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Severus Snape fan art is some of the most popular Harry Potter fan art out there! Also enjoy Hermione and Ron Weasley fan art.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of our favorite examples of Severus Snape fan art!

If you’re a true Harry Potter fan who loves to draw or simply appreciates good art, then this round-up of Severus Snape fan art is going to inspire your creativity.

We scoured the internet to find shareable fan art and we’ve curated some truly incredible pieces of art here.

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And we hope this will inspire you to create your own works of art. Digital, hand-drawn, whatever your medium, your artwork can be a great expression of your affinity for Severus Snape.

Our Favorite Severus Snape Fan Art

Severus Snape has become a favorite amongst Potter fans and it’s no wonder why. It’s not hard to see why fans are as passionate about Severus Snape as they are.

Below are some of our favorite fan art pieces featuring Severus Snape, hope you enjoy our curated collection!


Severus Snape was born on January 9th, 1960, to Eileen Snape, a witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle. He grew up in the town of Spinner’s End, a poor neighborhood in the north of England.

Snape “loosey-goosey” style

Snape’s childhood was marked by poverty, neglect, and abuse. His father was an alcoholic who frequently abused his mother and him, while his mother was distant and cold towards him.

Severus Snape Drawing

Despite his troubled upbringing, Snape was a brilliant student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was sorted into Slytherin House and quickly became a favorite of Professor Snape.

Harry Potter – Severus Snape

Snape was a gifted potions master and was known for his exceptional talent in the subject. He eventually became the Hogwarts potions professor and held the position for over two decades.

The Potions Master

In addition to his work as a professor, Snape was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret society of wizards and witches dedicated to fighting against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Black and White Sev

Snape’s loyalty to the Order of the Phoenix was often questioned, as he was a former Death Eater and had a complicated history with Voldemort. However, it was eventually revealed that Snape had been working as a double agent for Dumbledore and was secretly helping to bring down Voldemort from within.

I’m ready…

Despite his work for the Order, Snape was still feared and hated by many of his colleagues and students at Hogwarts. He was known for his cold and aloof demeanor, as well as his strict and often cruel teaching methods.

The Half Blood Prince

Snape was deeply in love with Lily Evans, a fellow Hogwarts student who would later go on to marry James Potter. His love for Lily remained unrequited, however, and he carried a lifelong grudge against James as a result.

The rare moments…

Snape’s love for Lily was a driving force behind his decision to become a double agent for the Order of the Phoenix. He was determined to protect her son, Harry, from Voldemort, even if it meant putting himself in danger.

Cool Snape

Despite his loyalty to the Order, Snape was not a hero in the traditional sense. He was willing to do whatever it took to defeat Voldemort, even if it meant sacrificing innocent lives or betraying his allies.

May I ask why?

Snape was a master of Occlumency, the art of defending one’s mind against magical intrusion. He used this skill to protect his thoughts and emotions from Voldemort and other Death Eaters.

Alan Rickman Always

Snape was also a skilled Legilimens, able to read the thoughts and emotions of others through eye contact. He used this ability to spy on Voldemort and his followers and gather information for the Order.

Sad and Serious

Snape was the only person Voldemort ever feared. This was due in part to Snape’s skill as a Legilimens, but also to his reputation as a skilled duelist and cunning strategist.

Severus Fan Art

Despite his fearsome reputation, Snape was not invincible. He was killed by Nagini, Voldemort’s pet snake, during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Severus and Lily

Snape’s death was not in vain, however. His memories, which he had stored in a Patronus, were used by Harry to learn the truth about his past and defeat Voldemort once and for all.

After all this time?

Snape’s loyalty to Dumbledore was unwavering, even in death. He continued to protect Harry and guide him through his final battle with Voldemort, even though he knew it would mean his own demise.


Snape’s patronus was a doe, which was a reflection of his love for Lily Evans, whose patronus was a doe as well.

Play hide and seek

Snape’s animosity towards Harry was not due to a personal vendetta, but rather because Harry resembled his father, James Potter, who had bullied Snape relentlessly during their time at Hogwarts.

Saint Severus of the Lilies.

Snape’s portrait was hung in the headmaster’s office after his death, where he continued to provide guidance and advice to future generations of Hogwarts students and headmasters.

Snape kills

In addition to his skills as a potions master, Snape was also a talented duelist and had a wide range of defensive spells and hexes at his disposal.

Snape’s toy

Snape’s knowledge of the Dark Arts was extensive, as he had studied them extensively during his time as a Death Eater. He was able to use this knowledge to help the Order in their fight against Voldemort.

Alan Rickman – Severus Snape

Snape’s love for Lily was so deep that he risked everything to keep her son safe, even though he knew that doing so would mean exposing himself as a traitor to Voldemort.

SleepWalk with Me

Snape’s tragic backstory and complex motivations make him one of the most fascinating and memorable characters in the Harry Potter series.

Bookish Snape

Actor Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Snape in the Harry Potter film adaptations was widely praised and considered one of the highlights of the series. Rickman brought a depth and complexity to the character that helped to make him one of the most beloved and iconic figures in the Harry Potter universe.


To bottle fame, brew glory

Experimental Fan Art

Lost Lily

Severus Snape digital art

Goodbye my Severus Snape

Dramatic Moment

Snape’s Remorse

Snape Monochrome

Severus Snape illustration

Snape Ink HP sketch

Snape In Snow

HP Card: Severus Snape

And now ride me up

Young Professor Snape

Severus Snape Painting


When looking for Severus Snape fan art, it can be hard to find the best quality artwork.

But never fear! We’ve curated a collection of Severus Snape fan art that we think you’ll love.

If you like these, you might also enjoy more Severus Snape fan art here.

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