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Thomas Kinkade Disney Puzzles, Paintings and Prints

Beauty and the Beast: Amazing Thomas Kinkade Disney Art

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The Best of Thomas Kinkade Disney

The Thomas Kinkade Disney collection is one of the most beloved artwork series in the world. Let me share with you the very best of the collection to help you make a smart shopping decision.

There are many great options in the Disney Thomas Kinkade catalog of products. You could literally spend hours researching all of the products in his collection.

In this guide, I offer my recommendations for the best Thomas Kinkade Disney option in each category.

  • Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Paintings
  • Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Puzzles
  • Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendar
  • Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Cross Stitch

Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Puzzles

Our Recommendation for puzzle lovers


A little explanation about why this my favorite Thomas Kinkade Disney puzzle is probably required here.

While I love the fantastic, magical dreamscapes that Thomas Kinkade depicts in his artwork of imaginary Disney scenes, there is something soothing to me when I pull out a puzzle of Main Street USA -- a place that I have visited many times and felt the magic that is there.

When putting together this 1000 piece puzzle of Kinkade’s masterpiece, I promise you’ll be transported to a warm night at the Disney park, engulfed by the sights of a spectacular fireworks show, allowing you to relive the awe that comes from experiencing this quintessential Disney moment.

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At 750 pieces, this puzzle of Aladdin and Jasmine soaring together on a magic carpet ride, is challenging enough that it will require some concentrated effort and give a satisfactory sense of accomplishment when you're done. 

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I think this Pirates of the Caribbean scene is so enchanting that putting together this 1000-piece puzzle sounds like the perfect way to spend some "me time". 

A great one to mount on the wall when completed!

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A 500-piece puzzle provides a quick, enjoyable puzzle experience for adults that need their "puzzle fix". 

For older children, it is a sense of accomplishment to put a 500 piece puzzle together. 

I recommend this pack for all Disney lovers, as it comes with four 500-piece puzzles of famous Thomas Kinkade works of art: 

  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tangled
  • Fantasia with Mickey Mouse

Great gift idea!

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Another 500-piece puzzle that comes with four 500-piece puzzles of famous Thomas Kinkade works of art: 

  • Donald & Daisy Duck
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto
  • The Little Mermaid

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Another 500-piece puzzle that comes with four 500-piece puzzles of famous Thomas Kinkade works of art:

  • Cinderella
  • The Lion King
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • The Little Mermaid

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Yet one more 500-piece puzzle that comes with four 500-piece puzzles of famous Thomas Kinkade works of art:

  • Aladdin & Jasmine
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid

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A 1000-piece puzzle features an iconic scene from the Disney classic "Cinderella". 

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Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendars

Our Recommendation 


Thomas Kinkade was a master at creating inviting scenes and placing intricate details into every painting.

In the Disney Dreams Collection wall calendar, the artwork is stunning and I will love spending a full month gazing at each of the gorgeous pictures. They look like they are in HD!

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I'm an unapologetic planner. I have to have my engagement planner next to me every day so I know what I have going on.

This hardcover Thomas Kinkade Disney planner has a page for each week, as well as a monthly grid for each month of the year. Spiralbound.

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Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Coloring Book

If you're a fan of coloring (or you know a little one who is), you should also checkout Frozen coloring pages, Tangled coloring pages, Moana coloring pages, and Coco coloring pages.

My Recommendation 


The Thomas Kinkade Disney coloring book gets a recommendation all its own, because if you’re a fan of his work, you will adore the way this adult coloring book allows you to channel your inner Kinkade.

It couldn’t have been an easy task for the illustrators to convert a complex Thomas Kinkade Disney painting into a straight-forward line drawing, but they did so beautifully.

In 63-pages, almost every classic Disney movie is included, giving ample opportunities to color favorite Disney characters.

The pages are bound together by glue and can be cut out individually if desired. (I personally like keeping all of my work in the book.)

When you open the book and lay it flat, the Kinkade original is in full-color on the left, and your black/white design to color is on the right. This makes it easy to look at the picture of the real painting while doing your own coloring.

Note: certain markers will bleed through the pages. Do a small test before diving in. Colored pencils work especially well.

When I was reading the product reviews, several people suggested these would be amazing birthday or holiday gifts for Disney lovers. I completely agree.

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Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Prints by Movie

Thomas Kinkade has created hundreds of works of art, with many many Disney pieces. While I love each one, some really strike my heart.

Here I will share with you my favorite Thomas Kinkade Disney wall art by each Disney movie classic. Each is available for display as canvas, posters, prints, and paintings.

