30+ Mighty Thor Tattoos

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Thor tattoos are popular Marvel tattoos right now. Marvel fans might also want to see ideas for Deadpool, Loki, and The Avengers tattoo designs.

Marvel Universe has seen many characters come and go, and many characters that have grown exponentially throughout the entire series. One of these characters that sticks out the most is Thor.

It seems that throughout each movie Thor’s character grows and grows and continues to change, especially in Infinity War (hopefully that’s not a spoiler!)

Everyone who has watched the movies can recall the infamous haircut by the character cameoed by Stan Lee in Ragnarok, which completely changed Thor’s appearance.

Thor is, in my opinion, one of the move versatile “tattoo options” that Marvel has to offer. His character has changed so much throughout all of the movies, and in each one Thor has a different story to tell.

Thor is also one of the most universal characters that has appeared in a multitude of the individual movies. After the first few movies of each character was produced, the characters started to intertwine more, and Thor has played a large role in a lot of those infusions. Chris Hemsworth’s character is definitely a bright spot for the female audience, and the measure of strength for the male audience, making for some fantastic tattoo ideas!

The Best Thor Tattoo Ideas

Thor’s hammer with flowers

Best Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @raktiana

When you think of Thor, what do you think of?

The hammer.

There’s nothing more Thor than his hammer. I have a feeling that is going to be a VERY common theme throughout all of the individualist tattoos that we’ll see here today!

In this tattoo specifically, a black and white hammer with the flower design coming from the bottom of the handle is a nice touch to this person’s calf.

Loose colored Cap, Thor and Avengers logos

Best Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @cruisediva16

I am personally a huge fan of the loose colors and blotching in tattoos. The Avengers logo is the focal point of this, in the middle of the 3 logos, with Captain America’s shield, and Thor’s hammer above and below the “A” respectively, with the quote “Whatever it takes,” which was the theme for the Avengers. The bright colors and detail of all of the pieces on this inner bicep make for a vivid and bright tattoo.

Simple black and white Avenger’s logos

Best Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @gui_tattoo

Straight, simple and to the point. The tattoos all seem black and white, but with the filter, I’m not 100% confident. I would be willing to bet they are though, as the simple solution is always a great one. These tattoos seem to be no bigger than a quarter each, but all have their place. Captain America, Hawkeye, Ironman, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow, the original Avengers are all represented in this simple, yet wonderful tattoo.

Detailed Thor’s raising of hammer

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @madlyletinkgo

Any time that you see a tattoo that resemble a picture, there is an immediate respect for the artist and for the creator. Everything about Thor in this tattoo, from the details of his armor, to the flowing of his hair, Thor’s entire presence is intricately detailed in one of Thor’s more common positions, lifting his hammer. As shown here, this is a great tattoo for someone’s bicep, although between the size and detail, this may be a great tattoo for most “tattoo friendly” places on someone’s body!

Mjölnir Tattoo

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @angel.tattoo.studio

While many do, and many don’t, the correct Norse name for Thor’s hammer is Mjölnir, which many people choose not to use because, well…we aren’t Vikings. Yes, the red cape with chest plate is easily recognizable as Thor, or even the light blonde long hair, but nothing is more recognizable for Thor as his hammer. Here is a colored, and detailed tattoo of Thor’s hammer, with the bright blue background, which is representing the color of thunder that runs through Thor’s veins.

Incredible Cartoon-ish Thor from Ragnarok

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @epicpop.ink

This half-sleeve, I can tell is based very heavily on Thor’s character in Ragnarok, when Thor realizes his true power. The blue light running through his eyes, which is supposed to represent Thunder doesn’t fully evolve until Ragnarok. This bright, beautiful and vibrant tattoo tells that story, in a way that is so intricately done that it represents cartoon art.

The God of Thunder

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @dean_ink2009

This tattoo is almost the exact same as the one above, with a few major detail differences. They both occur at the same point in the movie, and they both represent the same thing. While the previous tattoo was extremely detailed in a cartoon form, this tattoo is extremely detailed in a more realistic, “picture-like” form. This is a 10/10 from a true Thor fan, or any tattoo fan for that matter.

Norse Thor

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @julia_tempel_tattoo

For those that didn’t know, yes, Thor was based on an actual god from Norse mythology. The two are very similar, and Thor’s character is based very closely with that in mind. This bright and detailed tattoo represents what the Norse mythology Thor would’ve looked like, as opposed to Stan Lee’s version of Thor. The helmet, the blonde beard, the hammer, this is a great respect piece to the original Thor.

Thor’s hammer in a bed of flowers

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @goldfinchtattoo

As we have seen throughout this post, Thor’s hammer is a staple in many of the tattoos, and here we have Thor’s hammer laying in a bed of flowers. The hammer is more detailed in a cartoonish depiction as opposed to the lifelike version used throughout movies.

