Disney’s Old Key West Resort Rooms: 2022 Guide

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As the first Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resort, Disney’s Old Key West had the chance to set the standard (and work out the bugs) for its first timeshare location. Much of the resort reflects the fact that this was the first attempt, from the spread out nature of the resort and its amenities to the lack of elevators in most of the buildings. However, one space where guests love that the original layout is in the Old Key West rooms.

The studio rooms and villas of Old Key West have a reputation for being larger than those at any other DVC resort. While Disney pared back its sizing for the subsequent DVC locations, those at Old Key West retain their spacious charm. Studios are 376 square feet, one-bedroom villas 942 square feet, and the two-bedroom villas are a remarkable 1,333 square feet. For a point of comparison, the one-bedroom villas at Disney’s Riviera Resort, the newest DVC property, are 812 square feet. 

Disney’s Old Key West also has vintage Floridian charm and décor in their rooms, giving guests the feeling of a quintessential Keys vacation. Even though it isn’t the most popular DVC location by any means, there is a quiet, quaint beauty at OKW that is hard to find elsewhere. With updates and refreshes started in 2018 and still going on, it’s safe to say Disney is still putting love and attention into this thirty year old property.

Room Options at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Deluxe Studio Rooms at Old Key West

Like other Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resorts, Old Key West has deluxe studio rooms as an economical and smaller alternative to the villas. While villas are wonderful (I am completely sold on the villas!), studios are great for the shorter vacations or smaller parties. Studios are also ideal if you want to spend a lot of time out of the room, but still want the benefits of staying DVC.

Deluxe Studio Layout

When you walk into a studio, there are three basic areas – the sleeping space, the bathroom, and the kitchenette. Your sleeping area has two queen beds, and connects directly to the kitchenette, usually without any sort of divider curtain or door. In the bathroom, you’ll find a beautiful updated vanity with plenty of bathroom storage, as well as a tub and shower combo, and of course the toilet. A door separates the bathroom from the kitchenette, and there is a small closet in that space as well.

Especially with the updates, studios are all about efficiency of space. The queen beds fit with the new Disney model, lifted more off the floor to allow for luggage storage underneath. You do have a chest of drawers for more extended stays, or smaller items that you want to unpack. The closet is ideal for hanging up nicer clothes for a special dinner, or just for those wet ponchos or bathing suits. Don’t forget the retractable shower line for wet things as well! 

Studios also have a small outdoor space, whether it is a balcony or patio, with two chairs and the rail. This is a great place to take in the morning sun or to relax in the evening, just watching the rest of the resort go by. If you like a quiet morning coffee, this is the place. 

Deluxe Studio Amenities

All the studios have the same essential components: 

  • Kitchenette
  • Paper plates and bowls, and plastic utensils
  • Small refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Full bathroom
  • DVD player
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hair dryer
  • In-room safe
  • Coffee maker

Think of a deluxe studio like an upgraded hotel room. You have more space, extra storage, and the kitchenette for making quick meals and storing food. However, you don’t have some of the same features that you find in the villas, like the laundry or full kitchen. However, you still have that same level of Disney and DVC quality we know and love.

Check out this video to see a full walkthrough of the room:

Old Key West Villas

Like other DVC resorts, Disney’s Old Key West has villas with multiple rooms, which gives more of the feeling of a vacation condo rather than a hotel room. These villas come in one, two, and three-bedroom varieties, with the one and two bedrooms having similar layouts. Villas are perfect for those looking for an extended stay location, as well as those extra in-room conveniences. In a DVC villa, you really feel at home away from home.

In-Room Villa Amenities

All the villas, including the three-bedroom grand villa, have the same essential amenities:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with dishes, glasses and utensils, and pots and pans
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove and oven
  • Toaster
  • Microwave
  • Washer and dryer
  • Whirlpool tub
  • DVD player
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Hair dryer
  • Alarm clock
  • Coffee maker

Out of these, the amenities we value most are the full kitchen and the laundry units. As someone who has used both on multiple vacations, I can’t stress enough how useful they can be. Travelling with a toddler, it’s great to have a place to store his milk and snacks. The full kitchen also increases the likelihood that you’ll make your own meals, as well as reheat leftovers from other Disney meals. On one of our adults-only trips, I actually had leftovers for lunch, saving us the need to buy another meal. 

