40 Hair-Raising Rapunzel Tattoos

Rapunzel Tattoo Ideas

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Rapunzel is the main character in Disney’s 2010 animated feature film, Tangled. The movie is loosely based on the classic fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.

The movie tells the story of Rapunzel, a young woman who was locked away in an enchanted tower by her evil stepmother, who wanted to keep Rapunzel from fulfilling her destiny as the lost princess of Corona. Rapunzel’s long tresses are her only connection to the outside world because they grow out at night, allowing her to swing across the countryside and see the world outside.

She is locked away by Mother Gothel, who wanted to keep her from being able to leave the tower and be free. In order to hide from the world and protect herself from harm, Rapunzel wears distinctive clothing: a white dress with purple flowers on it and purple boots that are adorned with yellow bands around them. She also wears a crown made out of flowers on top of her head, which symbolizes that she is royalty even though she has been kept locked up all this time!

What Kind of Rapunzel Tattoo Design Should I Get?

If you’re looking to get a Rapunzel tattoo design, there’s no shortage of options.

There are so many different ways to portray this classic fairy tale princess, but here are three possibilities:

  1. A simple outline of Rapunzel’s long, flowing hair. You can get this as a tattoo that goes down your arm or leg, or you can have it wrap around your wrist or ankle.
  2. A portrait of Rapunzel herself with her long blonde locks flowing down her back. This is a classic look that will never go out of style!
  3. A rose flower with the words “Rapunzel” written beneath it in cursive script—a great choice for someone who doesn’t want their tattoo to be too flashy or attention-grabbing!

What is the Meaning of an Rapunzel Tattoo?

Rapunzel is a character from the Disney movie Tangled. She was locked in a tower for her entire life, but she eventually meets her prince and escapes.

The Rapunzel tattoo is symbolic of feeling trapped, but also having the ability to escape your situation. It can be a reminder to you that you have control over your life and that you don’t have to be bound by your past.

The Rapunzel tattoo is also symbolic of finding love and being rescued by someone who loves you. Many people choose this tattoo because they believe they will find their own prince someday who will save them from whatever troubles they are facing.

In addition, many people choose this tattoo because they want others to know how much they love Disney movies such as Tangled or because they’re fans of the actress who voices Rapunzel in the movie (Mandy Moore).

What are some of Rapunzel’s characteristics?

Rapunzel has many characteristics:

She is smart and hardworking. She uses her time in the tower to create things like clothing and furniture, as well as books full of stories and songs.

She is creative and artistic. She makes drawings and paintings using charcoal sticks and flowers as paintbrushes. She also writes poems about nature to pass the time during her imprisonment.

She has long blonde hair that reaches down to her feet, which she uses as an escape rope when she needs to leave her home in secret for any reason (such as going into town).

The Best Rapunzel Tattoo Ideas

What is the history of Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale that was published in the 1812 book Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children’s and Household Tales) by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The story was originally written in the 18th century, but it gained popularity when the Grimm brothers published their version.

The story is about a young woman who lives in a tower with a witch and her princely lover. The witch has Rapunzel’s hair magically growing from her head, which she uses to climb down from the tower whenever she wants to go out into the world. One day, however, Rapunzel lets down her hair for the prince, who climbs up the tower and imprisons Rapunzel’s mother instead.

The story has been adapted into many different forms over time—including operas, plays, movies, and more—but its original version remains one of the most well-known fairy tales of all time.

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