50 Best Star Wars Toys for 2022

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Since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise over the past few years, the series has gotten a serious revival.

New generations are falling in love with the series, allowing their parents and grandparents to fall in love with it all over again, too.

With the series’ constant popularity, Star Wars toys are always on the top of the list for kids around the world.

Read on to learn the latest in Star Wars toy news, as well as our picks for the best Star Wars toys to look out for in 2022. May the Force be with you!

Our favorite Star Wars toys of the year!

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My Favorite Star Wars Toy for 2022

Before we get to the full list of 50 Best Star Wars toys for 2022, I want to share my absolute favorite of the year!

Baby Yoda! The Child Animatronic Edition


Baby Yoda, aka The Child, from The Mandalorian. Comes with 25 sound and motion combinations!

Sure to win you over with its adorable features and lifelike movements.

Bonus: it does the “magic hand thing”!

Why Everyone Loves Star Wars Toys

Star Wars is the favorite franchise for nerds like me all over the world.

The action and adventure saga challenges us to use our imagination, keep hope alive, and fight for what we believe is right. There’s something in it for the whole family. That’s why people have been fans of the Star Wars series for generations.

The Star Wars movies and TV shows feature some of our favorite characters. They even taught us that even a small little droid that can’t speak English can be adorable.

That’s why it’s so fun to have Star Wars toys in your collection. You get to bring these classic characters home to remember and recreate your favorite scenes. The only thing that can separate us about Star Wars is whether to choose the dark or the light!

And don’t miss our Disney gift guide for over 100 gift ideas, including Star Wars toys.

Your Buyer’s Guide for the 50 Best Star Wars Toys in 2022

We’ve put together a list of some hot toys featuring Star Wars characters you need to check out in 2022. If you know a fan of Star Wars, there’s sure to be a toy on this list that is perfect for them.

Vintage Star Wars Toys

Since Star Wars got its start in 1977, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. To celebrate the history and legacy of the series, check out some of the best vintage Star Wars toys.

1.Star Wars Retro Collection Assortment

The Star Wars Retro Collection Assortment Wave 1 is an exclusive, limited-edition remake based on the original 1977 Star Wars figures. With this set of six action figures, you get Luke, Darth Vader, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a Stormtrooper. If you grew up with the Star Wars saga in the 1970s, these figures can provide a great sense of nostalgia.

2. Hasbro Retro Star Wars Game

This Retro Star Wars Game is great for bringing back family game night in your home! The Star Wars Escape from Death Star board game combines traditional tabletop gameplay with a digital gaming experience. Based on the original game from 1977, this game is great for all ages to enjoy. The game comes with a Grand Moff Tarkin action figure, too.

3. Return of the Jedi: Jabba’s Skiff

Jabba the Hut’s Tatooine Skiff is a great option for the fan of vintage Star Wars because of its impeccable detail.

These figurines are fun to use when roleplaying your favorite scenes. If you’re a fan of The Return of the Jedi, you’ll love this Jabba’s playset.

4. Star Wars Vintage Collection Poe X-Wing Fighter

The Poe Dameron X-Wing Fighter Vehicle from the Star Wars Vintage Collection is another cool toy to check out in 2022. It features the modern saga we love today in a vintage-styled toy. Fly your Resistance-Era X-Wing fighter around and enjoy the realistic detail in the vehicle’s artwork. Start your collection by making sure to grab each of the toys from the Star Wars Vintage series.

5. Star Wars Vintage Darth Vader Figure

The Vintage Collection Darth Vader is a 3/.75-inch figurine that features everyone’s favorite Sith Lord. The vintage-inspired packaging holds a classic Darth Vader figure and four accessories. You can move his arms and legs to create fun poses and act out your favorite fighting scenes. Will you choose the dark side of the force?

Star Wars Lightsabers

When you think about Star Wars, an image of a lightsaber fight probably comes to mind. These iconic space weapons are crucial to growing your Star Wars toy collection. Check out some of our favorite lightsaber toys.

