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Aulani Daily Iwa

Download Recent Disney Aulani Daily Iwa Schedules

Download past versions of Aulani Daily Iwa schedules

Are you a planner like me?

If you're planning a trip to Aulani, then pay close attention to this article about the Daily Iwa!

One of my top Aulani tips is to take a look Aulani's The Daily Iwa ahead of time.

By previewing the most recent Daily Iwa schedules of events, you can get a good idea of what activities and events Aulani resort will be featuring during your stay.

This is the internet's most comprehensive list of past Aulani Daily Iwa schedules.

What is The Daily Iwa?

Each evening, Disney Aulani resort prints (yes, it's a paper version) a daily guide titled The Daily Iwa.

The daily guide lists:

  • Activities and events (free & premium)
  • Weather forecast
  • Sunrise / sunset times

(The correct Hawaiian way of saying the word is “eee-vah”, not "eee-wah".)

Around 8 pm, you will find the Iwa for the next day at the front desk or in the lobby.

You'll find copies of The Daily Iwa in the Aulani resort lobby.

One of our favorite tips is to grab one before you retire in the evening. Then, in the comfort of your Aulani room, you can make plans for the next day.

Past Aulani Daily Iwa Schedules

Here is a list of Aulani Daily Iwa schedules (2019 - 2024)

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