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Updated November 2020

Star Wars Shirts

Buyer's Guide 2020

I have created the world's most comprehensive list of top Star Wars Shirts 2020.

After spending hours searching through hundreds of Star Wars t shirts, I have made the list of the best Star Wars tee shirts you can buy today.

If you're looking for a funny Star Wars tshirt to wear on your next Disney vacation, you've come to the right place!

Star Wars Shirts 2020

Table of Contents

Best Star Wars Shirts

Here we have compiled the collection of the best Star Wars tees (yes, we mean top-selling Star Wars t shirts) across the Internet. Click each funny Star Wars tshirt for a closer look.

Boba Fett and The Empire Strikes Back shirt
Red Millennium Falcon: Star Wars shirts
There is No Try Yoda Star Wars Shirts
#1 Dad in Galaxy Darth Vader star wars shirts
Lightsaber Schematic: Star Wars Shirts
#1 Dad Star Wars Shirts
BB8 Droid -- Star Wars Shirts
Boba Fett Symbol: Star Wars shirts
Tie Fighter Star Wars Shirts
Empire Strikes Back shirts
Empire Strikes Back Poster Shirt
StormTrooper Droids Watercooler Star Wars Shirts
Lightsaber Duel! Star Wars shirts
Boba Fett playing card Shirt
X Wing Fighter -- Star Wars Shirt
Yoda Words of Wisdom Shirt
Casual Friday Stormtrooper Star Wars Shirt
Chewbacca Party Animal! Star Wars Shirt
Stormy Night, Stormtrooper! Star Wars Shirt
Classic Han Solo -- Star Wars Shirt
X Wing Fighter -- Star Wars Shirt
My Dad is Cooler than Yours -- Star Wars Shirt
Let's Cuddle and Watch Star Wars Shirt
Rogue One Star Wars Shirt
Vader Propaganda -- Star Wars Shirt
Endor Forest Summer Camp: Star Wars Shirt
R2D2 Costume Shirt

Star Wars Shirts for Women

Ladies, grab a cute Star Wars tee for women. Star Wars is not just for the guys! Click each tshirt for a closer look.

Star Wars Shirts for Women
Let's Cuddle and Watch Star Wars -- Women
Messy Hair Don't Care, Chewbacca -- Star Wars Shirts for Ladies
Girls Rules the Galaxy -- Star Wars Shirts for Women
Cute! Star Wars Shirts for Women
Cute Star Wars Shirts for Ladies
The Force Awakens: Star Wars Shirt
Princess Leia I Love You: Star Wars Shirt
Boba Fett Floral: Star Wars Tee
Classic Star Wars Shirt for Ladies
Don't Call Me Princess: Star Wars Shirt
R2D2: Star Wars Tee
R2D2 Nightshirt for Ladies
Protect our Forests: Star Wars Shirt
Star Wars Emoji Tee
I love Star Wars Shirt
Ewoks! Nub, Nub: Star Wars Shirt
That's No Moon: Star Wars T-Shirt for Women
Alderaan Girls Are Easy! Star Wars Shirt
Besties! Star Wars Shirt
Don't Be Basic: Star Wars TShirt for Women

Star Wars Tank Tops

Is the sun out? Casually awesome -- that is how to describe these Star Wars tank tops. Click each tank top for a closer look.

I Woke Up Like This: Star Wars Tank Top
Join the Rebellion: Star Wars Tank Tops
The Force is Strong with This One: Star Wars Tank Top
Star Wars Tank Top
Star Wars Tank Tops
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing: Star Wars Tank Top
Cute! Star Wars Tank Top
Rebel: Star Wars Tank Tops
Genius C3PO! Star Wars Tank Top
Cute & Dapper R2-D2! Star Wars Tank Top

New Star Wars T-Shirts

These new arriving Star Wars t-shirts are epic! Click each tshirt for a closer look.

Han Solo Truth: Star Wars Tee
Stormtroopers Under the Bridge: New Star Wars TShirt
Stormtrooper: New Star Wars Shirt
Darth Vader VHS - New Star Wars TShirt
In a Galaxy Far Far Away shirt
Rebel Alliance Needs You! Star Wars Shirt
How to Draw Chewbacca: Funny Star Wars T-Shirt
Baddies: Star Wars Shirt
Missing Droids! Fun Star Wars T-Shirt
No Sweat Boba Fett! Funny Star Wars T-Shirt
Captain Phasma Star Wars T-Shirt
Come Visit Hoth: Funny Star Wars Shirt
Beep! Bloop! Blop! Bleep! Blop! Funny Star Wars T-Shirt
Boba Fett! Star Wars T-Shirt
Bat Wing Fighter: Star Wars Shirt
Choking Hazard! Funny Darth Vader Star Wars Shirt
Troop Leader! Star Wars T-Shirt
BB8 Astromech Droid: Star Wars Shirt

Funny Star Wars T-Shirts

Here are the most hilarious funny Star Wars t-shirts 2020. Click each tshirt for a closer look.

Curling Troopers! Funny Star Wars T-Shirt
Hounds Flying! Star Wars T-Shirt
Tosche Station: Star Wars Shirt
Tatooine Sandcrawlers! Funny Star Wars T-Shirt
1977, I Was There! Star Wars T-Shirt
Sith Happens: Star Wars Shirt
Estar Guars! Star Wars T-Shirt

Star Wars Sweatshirts

When you need to cover up a little bit, throw on one of these Star Wars sweatshirts! Click each sweatshirt for a closer look.

Kylo Ren -- Star Wars Sweatshirt
May the Force Be With You! Star Wars Sweatshirt
Chewbacca! Star Wars Sweatshirt
Vintage Hoth -- Star Wars Sweater
Epic! Boba Fett Jumpsuit
The Dark Side! Star Wars Sweatshirt

Star Wars Ugly Sweaters

At Christmas time, everyone wants an ugly holiday sweater that will dazzle and amaze. The Force is strong with these Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters! Click each sweater for a closer look.

Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater
Yoda Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
AMAZING! Chewbacca Fur Hoodie
AT AT Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
R2D2 Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
Darth Vader! Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
Dark Side! Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
R2 D2 Ugly Christmas Sweater. Awesome.
Stormtroopers Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
Dark Side! Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater
Red Star Wars Ugly Xmas Sweater

Where to Buy Star Wars Shirts

In this buyer's guide, I have shared the best Star Wars tee shirts available today.

However, perhaps you want even MORE options. No problem!

There are hundreds of designs of Star Wars t-shirts out there. The following online retailers all sell more Star Wars shirts than what I have showcased here.

More About Star Wars Shirts Buyer's Guide

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Some of My Favorite Memories about Star Wars

At one point in my life, the Star Wars original film was playing at a drive thru, so my dad took me and we watched from the back of our van. So great.

My parents had a record album called The Story of Star Wars (1977) that showcased an abbreviated version of everything that happened in the first Star Wars film. It used sound effects and dialogue from the movie. I loved listening to it when not watching the movie. (For those hardcore fans it was produced by George Lucas and Alan Livingston, and was narrated by Roscoe Lee Browne. The script was adapted by E. Jack Kaplan and Cheryl Gard.)

Introducing my kids to the original trilogy, watching all three movies in a span of three days. Those kids were mesmerized. Amazing how well the films hold up and span across multiple generations.