6. 2-in-1 LED Lightsabers

These 2-in-1 LED Lightsabers feature motion-sensitive sound effects with realistic battle sounds. Each lightsaber is 29 inches long and glows in the dark for fun battle scenes. With the push of a button, you can control LED light effects like power up and power down. The lightsabers come in blue and green. You can even attach the two together to make one huge double-sided lightsaber for even more epic battles!

7. Yoda Lightsaber

Yoda was known for his little quips of wisdom like “Do or do not. There is no try.” Now, with this Star Wars Yoda Lightsaber, you can channel your inner Jedi Master. This lightsaber has a movie-inspired design to help you achieve the look of the smallest and greenest Jedi. It comes with built-in lights and sounds, and it is customizable with other BladeBuilders sold separately.

8. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

Build your own lightsaber with the Jedi Master Lightsaber Set. This lightsaber and accessories feature movie-like details, allowing you to recreate your own scenes and fights from the Star Wars universe. The lightsaber comes with classic lights and sounds. It’s a completely customizable set with accessories, so you can build whatever lightsaber that fits your Jedi Master style. The kit includes a lightsaber, two lightdaggers, two elbow connectors, cross connector, dual connector, and expansion hilt.

9. Star Wars Bladebuilders Sith Lightsaber

If you’d prefer the dark side over the light, check out the Bladebuilders Sith Lightsaber. Build your own lightsaber—Sith style! This kit includes a spinning connector lightsaber hilt. Simply flick to extend the electronic lightsaber. This set is fully customizable with other BladeBuilders sets sold separately. Join the Dark Side with your very own custom lightsaber!

10. 12-Pack of LED Lightsabers

Got a party full of kids who love Star Wars? This 12-Pack of Expandable Lightsabers is a great value that allows your little ones to team up and defeat the Empire. This 12-pack of LED lightsabers is perfect for a birthday party or a simple playdate with friends in the backyard. They come with realistic sounds to enhance your play as you create your own battle scenes. The LED lights power up and power down, and the lightsabers come in red, blue, or green.

The Clone Wars Toys

In between watching the Star Wars films in theaters, many fans have turned to television to get their intergalactic fix. Here are some of the best Clone Wars toys for fans of the TV show.

11. Hasbro Star Wars Podracer Pilots Figurines

Fans of the Clone Wars series will love this Battle Pack Podracers Figurine Set. This 5-pack of figurines comes with podracer pilots Dud Bolt, Mars Guo, Clegg Holdfast, Gasgano, and Teemto Pagalies. They each come with their own flags and battle accessories. You also get a set of game cards and die to continue your play.

12. Star Wars Clone Commander Figure

The Clone Commander Doom Figure is a great addition to your Star Wars toy collection. This action figure is highly articulated, so he’s great to include in your recreations of battle scenes. The Commander is equipped with two pistols, and the toy was made with great details that make him look just like the character from the movie.

13. The Clone Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Action Figure

Another great option for Clone Wars fans is the Obi Wan Kenobi Action Figure. The detailed figure comes with special climbing action and a colorful paint job.

14. Star Wars Clone Commander Wolfe Figure

A part of the Black Series by Hasbro, the Clone Commander Wolfe Figure is a fun toy to have. Its great design and detail makes it a favorite of Star Wars fans. The figure comes with two accessories and a detachable helmet. It has many points of articulation, so you can put him in intense battle poses as you play.

15. Star Wars Clone Wars Trooper Hevy

Check out the Clone Trooper Hevy Figure. This 2011 Star Wars Clone Wars action figure comes with many points of articulation. Move your figure and put him in action stances and fighting poses to create your own battle scenes. Add this detailed figure to your collection and grow your army of clones.

Angry Birds Star Wars Toys

Angry Birds is another fan favorite from the past few years. Combine them with Star Wars, and you’ve got some great toys your kids will love!

16. Angry Birds Star Wars Darth Vader Plush

The Angry Birds Darth Vader Plush is a limited edition toy. This soft plush is great for kids of all ages. The plush features a Darth Vader design that resembles our favorite Angry Birds. Use the force to vanquish your enemies—or, you know, cuddle!

17. Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Jenga Death Star

The Fighter Pods Jenga Death Star is a fun and exciting game the whole family will enjoy. This Angry Birds Jenga game lets you stack the Jenga blocks to build the Death Star, then launch your birds to destroy it! The game includes an X-Wing fighter launcher and birds with Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca designs. It also comes with a Darth Vader and four Stormtrooper pigs.

18. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Endor Playset

The Angry Birds Telepods Playset lets you stack up and build a Death Star cannon turret, then knock it down with your Luke Bird figure. This game set comes with an exclusive Biker Scout Pig figure that you can place on top of your blocks. Just pull the Speeder Bike launcher back, then let it go to launch. The set includes a Speeder Bike launcher, two figures, one telepods base, a ramp, and six blocks.

19. Angry Bird Star Wars AT-AT Attack Battle Game

Have fun defeating the Dark Side with the Star Wars Angry Birds Battle Game. This playset allows you to bring the Angry Birds mobile game to life. The game features everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters recreated as Angry Birds and the villain pigs. The set comes with 12 figures, 21 blocks, 8 AT-AT pieces, and a lightsaber launcher to let you build battle scenes and knock them down with the Force.

20. Angry Birds Luke Skywalker Plush Bird

The Angry Birds Luke Skywalker Plush is a great toy for Star Wars fans of any age. This limited edition plush features Luke Skywalker reimagined as an Angry Bird. The Luke Skywalker Angry Bird plush is really soft, but it’s also very well-made and durable. It’ll last through many cuddles to a galaxy far, far away!

Star Wars Dog Toys

Who says “man” can be the only Star Wars fans out there? Our dogs love this epic saga, too! Check out some of the best Star Wars dog toys to gift your furry pal.

21. Yoda Squeaky Dog Toy

Yoda is one of our favorite Jedi Masters. Now, with this Yoda Dog Toy, your dog can take him on fun adventures! This super soft dog toy is great for light to medium chewers. It will squeak when your dog squeezes it, which helps keep your dog excited and entertained. Also, the ball shape is already familiar for play time for many dogs, so he or she can get to love it right away.

22. Star Wars Jedi Robe Dog Costume

If you’re in need of a Halloween costume for your dog, check out this adorable Jedi Dog Costume. It comes with a brown cloak, an attached hood with ear holes, a tan shirt, and a belt to secure to your pet. Check out the sizing chart to make sure there’s a size available for your pet.

23. BB-8 Plush Dog Toy

This Star Wars BB-8 Dog Toy comes from the Petco Exclusive Star Wars Pet Fans Collection. The toy has a canvas tennis ball inside, which makes the toy easier to throw and more durable through exciting playtime sessions. Because it’s a squeaker toy, it encourages your dog to play. This toy is for light to moderate chewers; collect them all.

24. Stormtrooper Dog Toy

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Dog Toy is another great plush for your dog to take on adventures around the galaxy. Share your love for Star Wars with your furry best friend by growing your collection of these plush toys. For light to medium chewers, this toy squeaks when your dog squeezes it.

25. Talking Porg Plush Toy

If you’re a fan of the adorable little Porgs from The Last Jedi, check out the Star Wars Porg Dog Plush Toy. It emits realistic sounds when your dog plays with it and squeezes it. The plush comes in a small size that is perfect for small dogs and light chewers.

Star Wars Toy Guns

There’s no Star Wars without their iconic blaster-shooting battle scenes. Now, you can recreate your own battles at home with these fun Star Wars toys guns.

26. Nerf Poe Dameron Blaster

Poe Dameron is one of the sharpest shooters in the galaxy. Now, you can be like him with your own Star Wars Nerf Poe Dameron Blaster. The GlowStrike technology lets you play with light and sound effects. It even comes with glow-in-the-dark darts. The gun features an internal clip and scope to aim and defeat your enemies.

27. Nerf First Order Stormtrooper Blaster

Be your own Stormtrooper with the Episode VII First Order Blaster. This dart-firing blaster comes with a tactical rail and a removable sight. You can recreate the best battle scenes with this blaster whose darts can shoot up to 65 feet!

28. Nerf Rey Blaster

If you’re a fan of Rey, check out the Star Wars Episode VII Rey Blaster. You can pull the trigger to shoot one dart at a time for precision and accuracy. This blaster can shoot up to 65 feet away, and it’s compatible with Nerf Elite darts. Team up with your friends to defend the galaxy from the Dark Side.

