Disney’s Riviera Resort Rooms: A Complete Guide

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This is the most detailed description of Disney’s Riviera Resort Rooms on the planet.

Outside of Riviera resort
Image: Grace Hoyos

As a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) location, rooms at Disney’s Riviera Resort reach the optimum level of comfort, quality, and convenience.

Since Riviera Resort is the newest DVC location, the Imagineers brought together everything that works at the other DVC resorts with new ideas to make Riviera Resort the best yet.

Including aspects like the single pull down bed and the lockout option provide more opportunities to find the Riviera Resort rooms that fits the needs of all guests.

The rooms at Disney’s Riviera Resort also incorporate the style and flair of the resort theme. Incredible Disney artwork, specially commissioned for the resort, decks the walls and gives you a feeling of elegance. Clean lines, bright colors, and European style enhance these touches, giving you a true sense of the Riviera during your stay.

With a variety of layouts and amenities, you can find the best Riviera Resort rooms for you and your Disney vacation style.

Disney’s Riviera Resort Rooms

Riviera Resort Rooms: Studios

Studios are a great option for smaller families, couples, and singles.

While most DVC resorts have one type of studio room, Riviera Resort offers up a second studio option perfect for couples and singles.

Situated in the towers of the resort buildings, these smaller studios give you the DVC experience without incurred prime costs.

Tower Studios

Located in the towers of each of the Riviera Resort buildings, these rooms take the idea of compact minimalism to the max.

Angular in nature, as their shape is specific to the towers, the tower studios have the living and sleeping areas all in one, with a separate bathroom and closet.

The bed is a queen-size pulldown, which doubles as the couch during the day.

In the living room, you also have a flat-screen TV, small desk area, a microwave, and a mini-fridge.  

Tower studios have surprisingly spacious bathrooms, with the sink, toilet, vanity, and shower all in one room.

The shower is a gorgeous walk-in, with different hand-held components. Also in the bathroom is a small closet, perfect for hanging nicer clothes or wet items.

These studios are made for two people, and that’s it.

Therefore, these smaller Riviera Rooms are great for a single traveler or a couple looking to stay at the resort on a budget. Also, if you’re not spending a ton of time in the room, you most likely won’t mind the minimal amenities. It also doesn’t hurt that the tower studios are the most economical rooms at Riviera Resort!

Do keep in mind that there are only about twelve of these rooms at Riviera Resort, making them hot commodities. If you’re trying to book one, you’ll want to look as soon as your point window opens.

Deluxe Studios

If you’re still trying to go economical but you need a bit more space, deluxe studios are a great way to go.

Your living and sleeping spaces are still all in one room, however the bed is a normal free-standing queen.

The room also has the addition of a queen pullout sofa, and a single pulldown bed under the TV. This means that you can sleep five to the room rather than the two in a tower studio, ideal for families with younger children.

Near the front door, deluxe studios have a kitchenette space, including a microwave, mini-fridge, toaster, coffeemaker, and sink.

You’ll also find some drawer and cupboard space as well, ideal for storing dry food items. You won’t believe how much of a difference the kitchenette makes in terms of meal prep and storage. Even the microwave allows you to reheat food that you bring back from a Disney dining experience! As someone who often stays in these studios, being able to make a small, hot breakfast in the morning is a huge time and money saver.

Finishing the entry area is a roomy closet, perfect for those hanging clothes or wet ponchos.

Finally, the bathroom area splits between two rooms, both with pocket doors for added privacy. In the one room, you’ll find the walk-in shower and toilet, while the sink and tub are in the other.

Again, it’s features like these that make deluxe studios ideal for families. Multiple people can be getting ready in the morning or prepping for bed, and you have a tub should you need it for littles.

Riviera Resort Rooms: Villas

A key feature of any DVC resort, the villa-style accommodations bring the comforts of home to you on your Disney vacation.

All the villas have the same basic amenities:
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove and oven
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Dishes, glasses and utensils
  • Pots and pans
  • Full bathroom with bubble-jet tub
  • Stacked washer and dryer
  • Coffee maker

You’ll notice that full kitchen right away when you walk in the villas, and the separate sleeping spaces immediately after.

Having a full kitchen means being able to cook in your room, which can reduce meal costs as well as promote those lazy vacation days. Plenty of the grocery stores in the area deliver to Disney resorts, as does Amazon grocery. You can also plan for leftovers from other Disney experiences – which we have done!