With the laundry, you might not think you’ll wash clothes on your trip, but that’s probably because you’ve never before had the option. Again, with a toddler, you don’t have to worry that they got food all over the shirt you wanted them to wear to dinner. Stick it in the laundry, and it will be clean before you know it. We also did loads of laundry before heading home to cut down on the post-vacation work, which was huge. Finally, on a long weekend, it was nice to be able to dry our bathing suits fully before packing for the flight home. 

The point difference or overall expense is definitely higher with the villas, but in so many ways, it’s worth it!

Old Key West Villa Layouts

One-Bedroom Villas 

Think of one-bedroom villas like a vacation cottage. There’s an open-concept living room and full kitchen space as soon as you walk in, connected to the rest of the room via a small hallway. The laundry units and extra closet are in their own space, which is also where you’ll find the iron and ironing board. 

All the units have a king bed in the bedroom, with a queen-sized sleeper sofa in the living room. Many of the living rooms also offer a twin-sized sleeper chair, which is great if you’re sleeping multiple kids in the space. The bedroom is a completely separate area from the living room, providing privacy and space for its occupants. Not only does the bedroom connect to the bathroom, but there is a private door out to the patio as well. You won’t have to wake up the kiddos to head outside for some morning air. 

The bathroom has two areas – a whirlpool tub, sink, and closet separated from the walk-in shower and toilet space with its own sink. Having two bathroom areas, especially the two sinks, helps to expedite the morning process or getting the kids into bed. Guests also have a set of collapsible windows between the tub and the bedroom, which can set the mood for romance or allow you to have a conversation between the two spaces. 

Get a better look at the room with this walkthrough tour:

Two-Bedroom Villas

The two bedroom villas have all the same amenities as a one bedroom; the only major difference is the addition of the second bedroom and bathroom. Now, don’t get us wrong, that’s a lot of extra space! However, when you first walk in, the living room, kitchen, and master bed and bath look almost the same as a one bedroom. You do have an extra closet in the entryway, which is great for those ponchos or even the stroller. 

There are two queen beds in the second bedroom, making it a great place to put another family or pile all your kids. For us, we stayed in the second bedroom with our toddler while my parents took the master bedroom (and my poor sister was out on the sofa bed). With the two queen beds, the second bedroom feels much like a conventional hotel room, although the bathroom area tends to be much bigger. The second bedroom has two closet spaces, one with a sink and a door that connects directly to the full bathroom. In the bathroom, you have another sink, a tub and shower combo, and the toilet. Overall, you’re getting a lot of extra space for the bump up to the two bedroom.

The master bedroom and bathroom has the same layout as the one bedroom villa, including the private connection to the patio or balcony. The bed in this room is a king as well, definitely giving it that master feel. 

Two bedroom villas are made for large families or multiple parties. I definitely recommend the two-bedroom option if you’re travelling with older kids that really need their own space (especially the bathroom). I know I would have appreciated this type of room when my sister and I were teenagers! 

Three-Bedroom Grand Villa

If you really want to go all-out on your vacation at Old Key West, the three-bedroom grand villas is the most luxurious of all the rooms. Sleeping twelve between the three bedrooms and the pull-out options, you’ll definitely be able to fit your whole party comfortably. However, you’re going to pay a pretty penny – the three-bedroom grand villa costs forty-seven points per night (on the low end) which comes out to roughly $940 a night. With that in mind, you want to compare everything you get out of this large space with connecting room or a multi-room option. 

Grand Villa Layout

If the one and two bedroom villas are vacation cottages, then the three bedroom grand villa is a penthouse apartment. Opening into a beautiful foyer, the three-bedroom villa expands into a fabulous kitchen space and living room. The living room appears larger because of the vaulted ceilings, as well as the large windows letting in the natural light. 

There’s plenty of seating, between the eight-person dining table and the four-person card table in the living room. A couch, loveseat, and comfy armchair complete the living room space. An island separates the dining table from the rest of the full kitchen, completing the open-concept area. Between the gorgeous wood floors and the window-panel designs, you get that island feeling of the Keys straight away. 

A separate laundry room is right off the kitchen, which means you can easily shut off the laundry noise from the rest of the room. There’s also plenty of space for hanging clothes and folding, something you don’t have in the other villas. 

The master bedroom is on the main floor as well, with an ensuite bathroom.

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