29. Nerf Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Blaster

Have you chosen the Dark Side? Then this Nerf Death Trooper Blaster is for you! This blaster can shoot three darts in a row. Play with its fun light and sound effects. The set comes with the blaster, magazine attachment, and three darts.

30. Classic Princess Leia Blaster

Take a trip back to Episode IV with this Princess Leia Blaster. You can fight as your favorite space princess and take down the Empire. This blaster toy is perfect for recreating battle scenes or even adding it to a Halloween costume.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Our favorite Star Wars characters have gone on some great adventures in the Millennium Falcon. Check out some of the best toys based on this famous Star Wars vehicle.

31. Hot Wheels Rogue One Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon Hot Wheels Vehicle is an awesome way to commemorate this iconic Star Wars ship. Attach it to the Flight Stand to display your collection. This toy is great for collectors of all ages because its authentic design was made to scale. This starship is compatible with Hot Wheels Star Wars play sets so you can build your fleet by growing your collection.

32. Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon Vehicle

The Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon Vehicle is based on the design of the original ship from the movies. Its Flight Navigator allows you to “fly” the ship around for some epic adventures. This piece also doubles as a display stand to show off your collection. Take it around for play time wherever you go—this model can fit in your pocket!

33. Millennium Falcon 3D Metal Model Kit

Superfans of Star Wars will love this Millennium Falcon 3D Model Kit. It’s a great gift for people who are hobbyist interested in building a full scale Millennium Falcon. The easy-to-follow instructions are ideal for ages 14 and up. The model’s easy assembly does not require glue or solder. All you have to do is pop out the pieces, then connect them using tabs and holes.

34. Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon Playset

With the Hot Wheels Millennium Falcon Playset, you can build your track and get the Millennium Falcon ready for battle! This set includes a working elevator to lift your character’s car up to places in the Falcon that need repair. You can create epic scenes with your set as you protect the ship from smugglers and prep it for hyperdrive.

35. Star Wars Command Millennium Falcon Set

The Millennium Falcon Command Set is a great all-around playset for Star Wars fans. This high-quality set is a great toy for children of all ages. The set comes with 7 vehicles and 24 figures, including an exclusive Luke Skywalker figure, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and more. Create your own battle scenes with these awesome figurines.

Star Wars Vehicles

When flying through the galaxy, you need a sturdy and well-equipped fighter or cruiser. Here are some of the coolest Star Wars vehicle toys.

36. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Vehicle

The X-Wing Fighter Vehicle is a high quality toy that is made with a realistic design based on the vehicle in the movies. The Fighter comes with retractable landing gear and a droid behind the cockpit. When you open the set, you’ll find a partially unassembled vehicle, labels, and instructions. It’s fun to put this flyer together and go on epic adventures!

37. Imperial ATST Walker & Driver Figures

The Imperial ATST Walker set comes with an ATST Walker and an Imperial Driver figure. This toy is great for the detail in its design. Set up your figures on the battlefield and pair them with the rest in your collection to roleplay battles between the Empire and the Resistance.

38. Star Wars Rebels Y-Wing Scout Bomber

The Rebels Y-Wing Scout Bomber is a great toy to add to your battle reenactments. This toy can drop bombs on your enemies to recreate awesome scenes in the Star Wars universe. The Y-Wing Scout Bomber comes with three accessories and a special edition Kanan Jarrus figure.

39. Hasbro Rogue One TIE Striker and Action Figure

The Rogue One TIE Striker is an improved version of the original TIE Fighter. With it, you can pilot your fighter across the galaxy to fight in epic battles. Fly the ship, load the cannons with Nerf darts, and fire at the Rebels! The set comes with the Striker vehicle, two projectiles, and a TIE Fighter Pilot figure.

40. The Force Awakens First Order Vehicle

Join the Dark Side with this First Order Special Forces Vehicle. Begin your campaign against the rebels with the Fighter’s functioning missile launchers. The set includes a TIE Fighter, a pilot figure, two accessories, and two projectiles. You can fly your Fighter around the galaxy or use your pilot’s handgun and removable helmet for ground combat.