We also can’t overstate the in-room laundry enough – you may not think you’ll use it, but it’s handy for drying wet bathing suits or rain-soaked clothes. Planning to do laundry on a down day is also an easy way to cut down on the packing.

One Bedroom Villas

Common Spaces

From the moment you walk into a one-bedroom villa, you’ll be blown away by the extra space. In the foyer, touches of gold speak to the elegance of Riviera Resort rooms right away, while the roomy closet brings a sense of practical function in the space. You can also access the bathroom from the foyer, which is ideal if you have people sleeping in the living room. That way, they don’t have to come through the bedroom should they need the restroom in the night.

The full kitchen area and attached dining nook are adorable, fitting with the European style of the resort in its layout. If you look down, you’ll also notice the gorgeous wood flooring, done in a cool herringbone pattern that just adds to the aesthetic. All of the colors are light and neutral, while still having a coastal vibe. However, the style is distinctly European, different from the American Eastern shore feel of the Yacht Club or Beach Club.

In the living room, you’ll find a roomy and comfortable living area, complete with TV. At night, this space can convert into a sleeping area for two or three people, with a queen sofa bed and a pulldown single. As someone who spent their childhood sharing a bed with a sibling, having two separate sleeping spaces is a blessing!

Master Bed & Bath

Obviously, part of the reason you selected this villa out of the other rooms at Riviera Resort is to get the separate bedroom.

In the master bedroom, you’ll find a gorgeous king bed with a fabulous decorative bed frame. Like the rest of the villa, the colors keep to a simple palette, allowing the soft blue of the headboard to pop. A small desk sits to one side of the bed, and a soft chair to the other, with a beautiful light fixture above.

Separating the bedroom from the bathroom are two barn door style sliders, although the decoration fits more with the European theme. The bathroom is separated into two sections, a sink and soaker tub, and then the walk-in shower space with the toilet and another sink.

The exact layouts of the villas can vary, so some will have these spaces connected by a pocket door while others will have two doors from the bedroom to reach them. The marble work throughout the bathroom is incredible, making you feel like you’ve stepping into a luxurious French hotel.

Finishing the villa is a smaller balcony, accessible by the living room. The master bedroom also has a large window allowing you to look out over the balcony and see the rest of the resort.

WATCH: Check out this full walkthrough of a one-bedroom villa!

Two Bedroom Villas

Two bedroom villas have many of the same components as a one bedroom, with of course the notable exception of having a second bedroom and bathroom.

The main living area is the same as a one bedroom – full kitchen, dining space, queen pulldown bed over the sofa, and single pulldown bed under the TV.

There are also two closet spaces in the foyer – a larger one by the laundry units, and a smaller one on the other side of the entry. Otherwise, at first glance, the two bedroom villa doesn’t seem that different from the one bedroom.

However, once you start exploring the rooms, that’s when you begin to see the difference. There are two separate bedrooms, both with their own full bathrooms and closets. The master bedroom has much the same layout as the one bedroom villa, with a king bed, large soaker tub in the bathroom, and separate shower and toilet spaces. Also like the one bedroom master bath, you have two sink spaces for each part of the bathroom.

Over in the second bedroom, you’ll find two queen-sized beds and two dedicated bathroom spaces. The toilet and the walk-in shower are in one, while a standard tub and the sink are in the other. All of these spaces utilize pocket doors, something we really love as a space-saver within the villa. There’s also another full closet space by the second bedroom, perfect for any hanging items you might have or to store your luggage.

Two bedroom villas are great for larger families or multi-generational trips. While we maintain that Riviera Resort is more adult friendly, that doesn’t mean that families with older kids and teens won’t appreciate the atmosphere. Especially when your kids get older, having another space is nice.

Lockout Option

While many of the resorts off a lockout option with their rooms, Riviera Resort has a dedicated two bedroom villa lock-off selection.

It’s the same amount of points as a normal two bedroom villa, but it earns you one more bed a few more kitchen amenities. That is because the two bedroom lock-off is a one bedroom villa and a deluxe studio attached by a connecting (and locking) door.

Essentially, you’re creating your own two bedroom villa rather than having a dedicated two bedroom space.