Thor’s “Thumb” Hammer

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @sailtattoobyr

While this tattoo definitely does not match in size to many of the others we’ve seen, it still has as powerful as a meaning for the person who decided to tattoo it on their thumb. While the thumb is a unique location, there is clearly a lot of artwork done for this person, and his hand is already utilized for others, so a simple little reminder of the Thor inside him is there every time he checks the time!

The forging of the weapons

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @leewestartwork

For us Thor fans, we know that Thor’s hammer was crushed by his sister, Hela, in Thor: Ragnarok. During Avengers: Infinity War, Thor travels to create his new weapon to beat Thanos, and the Stormbreaker is created. A combination of axe and hammer, which is even more powerful than the hammer, which suits Thor’s new personality is represented in this tattoo. The shrewd and un-detailed color and shading of these two weapons, in my opinion, adds to the appeal of the tattoo.

Thor mid-flight

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @marco_knoxink

Just less than halfway through these tattoos, we see that there are two very different interpretations of Thor. Many people prefer the Thor character represented by Chris Hemsworth in the movies, and many prefer the character that Thor was in the cartoons. This is another example of a cartoon based character, with the much more boy-ish face, completely shaved, with the long flowy blonde hair much like in the comics. A cartoon is incredible art, and the transition of that piece of art from the cartoon onto a body is an incredible art. This is a beautifully detailed and colored tattoo.

Black and white Norse Thor

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @halsteadinkasylum

Norse Thor is a very popular topic, and it definitely deserves a lot of respect. This character we all love is representative of someone else, and this tattoo is a mix of the two. The armor and helmet are a hybrid of mixing both the movies and mythology, while the face is clearly drifts more away from Hollywood. Regardless of the intentions, the shading and the intricate details of the black and white armor is a piece of art.

Thor’s Hammer with Captain America’s broken shield

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @lorenaswy_tattoo

In one of the more un-foreseen turn of events in the Marvel Universe, Captain America was able to lift Thor’s hammer during Endgame, after his shield was broken by Thanos. In what seems to be a tribute to this event, the colored, and rather basic piece of art tells more of a story than just the art.

Thor’s hammer cover-up

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @rebelbasetattoos

One of the problems with tattoos is that many fade, the color goes, or you had something done that NEVER should have been (an ex-girlfriend’s name perhaps). This tattoo on the right is a beautiful and bold large cover-up that features intricate detail of Mjölnir, with all of the inscriptions throughout the hammer.

Cartoon and Nordic mythology collide

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jeanzito_hernandez

The two, Odin and Thor, are represented in this tattoo as bright, bold, strong and colorful. This half sleeve of Thor and his father are done with a specific theme in mind, which is the combination of cartoon and Norse mythology. The design and the depiction of the characters is what Norse mythology believes these gods to have looked like, with the finish of what they would look like in cartoon form. The color and the shading throughout this tattoo make this an exceptional tattoo from shoulder to elbow.

Chest tattoo of Thor’s hammer

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @kingofthemoon

Thor’s hammer is always going to be the answer when you think of what makes you think of Thor the most. This hammer specifically focuses on the design of the outside, the handle and the markings around the top, as if it was hitting something. The hammer is one tattoo that is universal and will work no matter where it is put.

The god of thunder’s portrait

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @jona_tatto

If Thor had trading cards, like Cap did, then this surely would be one of his. When you look at this tattoo, there are so many different things that jump out at you, that you almost have to look at it multiple times to catch something new. The detail within Thor’s face and the detail of Thor’s armor, with just a touch of his cape showing, and the detail within his hammer, with lightning come out is all brilliantly done. The depth to this tattoo makes you not want to just focus on what’s solely in front of you, because all of it is detailed and noticeable.

Thor’s emergence

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @kiki_drawings_n_tattoo

Perhaps my favorite part of Thor throughout his entire story line is when he, like Spiderman, finally realizes his full potential. This tattoo, although cut off, features two different looks of that exact moment, when he has his helmet on, right before it is taken off, and when the lightning in his veins shows in his eyes. The colored detail and the story telling throughout this tattoo is absolutely incredible.

Lightning in his veins

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @lobo_tattoo

Lightning running through Thor is one of the more iconic moments throughout Thor’s story and this colorful tattoo absolutely does that justice. From the facial description all the way down to Stormbreaker being used you can see the full description of Thor’s story coming full circle.

Forearm black and white tattoo of Thor’s hammer

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @silver.rage

As is the case with many of Thor’s tattoos, here we have Thor’s hammer prominently displayed on this person’s forearm. What we don’t usually see is the detail within the intricate handle that we definitely get here. While there is more focus on the handle, the actually hammer definitely is still focused on. The shading for the hammer is extremely important and that is definitely not lacking here. Great Disney tattoo.