Star Wars Plush Toys

The little ones can be Star Wars fans, too. When you want to end the battles and cuddle up, here are some soft and adorable Star Wars plush toys.

41. Stormtrooper Pillowbuddy

The Star Wars Stormtrooper Pillowbuddy is a soft toy that is the perfect size for cuddling. This soft and durable fabric is easy to care for if stains happen. It’s a great travel companion for adventures in the car or by plane. Or, you can simply rest your head on your Pillowbuddy for nap time. Star Wars fans love its Stormtrooper design.

42. Talking Chewbacca Plush Toy

This Star Wars Talking Stuffed Chewbacca features our favorite fluffy friend from the Star Wars universe. He’ll talk in the trademark Wookie Growl when you squeeze him. This toy is soft and durable, and it’s recommended for ages three and up. This plush is extremely soft to the touch. It’s fun to cuddle with or use as your co-pilot during travel.

43. BB-8 Talking Plush

The BB-8 Plush Toy is based on the design of one of the newest droids from The Force Awakens. Standing at about nine inches tall, this plush is adorable and fun to play with. Squeeze him, and you’ll hear BB-8’s whistle sound. Take him on adventures through the galaxy, or cuddle up with him for nap time.

44. Chewbacca Pillowbuddy

The Stuffed Chewbacca Pillowbuddy is a super soft toy that can offer great support when used as a pillow. It’s about 24 inches long, making it fun to cuddle with in the car or at home. It’s made of high-quality materials, so it’s durable enough to last through many hugs. This toy is a part of a collection, so make sure to look for your other favorite Star Wars characters as Pillowbuddies.

45. Last Jedi Life-Sized Porg Plush

If you’re a fan of The Last Jedi, you’ll love this Life-Size Porg Plush. This interactive plush toy will say Porg phrases from the movie. Watch him flap his cute wings and his mouth move when he speaks. This toy can last years because it is soft yet durable.

Most Expensive Star Wars Toy

So, you think you’re the biggest Star Wars fan? Time to put your money where your mouth is! Here are some of the most expensive Star Wars toys to grow your collection  with unique finds.

46. Vintage Millenium Falcon Exclusive

Coming in at a whopping $740 is this 2012 Vintage Millenium Falcon. You can open its cockpit to put in up to four figures, (two are included in this set). The vehicle also comes with an auto-opening boarding ramp, and a light-up cockpit. Its gunner station pivots to help you battle Imperial fighters. You can enhance your play time with its electronic lights, sounds, and phrases!

47. Signature Series Darth Vader Lightsaber

Being sold for $500 is this Darth Vader Force Fx Lightsaber. It’s an official replica of Darth Vader’s lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back.  The glowing, bright red light ignites with awesome power up and power down effects. It features motion-sensor controlled sound effects that make your roleplay even more exciting.The durable metal hilt looks just like the real thing!  

48. Han Solo Hot Toys Action Figure

This $630 Han Solo Hot Toys Action Figure is based on his design from A New Hope. This vintage figure is the perfect gift for any long-time Star Wars fan. Measuring about a foot tall, this figure lets you act out your favorite Han Solo lines and use your blaster to defend yourself against enemies. Or, you can simply add this to your collection and just put it on display in your home.

49. Color-Changing Dueling Lightsaber

For $120, you can get the Dueling Lightsaber. Its metal hilt that is smooth and neat, and you get to choose from 11 colors to change the glow of your lightsaber. This toy comes with three sounds, as well as a mute mode. You can even link two sabers to create a double-ended saber like Darth Maul’s. This item is perfect for some intense play time or to include in a cosplay costume.

50. Stormtrooper Blaster

Check out this Star Wars Stormtrooper Blaster for $175.  This 2015 Disney Star Wars Blaster is great for cosplay or Halloween costumes. It’s a great gift because it is authentic merchandise from the Disney Parks stores. Roleplay as a Stormtrooper and venture out to defeat the rebels! This blaster helps create some epic battle scenes in your own home.

Take a Journey to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Now that you know some of the best Star Wars toys on the market this year, it’s time to pick your favorites and start playing! Each of these toys can bring joy to any Star Wars fan out there. Continue reading articles like this one to learn more about Star Wars fun you can have.

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