This option works well for families traveling together that might want to be able to have separate spaces, but still be in close proximity.

The lock-off also allows Riviera Resort to offer more two bedroom rooms, even if the specifically two bedroom options are all booked. You do exchange one of the dedicated queen beds for the pulldown, but again you gain a single pulldown, therefore allowing you to sleep one more person.

There are pros and cons to both types of two bedroom, so you just have to figure out which works best for you and your party.

Three Bedroom Grand Villas

Like many other DVC accommodations, Riviera Resort has a few exclusive three bedroom grand villas. These villas take on the feeling of a penthouse apartment rather than a hotel room, or even a suite. With all the luxury and opulence you could ever want, it’s something you’ll have to see to believe!

Common Areas

Stretching the entire width of the resort section, these villas are spacious to the max! An open-concept layout incorporates the living room and kitchen areas, separated by a long eat-at island with embedded sink.

The couch spaces and TV are on one side of the island, while the rest of the full kitchen is on the other.

Much like the other villas, the beautiful herringbone floor pattern draws you in and adds that extra artistic touch.

In the living room, you’ll also find one queen sleeper sofa, although this is the only villa without any pulldown bed options. One section of the sofa also is a long lounger, so one person could sleep there as well. A double-wide balcony, also accessible by the second bedroom, sits right outside the main living room.

To the left of the living room is the formal dining room, which seats ten around one long table. Enjoy a full dinner here together, getting good use of that full kitchen, or spend time in the evening playing cards or board games. A refreshment table sits right next to the dining table, making it easy to set up snacks, drinks, or a small buffet. Completing the common space is the laundry and first of the closets.

First Bedroom & Bath

This bedroom has two queen beds, both elevated for storage space, and with drawers built into the bedframes for that extra bit of storage.

There is also a second entrance to the villa by this bedroom, making it easy for all the guests in your group to come and go without disturbing one another.

If you have early risers or night owls, this extra entrance helps them to get back to their rooms swiftly and quietly.

The first bedroom also has its own private balcony space, which is nice if you need a break from the rest of your group.

In the bathroom, you’ll find a single vanity with plenty of space for all your toiletry items, and a walk-in shower.

The beautiful shower features the marble work found in other aspects of the Riviera Resort rooms, as well as the detachable showerheads.

Separated by a pocket door is the toilet, providing optimum privacy. For this first bedroom, the bathroom is attached directly to the room.

Second Bedroom & Bath

Another set of queen beds means you can sleep four more in this room, and the bedroom attaches to the large main balcony via an outside door.

While these beds don’t have built-in storage, there are benches at the end of the beds and they are slightly raised off the group. The frames aren’t quite high enough for luggage storage, but you could put other items under the bed to get them out of the way. There is also a spacious closet in the bedroom, which you can use for your luggage storage.

The bathroom for this bedroom is not attached, as it is shared with the common spaces. It is still however a full bath, with a shower and tub combo and smaller vanity. An all-in-one bathroom, the toilet, shower, and vanity all share one space, but that’s a small price to pay for a third full bath.

Master Suite

You’ll feel like a member of European royalty in this room!

A king bed takes center stage of the large room, with a few pieces of lounge furniture spread throughout the space for daytime comfort. The master has its own balcony, a nice escape from the chaos of a larger group inside, as well as its own huge closet space. All of the décor fits with the simple luxury of the rest of the villa, from the plush carpet to the decorative headboard.

In the bathroom, you’ll be blown away by the space. Except for the toilet, everything is all in one room, including a jetted soaker tub, walk-in shower, and double vanity. All of the marble work is beautiful, combining the marble patterns in an aesthetically pleasing way while still showing an artistic touch.

Is It Worth It?

People often wonder about the value of the three bedroom villa in comparison to the cost, and it’s hard to say.

The absolute lowest point value is about 108 points a night, while the highest is 160 points a night. With the renting value about $20 a point, that’s between $2,160 and $3,200 per night. All of that is before taxes and fees.

So you’ll have to tell us – is it worth it?

When you’re splitting the cost between three families, it might be, although you could probably get multiple rooms for less points.

On the other hand, how often are you going to get to stay in a place like this? If you’ve got the funds, and it’s a special occasion like a wedding, then we say go for it!

WATCH: Check out this amazing villa in this video!

Enjoy living in the lap of luxury with these incredible rooms at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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