

Step 3: Add Polka Dots

Load the number 6 round brush heavily with creamy white face paint. Press the brush tip onto the bow, creating nice, fat polka dots with round edges. Continue adding dots until the bow is filled with white polka dots.

Step 4: Paint the Ears

Switch to the number 4 round brush and black face paint to create Minnie Mouse’s ears. Paint two large circles on either side of the bow, making sure they’re evenly spaced and symmetrical.

Step 5: Fill in the Forehead and Outline the Bow

Using the same black face paint and number 4 round brush, fill in the space between the bow and the ears on the forehead. Next, outline the bow with black face paint to make it stand out.

Step 6: Add Eyelashes and Nose

Add cute eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes using the black face paint and number 4 round brush. Then, paint a tiny triangle nose in the center of the face to complete the design.

Step 7: Embellish with Glitter and Crystals

Now it’s time to add some sparkle! Place crystals and glitter on the cheeks for an extra touch of glam. You can also apply black glitter on Minnie Mouse’s ears for added shimmer.

Step 8: Finish with Lipstick

Complete the look by applying your favorite lipstick. Choose a color that complements the face painting and enhances the overall design. We recommend red or pink.

Tutorial: Minnie Mouse Face Painting with Hearts

Here is a breakdown of Vanessa Madrid’s Minnie Mouse face painting tutorial.

This tutorial focuses on a different technique that creates a beautiful design using red paint for the bow and hearts on the cheeks.

First, watch the full video here:

Now, here’s how to do it…step by step!


  • Red face paint (Vanessa uses Snazaroo)
  • Black face paint (Vanessa uses Diamond FX)
  • White face paint
  • Petal-shaped brush
  • Round brush #3
  • Round brush #6

Step 1: Create the Bow and Hearts

Begin by loading your petal-shaped brush with red face paint. Start by drawing a circle between the eyebrows, which will be the center of the bow. Then, create the bow by drawing two petal shapes on either side of the circle.

Step 2: Paint Red Hearts on the Cheeks

Using the same red paint and petal-shaped brush, create two heart shapes on the cheeks. You can also paint the lips red at this step.

Step 3: Outline the Bow and Hearts

Switch to a round #3 brush loaded with black face paint to outline the bow and the hearts on the cheeks. This step is optional but adds a special touch to the design.

Step 4: Add Eyelashes

Create two eyelashes on the outer corner of each eye, making the design look cute and flirty.

Step 5: Add White Dots to the Bow

Use a round #6 brush loaded with white face paint to add white dots to the bow. This will give the bow a classic Minnie Mouse look.

Step 6: Add Highlights

Add a small white line to the nose and hearts to give the design some depth and dimension.

(Optional) Step 7: Add Glitter

If desired, you can add some glitter to the hearts to make the design stand out even more.

Tutorial – Minnie Mouse Face Paint with More Details

This tutorial by Silly Farm showcases another approach to create a delightful Minnie Mouse face painting design.

It features a pink bow, black ears, metallic white and pink cheeks, and additional details like eyelashes and lipstick.

First, watch the full video…

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps:

Step 1 – Apply cheek color

Use a sponge to apply a mix of metallic white and pink on the cheeks. Have the child smile to help position the color correctly.

Step 2 – Paint the bow

Load an Athena brush with pink paint and create a circle in the middle of the forehead. Then, paint two rounded triangles on either side of the circle to form the bow.

Step 3 – Paint the ears

Once the bow is dry, use a black-loaded Athena round brush to create two circles for the ears, placing them next to the bow. Then, paint a half-circle shape to connect the ears to the face.

Step 4 – Add eyelashes

From the outer corners of the eyes, paint a few small black eyelashes.

Step 5 – Paint the nose

Using the same brush, follow the natural shape of the child’s nose and create Minnie Mouse’s nose with black paint.

Step 6 – Create Minnie’s smile

Draw a small line from each corner of the lips, angling upward to create a smiling effect.

Step 7 – Outline the bow

Once the bow is dry, use black paint to outline its shape for added definition.

Step 8 – Add polka dots

With white paint, create polka dots inside the bow.

Step 9 – Apply lipstick

With the pink paint, create a small lip shape on the child’s upper lip.

Step 10 – Add glitter

Dip your finger into glitter and dab it on the cheeks, ears, and bow for a sparkling finish.

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