Thor’s helmet and hammer

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @rodrigo_thegypsy_tattoo

The instruments that make Thor, well…Thor, are on full display in this back shoulder tattoo. Thor’s helmet and Thor’s hammer do not make Thor, but they help him achieve his total and true potential. The two different pieces being displayed in the blue coloring of lightning in the background is a great touch to this tattoo.

Silhouetted face of Thor in wrist tattoo

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @loripecchia

This is a 1 of 1 tattoo that we definitely didn’t and wont see in this post. Thor’s face is what makes everyone go crazy, especially with the bright blonde beard. This specific tattoo focuses less on the facial features or expressions and more on the basic concept of Thor’s look, with the lightning being a tiny accent that makes you know that it is Thor.

Lego Thor

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @urbanink_official

The Lego Avengers is a theme that we see at least once in all of these different types of tattoos. Hulk, Spiderman and now Thor all have at least one Lego version tattoo. Thor here is wielding both his hammer and Stormbreaker that was created for him, as you can see the lightning flying out of both, as well as his eyes.

Incredibly realistic Thor half sleeve

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @robertoschwuchow

As far as tattoos go, this may be the closest to an actual picture that I’ve seen in quite a long time. There is so much detail in both Thor’s hair, as well as his beard and the detail of his cape, which makes you truly believe it’s moving. The background is intentionally blurry that makes you focus on only Thor and his star, which gives you a whole picture, which many tattoos fail to achieve. Not this one. This is a 10/10 tattoo. Outstanding is one of the only words that comes to mind.

The hammer is only for who’s worthy

Best Thor Tattoos
Source: Instagram @swampqueenart

The story behind the hammer is that only those who are worthy may wield Mjölnir. This is what makes the hammer so valuable, because not just anyone can pick this hammer up off of a table, as we saw many try and fail in the Avengers. This tattoo is less detailed, and more crude in picture which adds to the tattoo.

Forearm Avengers mixture

Powerful Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @kiki_drawings_n_tattoo

The difference between the Ironman and the Hulk below Thor is clearly very evident. Thor has incredible detail, and incredible color while the ones below seem to be less of a focal point. Everything about Thor is incredibly detailed, even to the point of the hair flowing outside of his helmet, all the way to the muscles in his quads. This is a great forearm tattoo which adds to the preexisting Avenger’s collection this person created.

Hammer crashing through tricep

Powerful Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @lisa_mc_coffee

One theme that we saw very commonly in the Hulk’s tattoos post, was Hulk breaking through various parts of the body, artistically of course. This here, is the exact opposite. Hulk’s hammer breaking through this individual’s skin to show the power that the hammer can break someone. This is a simple design and a simple creation that is a powerful and meaningful tattoo.

Unique Thor interpretation

Powerful Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @highlandertattoo_orlando

Not cartoon, and not movie quality, this tattoo has it’s own very unique look and feel. It almost looks like a super hero toy is put into tattoo form. It is a very different concept that we haven’t seen yet throughout these tattoos and it is a very creative way of portraying Thor. It has all of the major aspects of Thor, which also matches the tattoos below it. Great addition.

Thor’s hammer on fist

Powerful Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @thiago.caravaggio

Just simply Thor’s hammer has been tattooed almost everywhere throughout this post, and we finish off with the hammer being tattooed on the side of this individual’s fist. It is a simple basic little piece of art that doesn’t go any deep into detail of any aspect, but yet you can see that hammer and immediately think…Thor!

Thor outline

Powerful Thor Tattoo Ideas
Source: Instagram @yo_hicks

So there are two ways that this tattoo can continue. It can stay exactly the same, just being an outline of Thor, or it can be filled in with color and made as a piece of art. I personally like this tattoo as is. I have always been a fan of black and white pieces that are done with shading. Regardless of the direction that this individual decides to go, whether to finish it up or to continue going, it is a Thor piece of art.


Thor is a large, mighty and powerful being, I mean…he’s a god. Tattoos that represent Thor need to have those exact same qualities. These 30+ tattoos that we have accumulated here all have their own unique twist on Thor and his heritage. One of my favorite lines in any of the Marvel movies comes in Thor: Ragnarok. Odin tells Thor, “You are not the god of hammers, you are the god of Thunder.” Yes, it is very funny, but it also brings out the full potential that Thor has had inside the whole time.

There is a lot to live up to when you decide to put Thor into a tattoo. These are plenty of unbelievable examples of those who truly took a character that they look up to and use them as artwork for themselves. From black and white to the colored pieces, every bit of these tattoos would make the god of thunder proud.

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