The Little Mermaid: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

The Little Mermaid

Ariel's belief that love can conquer all is at the heart of Kinkade's depiction of The Little Mermaid.
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The Lion King: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

The Lion King

Kinkade captures the delicate harmony found by all of the creatures in the animal kingdom, as they keep their part of the Circle of Life.
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Beauty and the Beast Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Beauty & the Beast

Thomas Kinkade memorializes the magical moment when Belle starts to realize she is falling in love with Beast.
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Tinkerbell & Peter Pan: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

I love London and have always loved the scene of the children flying over the city. Look for the characters hidden in the clouds!
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Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


Discover the details that took Thomas Kinkade hundreds of hours to complete in effort to tell the story of Cinderella in one image.
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Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


As Pinocchio wishes upon a star, Kinkade's masterpiece tells a sweeping tale of the journey of the world's most famous puppet.
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Lady & the Tramp: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Lady & the Tramp

I adore the way Thomas Kinkade brings in all my favorite elements from the film. Set in a gorgeous Victorian city.
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Bambi's First Year: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


Thomas Kinkade painted a gorgeous Disney landscape of the first year of Bambi's life.
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Sleeping Beauty: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Sleeping Beauty

The entire story of Sleeping Beauty...all in one painting.
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The Jungle Book: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

The Jungle Book

The epic tale of the Jungle Book is laid out in this breath-taking painting.
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Fantasia & Mickey Mouse: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


Examine this Thomas Kinkade canvas art depiction of Fantasia very closely to discover all the hidden details.
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Snow White's Discovery: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Snow White

This Disney Thomas Kinkade painting was the first in his famous Disney Dreams collection.
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Aladdin & Jasmine: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


Floating high above the city on a magic carpet ride, Jasmine and Aladdin discover a whole new world.
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Tangled: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


My favorite scene from Tangled - a thousand floating lanterns.
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Alice in Wonderland: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Alice in Wonderland

Alice's "Wonderland" comes to life, all on one canvas. Find all the famous characters from the movie in this painting.
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Dumbo: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print


Everyone's happy as Dumbo soars above the crowd.
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The Princess and the Frog: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

The Princess & the Frog

Frogs, romance, and a dreamy scene. Thomas Kinkade paid homage to the bayou with vivid color.
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The Lion King: Thomas Kinkade Disney Print

Winnie the Pooh

One of my absolute favorite Disney Thomas Kinkade paintings. I think he captures Pooh and pals with vibrant color and whimsy.
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Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Cross Stitch

Our Recommendation 


If you’re serious about Disney and serious about cross stitch, this is the Thomas Kinkade Disney Cross Stitch that I would recommend. Probably not the cross stitch to do if you’re a first timer.

However, thanks to the high level of detail in the patterns, you can get a lot of satisfaction out of your finished product.

The package includes 28-count cotton Aida, cotton floss, decorative thread, needle, chart and instructions.

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Remember: I'm supplying my recommendations on this page of Thomas Kinkade cross stitch options for those that are more experienced with this craft.

When finished, the Cinderella rendition will be a beautiful work of art to cherish.

Just note, this project takes a lot of time and patience. But it's worth it!

 The finished size will end up at 12" x 16". Packaging comes with Aida, floss, thread, needle, chart and instructions.

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Since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite, I had to include Belle and her friends from Thomas Kinkade's Disney Dreams collection. I love the vibrant variety of colors in this delightful Disney cross-stitch.

Finished size is 5"x7". Again, this is a gorgeous pattern but is not ideal for a first-time cross stitch project. Intermediate stitcher, however, should have no problem.

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Hope you liked those options!
That is probably the most comprehensive list of Thomas Kinkade Disney reviews and recommendations you’ll find anywhere online.

Alisha Recommends:
My 3 Favorite Thomas Kinkade Paintings

There are a lot of items (hundreds) in the the Thomas Kinkade Disney collection.
Here are my three absolute favorite paintings.

1) Mickey & Minnie Mouse Sweetheart Campfire

Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Painting: Mickey and Minnie Mouse Sweethearts Cafe

I just love a good romance, and Mickey and Minnie's relationship has always been a favorite. 

When Mickey brings all the trappings of romance in a delightful campfire setting, he steals Minnie's heart and mine at the same time. 

Thomas Kinkade Studios is famous for little details and hidden secrets.

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2) Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii

Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Painting Sweetheart Bridge

With a rainbow and palm tree setting, Mickey Mouse charms his sweetheart Minnie, as he strums his ukulele. Reminds us of our visit to Aulani resort.

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3. Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Holiday

Best Thomas Kinkade Disney Painting: Mickey & Minnie Mouse

After a lovely day of Christmas cheer, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse steal a private moment ice skating on a frozen pond before heading back to the cottage to enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

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Discover the Art Behind a Disney Thomas Kinkade Painting

Thomas Kinkade is widely known for embedding "hidden" elements into his paintings. 

In his painting Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland, he added "Hidden Mickeys" and secret love notes to his wife and daughters.

This short video helps you find each one.