40 Pocahontas Tattoos that Exhibit Boldness & Love

Best Pocahontas Tattoo Ideas

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Pocahontas tattoos are impressive Disney tattoos. You will likely also enjoy other Disney Princess tattoos, such as ArielBelle, Jasmine, Tiana and tattoo ideas.

The Disney film Pocahontas is a classic, and it’s no wonder that people would want to pay homage to it with a tattoo. If you’ve been thinking about getting a Pocahontas-inspired tattoo, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

  1. The colors in the film are amazing. Like many Disney tattoos, the animation of the film is gorgeous—the colors are vibrant and rich, and the backgrounds are beautiful. You can replicate some of those colors with your tattoo ink to get an eye-catching design.
  2. It’s an important story about conflict resolution. The story of Pocahontas involves two different cultures coming together in peace, which seems very poignant in our own time. If that’s an important message for you, then a Pocahontas-inspired tattoo could be a lovely way to express it on your own body.

What Kind of Pocahontas Tattoo Design Should I Get?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to design, size and placement of a Pocahontas tattoo. These tattoos can be done in black ink or in the traditional tribal style, and can be found on all parts of the body. Here are some examples:

Ribs/side (for women): A tattoo of Pocahontas’ face on your ribcage is an excellent way to show off your love for this Disney Princess. This placement is great for a large piece as well as for small, subtle tattoos.

Shoulder (for women): A tattoo of Pocahontas’ face on your shoulder can be a statement piece! If you’re looking for a larger tattoo that will make a big impact, then this is the placement for you.

Legs (for men or women): Tattoos on your leg can show off your love for Pocahontas while also being discreet if you choose to cover them up with clothing.

Arm (for men or women): Tattoos on your arm are easy to cover up with clothing if you need to at work or school.

What is the Meaning of a Pocahontas Tattoo?

Pocahontas is one of Disney’s most famous princesses—but there is so much more to her than a simple cartoon character.

Pocahontas tattoos are representations of this complex woman’s fascinating legacy. They can symbolize bravery, loyalty, sacrifice, strength, and perseverance in the face of injustice. The stories surrounding Pocahontas have been portrayed in many different ways over the centuries, but she remains an inspiration for many people today.

What are some of Pocahontas’ characteristics?

In the Disney movie, Pocahontas is a beautiful, young Native American woman who is the daughter of Chief Powhatan. She is highly spiritual, and she has a gift for communicating with animals. Her best friend is a raccoon named Meeko. Pocahontas falls in love with a British settler named John Smith, but she must choose between her love for him and her loyalty to her people and her father.

The Best Pocahontas Tattoo Ideas

Does Pocahontas have a tattoo in the Disney film?

In the Disney film, Pocahontas is shown with a tattoo on her arm. The tattoo is most clearly visible in the scene where Pocahontas and John Smith first meet, as she is holding her hand out to him as he falls through the forest canopy.

The tattoo is also visible at other points in the film. In fact, some of these appearances are clearer than the one at their first meeting, making it hard to understand why the tattoo’s appearance at that moment has garnered so much attention.

What is the Story of the Real Pocahontas

The story of the real Pocahontas, who was born in Virginia around 1595, is a far cry from the Disney-fied version.

Pocahontas (also called Matoaka) was the daughter of an Algonquin chief named Powhatan. When she was very young, her father betrothed her to a neighboring chief’s son, Kocoum. In 1606, when Pocahontas was about 11 years old, colonists arrived in Jamestown and began trading with Powhatan’s people. Pocahontas met John Smith, one of the Jamestown colonists, and would later save his life by warning him of an assassination plot.

Although she married Kocoum, Pocahontas began visiting the Jamestown settlement and brought food to help feed its starving settlers. She learned English and converted to Christianity; some people in her tribe did not approve of her dealings with the colonists.

Pocahontas eventually traveled to England with colonist John Rolfe (who was now her husband) to seek support for the Jamestown colony. She became a celebrity of sorts in England; even King James I welcomed her into his court and dubbed her “Lady Rebecca.”

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